How To Remain Positive Before Your Board Exam

December 11, 2020 Oswal Admin 0 Comments

Are you freaking out about your board exams? Does all the anxiety make you feel that your preparation is not enough? Are you struggling to figure out how to remain positive amidst all this panic? Worry not, with this article we will share some tips that will help you do better in exams, earn good marks and remove any negative thoughts.

With the board exams around the corner, the biggest concern students face include lack of preparation, anxiety and the inability to remain positive. The board exams, whether CBSE, ICSE, or ISC, can be a scary prospect for many students as they start getting jittery thinking about how to cope with the vast syllabus.

With Oswal Publishers, you will have access to good books, Model Specimen Papers, and an extensive knowledge base to get rid of all that unnecessary stress. So, here are some essential tips that can help students to remain positive and build confidence.

  • Believe in yourself and start with a Positive Approach.


Don’t panic if you are starting your preparation or revision, as it will seriously hinder your ability to concentrate.

  • You must stay calm. Your attitude and self-belief matters when you are studying and sitting for any competitive or board exam.
  • A positive attitude keeps your body relaxed, mind open, and thereby makes it easier for you to concentrate and remember all that you have learned. Our model specimen papers and textbooks will give you a winning edge by boosting your confidence.


  • Understand the exam pattern


Analyzing the exam pattern and getting familiar with the nature and format of questions beforehand is the best way to keep negative thoughts at bay.

  • Understanding the scheme of marking, along with the writing criteria for answers, can help you devise an effective approach to prepare for the board exams well in advance. Our model specimen papers are based on the authentic question paper format, which helps students get an overview of the question distribution, frequently asked topics, paper patterns, and more.
  • For instance, with Oswal’s ISC solved papers and class 12 question bank ISC, students can practice better to get ready for their ISC exam, and as a result, they can get relief from test anxiety and nervousness.
  • Focus on core subjects with a study planner


Make a preparation plan and follow it to let go of your negative thoughts and stress to a great extent.

  • Depending on the number of days left before the exams, students need to devise a preparation strategy and proper guidance to score good marks, especially in subjects such as science. It would be best if you assigned specific study hours to each subject. Some topics require more time in comparison to others, and not every area is equally important.
  • Oswal books are power-packed with vital questions, concepts, and their systematic presentation. Our books, along with model specimen papers, will help you study efficiently, develop confidence in yourself, and give you a strong foundation so that you would be able to answer most of the questions.
  • In physics, conceptual and numerical questions are critically important. Students can study from the textbook, Fundamentals of Physics to understand and be thorough with the concepts, formulas, and underlying principles. Solve previous years’ question papers and model specimen papers to get an idea of theoretical and formula-based questions.
  • Chemistry is a highly scoring part, and with our textbook, Fundamentals of Chemistry, you can get good marks by gaining a thorough understanding of the basics, all the significant concepts, and their applications. While studying from our model specimen papers, make sure to highlight crucial reactions and chemical equations.
  • Biology is the stepping stone for a career in allied sciences like biotechnology, microbiology, and medicine. Since it is entirely different from other science subjects, it needs a thorough understanding of basic concepts rather than mugging up. Our textbook, Fundamentals of Biology features a perfect amalgamation of diagrams and theoretical concepts to speed up your learning time and enhance your understanding.



  • Boost your confidence by revisiting summaries/notes just before the exam


The last 4-5 days should be kept for revisiting summaries, strengthening frequently asked concepts, and revising all that you studied.

  • We advise you to never cram or study new topics just before the exam as it will make you more anxious. The time is less, and you cannot juggle between your study materials.
  • Instead, it would help if you went through the model specimen papers to revise your highlighted matter or notes. It imbibes you with a new wave of confidence just before the start of your exam.


  • Practice with Model Specimen Papers, Previous Year’s Papers, Most Likely Series and mock tests


Solve a minimum of 1-2 sample papers from CBSE specimen papers or 10 years question paper of ICSE every day to access your knowledge.

  • It will boost your confidence by enhancing your accuracy, speed, and time management skills.
  • It will also help you figure out your areas of concern so that you can brush up on them when you still have time.



We strongly believe that exams are inevitable for students, but they don’t necessarily have to be painful and stressful.

We recommend that students gain a thorough understanding of concepts, solve model specimen papers, and follow our Success Mantra to remain positive during their board exams.

So dear students, make Oswal Publishers your perfect ally in achieving success and defeating all the stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts in your upcoming competitive or board exams.

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