New Year’s Resolutions for 2021 to Guide you throughout your Life

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How to prepare an Effective New Year’s Resolution:

The best way to plan New Year’s Resolution is by excogitating it yourself.
Yes, because be it the New Year or any other day, our resolutions should be customized according to what we need and what we have already accomplished, based on that you should plan and then seek ideas and methods from the web for implementing the same.

So, here are some of our viewpoints to ease your New Year Resolution plans by organizing them:

1. Put Yourself First:

Taking out time for yourself is an essential part of our lives, which not only alleviates our lifestyle up but also helps us in ensuring that we follow self-discipline and make the best out of ourselves.
So, here we have mentioned some practices that you can implement in your everyday lifestyle to ensure your optimum growth inside out.

a) Morning & Bed-time Routine:
Well, first things first, so here we have prioritized your morning routine as No.1. Coming to the first point,

Why do you need a Morning Routine?

Here, we are not asking you to wake up with the sun but yes waking up at least that early that you have sufficient time to take out for yourself, to carry on with your productiveness.

Detailing down the reasons why you need a morning routine, here are a few points:

• Increases memorizing power
• You get more time to reflect & plan
• Gives an energetic kick-start to your day
• Helps you enjoy solitude
• You connect with nature (this is specifically important because most of our day is spent on electronic gadgets)
• Decreases your stress & sets you free for the whole day

Must give this a try and look for various zen-techniques on how to wake up early & utilize your morning time.

Some crucial habits that a morning routine includes:

• Making your bed by yourself as you wake up
• Having a healthy breakfast
• Reading a good book for at least half an hour
• Planning your day well
• Meditating & Exercising
• Drinking a detoxifying drink or warm water as you wake up

Another point to cover here is your bed-time routine.

Why do you need a Bed-time Routine?

Well, it’s as important as your morning routine but people usually pay less attention to it. If you want to reap the best out of your morning routine then formulating a bedtime routine comes beforehand.

Listing down the reasons we have:

• Helps you evaluate & learn through your day better
• Relieves stress & anxiety
• Helps in sleeping better
• Prepares your body for another fresh day
• Induces self-discipline into you

Some crucial habits that a bed-time routine includes:

• Having dinner 2 hours before going to bed
• Walking for at least 45 minutes after dinner
• Consuming healthy milk-drinks at least twice a week, half an hour before going to bed
• Going to bed early
• Checking your to-do list before sleeping
• Evaluating your day

b) Exercise & Meditation:
You can do Yoga at home or visit the Gym as per your preference, but exercising thrice a week should be one of your student-goals in life. Whereas meditating daily for 15 minutes is a must to have on your to-do list for this year.

Some of the major benefits that you can reap through exercising & meditating:

• Improves your physical & mental health
• Improves concentration
• Kick-starts your brain functioning
• Increases your energy levels
• Helps in retaining good immunity
• Induces a sense of peace into your mind & body
• Helps you maintain a good posture

2. Learning a New Skill:

To learn something new should be an essential part of your resolution. As it keeps your mind naturally motivated while inducing a sense of satisfaction into you.
You always have a task to do & a mission to complete, which lets you experience the joy of inner fulfillment. To learn something new means to add extra significance to your overall personality. Let’s dig deeper into it…

Why is it necessary to learn something new?

• It increases your adaptability
• You become more flexible with new things as you learn
• Increases your knowledge
• You tend to have better chances of discovering your passion
• You evolve constantly
• It helps you in your professional life as it enhances your profession-image
• Helps you in staying relevant
• You tend to remain more lively & excited
• You are more likely to learn unhesitatingly & swiftly

What are some skills that you can learn this New Year?

a. Learning to Play an Instrument:
• Improves memory
• Helps you recognize your passion
• Relieves stress
• Builds confidence
• Induces a sense of achievement

b. Mastering Body Language:
• Makes you look confident
• You tend to develop a positive personality
• Helps you respond appropriately
• You look more approachable & reliable

c. Coding:
• Helps you gain problem-solving skills
• Develops logical thinking
• Enables you in effectively associating and managing things
• Helps in knowing how to think & evaluate
• Fosters creativity & improves mathematical skills
• Useful for gaining professional computerized knowledge

d. Reading & Writing Skills:
• Helps in developing good communication skills
• You are able to say what you want
• Helps you in becoming more creative & aware
• You can develop useful skills like blogging, social influencer or writer

e. Learning a New Language:
• Gains perspective
• Improves brain functioning
• Opens Up career goals
• Improves analytical thinking
• You are able to appreciate cultural diversity

f. Learn Memorizing Techniques:
• Increases neutral plasticity
• Challenges your brain
• Frees up brainpower
• Helps in learning new concepts and improves creativity

The list doesn’t stop here, yet we hope we were able to provide you with some astonishing choices that can help you in choosing the skill you want to master this year.


3. Time-Table Management:

Maintaining a daily & weekly timetable helps you in focusing on your average growth per month. It also saves your time for your extra-curricular activities. You analyze and dig deeper into your passion & focus purposefully on your goal.

Some useful tips for developing your time-table:

a. Maintain a To-Do List:
A to-do list can help you become more punctual and self-disciplined. You can make a to-do list in an app or you can simply write it down in your diary.

• Set daily and weekly targets in the form of a well-organized time-table
• Break your bulky tasks into small segments
• Invest in good books that help you in maintaining a good personality and develop you emotionally
• Avoid Procrastination
• Recognize your distractions and remove them
(Note – Some distractions like social media have nowadays become like a necessary evil, so it’s best to set a particular time-limit or reminder for them)
• Stay hydrated
• Develop a habit of making notes
(In some subjects we don’t always need descriptive notes, in such cases, you can use the trick of ‘explaining & writing what you learned in your class in 3 simple sentences’)
• Ask as many questions as you can

b. Make a Gratitude Journal for Yourself:
You can buy or make your gratitude journal by simply decorating your favorite notebook and that’s it….
You can start writing now!

• List down everything that makes you feel thankful as it will make you feel calm
• Reward yourself whenever you accomplish a goal (no matter how small or big)
• Elaborate your points as it can help in reducing stress
• Try thinking of fresh topics every time you start to write as it can help you become more specific in your life choices

c. Make a Vision Board & Align it with Your Daily Timetable:
You can make a vision board by first gathering all your supplies in one place a then organizing your ideas adequately. Write down all your goals and targets and then include pictures for the same. Whenever you get a new idea or thought you will always have the option of enhancing it by introducing anything of your choice, from time to time into it. Here are the benefits of having a vision board:

• Motivates you regularly towards your goal
• Helps you clarify what you desire
• You learn to organize and manage things effectively for your goal
• Enhances your efforts into your tasks

Also, a good time-table helps you in grading up your academic graph. So, here are some of our prescribed books for the same:


New Year 2021

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• 5 difficult-level practice papers
• Solutions to all practice papers inside

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Most likely question banks provide you with thorough practice & help you with last-minute notes, improving remembering & retaining power.

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4. Establishing Good Morals:
Now, this point has all the nitty-gritty aspects of having a startling New Year resolution, as it does hold a million-dollar value. A person with good morals is determined & focused and to carry-on with your resolution throughout the year, you need these qualities too. Good morals help you to drive through the roughest of tracks and help you reap the best out of all these daily-life healthy techniques.

You can practice their development by:

A. Doing Random Acts of Kindness:

• Skipping a meal once in a week and saving its money for donation
• Donating food, old clothes, toys, or any other possession that can prove to be very useful
• Helping your homemaker
• Smiling a little more

B. Catching Up with Old Interests:

• Helps in fighting back against day to day boring activities
• Induces positivity in life
• Provide an outlet for stress
• Enhances your relationships with others
• Offers new challenges

C. Developing Good Morals:

• Controlling expenses and saving more
• Respect everyone around including yourself
• Spending quality time with your grandparents
• Support your family & friends
• Eating healthy foods

In the endnote, we just want you to make wishes for everyone around & help yourself in following up on your resolution throughout the year in the best way possible. Sending a very Happy New Year to all of You!


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