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11 Back To School Tips To Kickstart 2022-23 Academic Year

11 Back To School Tips To Kickstart 2022-23 Academic Year

A brand-new academic year is about to begin. While the global pandemic eases off, the back-to-school season will present its own set of adventures and challenges. After enjoying the small break you got after final exams, is the idea of going back to school haunting you? Let’s kill the horror. These back to school tips can help you to look forward to a fresh and easy start for the upcoming school year. Wondering how these tips can benefit you? Keep reading to find out. 

1. Don’t Panic

You might have got more offline classes in the last academic year. And 2022-2023 will be the first academic year after the pandemic that you will be starting offline from day one. And this thought might be overwhelming to you.

How to keep everything organised?

How to keep up with the course curriculum, right?

Don’t panic. We are back with cheat codes(back to school tips). Instead of worrying about what will happen, focus on how you can be prepared for it. Start preparing now.

2. Arrange School Supplies In Advance

Note all necessities like school stationery, bags, uniforms, and books. Get them in advance. It will help you stay calm the day before starting your new class.

3. Catch Up With Your Friends

Visit your school friends who you may already know or will share classes with. Talk to them about the excitement about the new session. Some preparation isn’t physical. A lot of it is mental too. And how much fun it will be to have a group even before school starts. 

Catch Up With Your Friends

4. Plan Your Commute

Will you take the school bus, ride a bicycle, or your parents will drop you off. Discuss your commute plan in advance. Of course, your parents would also be planning about it. But now you are grown up and can be involved in finalising too. 

5. Design Your New Timetable

Start a new timetable or regimen. Try to include extracurricular activities like sports, crafts, swimming, or any activity you like. Take some advantage of school going offline again and indulge in outdoor activities. 

6. Focus On Building A Good Sleep Routine

Back are the days when an alarm would wake you up. So no more binge-watching shows on Netflix late at night. You may not only get late for school, but research also shows a poor sleep cycle directly impacts your academic performance

Focus On Building A Good Sleep Routine

7. Build Healthy Relationship With Your Teachers

As you join back to school, reach out to your new subject teachers and build a healthy relationship with them.  Be considerate and acknowledge that they are also trying their best to help you score the best with their teaching patterns.

Try to approach them with your difficulties and doubts, and ask questions. This is one crucial tip that will aid you the most in your learning process. Are you going to follow these back to school tips and tricks from day one of your new class?

8. Interact With Your New Classmates

Interact with your new classmates. You can help each other in your studies and also form study groups. Moreover, developing social relationships is essential in a student’s life. It will improve your communication skills. What is your take on it as a student?

9. Revise Daily Lessons

Have you heard of the forgetting curve? The forgetting curve theory says memory retention reduces with time. So, even scientifically, revision is what will keep you on top of your game. So, complete your homework regularly and revise the topic you studied in the class.

10. Stay Away From Bullying

Bullying or cyberbullying is when you are picking on someone repeatedly. As the new academic year begins, chances are you come across a group which is bullying other students. Or some group may target you. Firstly, never get involved in any kind of bullying. It has a long term impact on other students. You don’t want to scar someone for life. Isn’t it? Secondly, if someone is bullying you, immediately inform your elders.

Stay Away From Bullying

11. Use Technology For Your Advantage

Staying ahead of the curve and increasing productivity by consuming online content to supplement your syllabus as well as areas of interest. You can check out: Udemy courses, YouTube tutorials, and online study communities for helpful resources.   


Following these 11 back to school tips for new academic year will help you start strong from Day 1. An exciting academic year is set to unfold, and all your aim should be to perform better than last year. Now, go bring up your best game. 

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