Humanities 10 Years Solved Papers
ISC Class 12 Exam 2022


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Benefit from Easy and Quick Revisions for your Class 12 ISC Board Examinations (2022) with the help of Our 10 Years Solved Paper for Humanities Stream Students consisting of 11 subjects including English I, English II, Hindi, Physical Education, Economics, Political Science, History, Geography, Sociology, Home Science, and Psychology. Our handbook will help you study and prepare well at home.

Why Should You Prepare from Gurukul ISC 10 Years Solved Papers for Class 12th Humanities?

Our Comprehensive Handbook is a one-stop solution for Class 12 ISC students? study requirements, and is strictly based on the latest syllabus prescribed by the Board for in-depth preparation of 2022 Board Examinations.

1. Includes Yearwise Solved Board Papers from 2011 – 2020

2. 11 Humanities Subject Papers in one book

3. Extensive Practice of Last Years Papers will Boost Confidence Level

4. Facilitates Easy Last Minute Revision

5. Solutions Provided in accordance with the Board Marking Scheme

6. Enhance Your Time Bound Paper Solving Skills

7. Get Used to the Question Types and Structures, which allows to cultivate more efficient answering methods

8. Consists of Numerous Tips and Tools to improve Study Techniques for any Exam Paper

Students can create vision boards to establish study schedules, and maintain study logs to measure their progress. Our Guidebook can also help in providing a comprehensive overview of important topics in each subject, making it easier for students to prepare for the exams.

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ISC Class 12 Exam 2022

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