International Education Day and Its Significance

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International Education day was first celebrated on 24th January 2019, it rewards the role of Education for contributing to peace and development in our environment.

Education comes with the uprising of Sustainable Development; a powerful tool for healing our environment, which indeed, is the need of the world, and especially our future generations. Hence, marking the upliftment of lifelong learning opportunities with a sustained environment, education becomes the key in achieving a peaceful world.


International Education day was adopted by the United Nations on Dec 3, 2018.

Previous Year, this day was brought up by the theme  “Learning for people, planet, prosperity, and peace” highlighting the humanistic aims put forth by education & its essentiality in our collective development ambitions.

What is the Importance of International Education Day?

Education, the world’s biggest renewable resource, should be provided as a right to each & every child. About 72 million children over the world, of primary education age, do not have access to education, their educational rights are extremely violated which leads to unfavorable marginalization or poverty in developing or under developing countries. This day helps us commemorate their buried conventional rights. Besides reminding us of the importance of education around the world.

The United Nations Messenger of Peace, Malala Yousafzai, endlessly emphasizes that “One child, One teacher, One book and One pen can Change the World”. And we all completely agree with her.


International education day by Oswal Publishers
International Education Day by Oswal Publishers

Celebration of International Education Day:

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has proposed the idea of celebrating this day by promoting debates and events for analyzing the growth of Education around the world, which will enable the students to understand & acknowledge the challenges being faced by the under-educated areas of society.

In the previous year’s celebration, the UN also highlighted the global initiative “Futures of Education” that focuses on rethinking education and shaping the future. The whole idea behind this day is to understand the agenda of ‘the right to education’ more profoundly. Its implementation will help the students comprehend different aspects & challenges of education through different themes, ideas, and initiatives.

What Values Does International Education Day Is Supposed To Bring Out In Us?

1. Learning With The Theme:

Every year a new theme is prescribed by the United Nations for this day which focuses on the importance of Education concerning the current situation. All the global citizens are motivated to circle around its significance, considering it as the ideal pivot point to kick-start the development for the year.
Henceforth, inclining towards the situations we’ve faced throughout the year, “Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation” is proclaimed to be the theme for International Education day 2021, by UNESCO (United Nations).

2. Becoming Global Citizens:
Global Citizenship is an empowering tool that can help everyone, especially students to become irresistible towards the possibilities of improvising the weaker areas of this whole wide world. International Education Day not only represents the influence of education but it also forces us to point towards various questions for the children, deprived of having education as their basic need.
Education being a fundamental right knits us as global citizens & enables us to feel each other’s pain. We tend to learn the values & problems faced by different cultures & traditions, which makes us social empaths by building a broader understanding of ourselves & the world, within us.

3. Rekindling the Importance of Education:
International Day of Education reminds us that, “No matter how big the problem running around the globe, with highly skilled educated citizens we can achieve it in one Go! “
It renews the respect for education & educated citizens. Develops gratefulness into us, by making us realize how fortunate we are, simply because we are educated. Highlighting the importance of education this day also reminds us to educate at least one unfortunate child in a lifetime, for the development of humankind as a whole.

Let us all celebrate this day, with peace and focus on the ideas that we can contribute towards healing our environment because this is indeed the highlighted vision designed behind the celebration of this day.

Happy International Education Day Everyone!





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