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How to stay calm during board exams

How to stay calm during board exams

Are you freaking nervous about board exams? Got you. We guessed it when you landed here. But, don’t worry, it is quite normal. So, we will share with you five simple ways to stay calm during board exams. 

1. Listen to music

Studies prove music has a positive effect on the brain and reduces stress. Music releases a happy hormone-dopamine(Does it make you smile?). But it can also get distracting.

So, here is a 5 point rule for a perfect music and study combination.

1. Listen to music if you are under the stress of exams. You can also DM us on Instagram if you are dealing with stress. Always ready to lend an ear. 

2. Prefer instrumental music or music with familiar lyrics. So the brain doesn’t have to process the lyrics and can focus on studies

3. Play music if you are doing a repetitive task. It will add some fun to an otherwise boring task.

4. Avoid music in a deep study session or during any task that needs strong focus. 

5. If you find music distracting, play it during study breaks. Then, you will get back to studying happier.

2. Get back to basics

Procrastination is the biggest cause of nervousness. Prepare a study schedule and start studying to avoid it. Devise a preparation strategy depending on the number of days left before the exams. If limited days are left, then you can only focus on important topics.

Get back to basics

3. Do not compromise with sleep

6 to 8 hours of sleep relaxes the brain and improves concentration. Compromising with sleep means ignoring your capability to study, and it’s not helpful.  

4. Eat healthily

Students either start under-eating or stress eating during exams. Both have a bad effect on the preparation. If there is not enough nutrition in the body, how will the body support your studies?

Food that helps in exams

1. Whole grains and fresh fruits

Complex carbohydrates in these two foods provide the right energy you need to deal with exams.

2. Vegetables

Vegetables provide micronutrients, helping run the body’s functions running in top shape. Only when you are healthy, you can plan the exams well.

3. Dark chocolate

Research shows dark chocolate reduces stress. It is a perfect mood booster during exams. 

4. Fish

Fish contains Omega-3s, which positively affect the brain or mental health. 

5. Egg

Protein-rich food like eggs keep you full for longer and can be your go-to breakfast for exam day. 

5. Solve sample papers

The biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. Sample paper reciprocates the exam environment and kills that fear. Solve 6-8 sample papers for the best result.

For CBSE, ICSE and ISC board exams, you can get the latest pattern sample papers(including specimen papers) with detailed explanations below.

Depending on how close the exam is, the pressure rises. But healthy food, a good sleep cycle and curated studying will keep it a day. Don’t worry! Study as per a plan, and you will score well.

All the best!

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