ICSE Most Likely Question Bank Chemistry Class 10 (2022 Exam)

Author Oswal Publishers
Edition 2021
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Book Details

Edition 2021
Class 10
Subject Chemistry
Board ICSE
Author Oswal Publishers
Editor -
Binding Paperback
Pages 264
Language English
Country India
Series Title Most Likely Question Bank
Isbn10 8195133371
Isbn13 9788195133376


Benefit from Category wise & Chapterwise Question Bank Series for Class 10 ICSE Board Examinations (2022) with our Most Likely ICSE Question Bank for Chemistry. Subjectwise book dedicated to prepare and practice effectively each subject at a time. Consist of Chemistry subject - having fill in the blanks, match the column, mcqs, one word or chemical term, identification of gases, state the observation, define and explain the following, IUPAC Nomenclature, short answers, numericals, chemical tests, figure or table based questions, balancing and writing the structural formula, etc. Our handbook will help you study and practice well at home.

Why should you trust Oswal Books - Oswal Publishers?

Oswal Publishers has been in operation since 1985. Over the past 30 years, we have developed content that aids students and teachers in achieving excellence in education. We create content that is extensively researched, meticulously articulated, and comprehensively edited — catering to the various National and Regional Academic Boards in India.

How can you benefit from Oswal Most Likely ICSE Chemistry Question Bank for 10th Class?

Our handbook is strictly based on the latest syllabus prescribed by the council and is categorized chapterwise topicwise to provides in depth knowledge of different concept questions and their weightage to prepare you for Class 10th ICSE Board Examinations 2022. Having one subject per book, including chapter at a glance, word of advice by experts, each category of our question bank covers the entire syllabus at a time. Apart from study material, frequently asked previous year's board questions, and insightful answering tips and suggestions for students, our question bank also consists of numerous tips and tools to improve study techniques for any exam paper.

Students can create vision boards to establish study schedules, and maintain study logs to measure their progress. With the help of our handbook, students can also identify patterns in question types and structures, allowing them to cultivate more efficient answering methods. Our book can also help in providing a comprehensive overview of important topics in each subject, making it easier for students to solve for the exams.

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