How to handle your entrances and your boards like a pro

December 11, 2020 Oswal Admin 0 Comments

Board Exams have always been giving chills to students

Entrance tests and board exams have always posed a tough task before students. There is a lot of confusion regarding the right preparation strategies for scoring well in these exams. Getting your preparation right is important as these tests can be a launchpad for your career

. It becomes difficult to balance between the highly competitive entrance exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, and board exams.  This raises the pressure and anxiety among students.

Board Exams play a vital role in the career of a student and thus adequate importance must be given to both. It is very important to have a proper plan and execute it effectively.

Valuable tips to prepare well for entrances and boards

  • Understand the basic concepts – While preparing for board exams there are some concepts which carry an extra bit of importance. You should always follow the right CBSE solutions/ICSE Solution books to prepare for 10th or 12th board exams as they can help you in identifying these areas easily.– Optimise your Preparation – NEET is a highly competitive entrance exam which has been conducted for admission into specializations like MBBS & BDS in the many medical colleges all over India. The Oswal books and question banks for NEET Biology are easily understandable NEET material that completely corresponds with the prescribed NCERT syllabus. You can use this as a reference and prepare well for both the entrance test and the main board exams.

You can begin by jotting down all the common elements – topics and common areas. Then start preparing at least for a few hours a day based on the board exams curriculum. Create a detailed and customised strategy as command over the syllabus cannot be gained overnight.   It can only be achieved with consistent and rigorous exam preparation.


  • Simplifying and Prioritising – Never wait for the right time to start preparation as these exams have far-reaching implications for your career.  You should always utilise your time efficiently. By referring to NEET biology books and other subject books, priorities the topics that are important and also require immediate and undivided attention. This will help you prepare in a simple manner.
  • Study and Revise – Sometimes revising the same chapters can be monotonous, but having a quick glance at NET exam books will surely boost your preparation. Divide the syllabus in an organized manner and finish the complete course at a normal pace leaving adequate time to revise as well. Keep a regular check on your preparation and solve as many sample questions papers as possible. That will ensure a deep understanding of all the concepts.
  • Mock Analysis – In order to maintain an optimal usage of time trying to do the mock analysis so that you gain a real self-assessment of where you are with regard to your preparation. practicing mock tests saves your time and effort from being wasted on chapters that don’t need much attention.
  • Wise Planning and Taking a Break – Preparing for both the entrance exams as well as the board exams can be quite frustrating at times. If you exhaust the mind more while preparing to study the whole syllabus, there are chances that your bodily health might get impacted as well. Your energy might be drained completely before the actual exam. Don’t forget to set aside some time for relaxation by taking small breaks, a short nap, having your favorite snack, meditating or going for a walk etc. Taking breaks for a short time will help you rejuvenate and also motivate yourself to study with more focus and proper dedication.


Be it a highly competitive entrance exam or a board exam, handling the time, pressure, and preparation must be done smartly because these exams can be launch pads for every student’s career. You should work diligently to optimize your performance in these tests so as to achieve your future goals and attain success

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