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What Is National Productivity Day And How It Benefits Students

What Is National Productivity Day And How It Benefits Students 1

The Indian government, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to be precise, established the National Productivity Council(NPC) in 1958. The council’s primary purpose was to promote a productive culture in India. 

Few tasks which NPC takes up are:

  • Provide consultancy services to various sectors for increasing productivity.
  • Research and increase innovation-led productivity.
  • Promote IT-enabled services and e-Governance.
  • Help in recruitment.
What Is National Productivity Day And How It Benefits Students 2

What Is National Productivity Day

NPC celebrates National Productivity Day on 12th February every year to bring more awareness of the concept of productivity and tools/techniques for it. The main objective is to develop consciousness amongst small and medium enterprises towards productivity and innovation.

The celebration isn’t limited to a day. The entire week, Feb12-18, is National Productivity Week. The celebration is tied to a theme and below activities:

1. Special talks, workshops, round tables focusing on problems on the Productivity fronts.

2. Essay/Paintings/Slogan competitions relating to the theme.

3. Training programs relevant to productivity.

4. Drive/campaigns on the productivity concept.

The 2022 National Productivity Week theme is ‘Self Reliance Through Productivity.’ Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, focused on Self-reliance or “Atma Nirbharta,” which makes one fully equipped to make money. This year’s theme is also for this purpose.

All the events will focus around:

  • Raising good skills  
  • To improve the quality of the environment 
  • Restructure agriculture
  • Adopting science and technology for domestic usage
  • To change the structure and pattern of industrialization and selecting manufacturing areas with better opportunities 
  • Programs targeted for poor, hungry and unemployed

How National Productivity Day Can Benefit From You As A Student

Now that we know what the purpose of National Productivity Day is. Letโ€™s find out how students can benefit from it.  

1. Get familiar with the concept of productivity

Hustle culture is growing. And itโ€™s easy to get lost in the race of grades and force studies full day. These programs help to understand that there is working and there is an optimised way of working. The latter is always better. Productive>Busy. 

2. Think innovative

The seminars put a strong emphasis on bringing innovative changes. Introducing the idea of innovation early encourages students to experiment. And kids have done wonders.

We have two bright examples.

  • Vibha K Bhat, a Class VIII student, designed a fuel-saving cooking vessel
  • Aryan Gulati, a Class XII student, designed a web application to detect Covid-19

3. Learn new technologies

You can attend various sessions offered, listen to experts and learn new technologies. In addition, you get familiar with the insides of the industries, which prepare you for the future. 

4. Participate in competitions

NPC conducts many competitions like painting, slogan and essay writing contests. So, it isn’t all work and no play. You can learn and also have some fun on the side. Flaunt your artistry.ย ย 

Productivity is never an accident


โ€œProductivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.โ€ 

โ€• Paul J. Meyer.


With the growing hustle culture, it is amazing to have an organisation that talks about productivity strategically. The way NPC organises National Productivity Week is commendable. They mix up fun and work. 

We said it before but reminding you again:



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