Use It or Lose It, But Don’t Overdo It.


It’s human nature to take the path of least resistance. However, outstanding individuals didn’t become great overnight. They disciplined themselves to overcome their weaknesses and become victors in life. When you make a goal and rack your brain about how to make it happen you develop the habit of winning over your natural tendencies that hold you back.


Though goals are set to be achieved, what’s most important is the process of who you become along the way.  To achieve goals we set we must be resolute in our determination, discipline our minds, focus on our goal for the day, the hour and even the moment.


Have Specific Goals.

An arrow will not hit the target unless we take proper aim. We need a goal and we need to make determined efforts to achieve the goal, so we can utilize our fullest potential. It is by putting ourselves to the test that we know our capabilities.  Specific goals give us a clear focus. A clear focus then enables us to harness the energy of courage, wisdom and compassion that powers our lives.


Break Goal Down into Manageable Pieces. Set them in Sequence.

People give up not because they lack willpower, but because they feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the goal they must achieve. When you focus on one small piece of your goal at a time, you actually strengthen your willpower! This strategy guarantees success. It also guarantees that you will never deplete your willpower. When stressed, you tend to resort to old habits instinctively. Your goal becomes distant. But when you reach each sub-goal you derive immense satisfaction and pride in yourself. It’s then that much easier to tackle the next piece and the next till you reach the final goal. In the end rather than feeling exhausted, you feel a sense of rejuvenation of willpower.


Respond to Stress Factors with Intelligent Choices.

There are many painful, unpleasant, and worrisome things and situations in life. When faced with these, you have two options. You can complain, blame others and be defeated. The second option is to live with an invincible spirit, blazing your own way regardless of your environment. This indomitable fighting spirit is your WILLPOWER.  Manage stressed nerves by listening to calming music, visualizing or viewing calming scenes, moderate exercise—whatever works for you. Be calm and happy to stop willpower-depletion.


Life is a constant struggle with ourselves, a tug-of-war between moving forward and regressing, between happiness and unhappiness, between achieving and failing. That’s precisely why we need goals and the willpower to achieve them. Goals give us something to fight for, to raise the bar in our own lives. But do not set unrealistic and unattainable goals for yourself. Take one step at a time. This will ensure that you enjoy much better health, confidence and success.


Accomplish One Goal at a Time.

Willpower is exhausted from overuse, but it can also be strengthened with the right practice. So instead of using your willpower simultaneously on many things take one goal at a time. This is much easier on your psyche, and also leads to sustainable results. Even if you do not achieve a goal in time, as long as you continue making earnest efforts towards it your capabilities will increase.


Be Yourself.
It takes an enormous amount of effort to suppress your natural self, preferences, and behaviors. This depletes willpower. Therefore, when it comes to willpower, people-pleasers are at a disadvantage compared to those who are confident and comfortable being themselves. Take pride in your uniqueness.

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