Prepare, Practice, and Perform with Gurukul 15+1 Practice Papers | Top 10 Scoring Tips For CBSE 2021 Examinations

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To help students excel in their Board Exams with flying colours, we stuck to the idea of “Seizing Perfection with Practice” and as a result launched Gurukul 15+1 Practice Papers based on the revised academic curriculum prescribed by CBSE for the 2021 Examinations.
The practice papers are focused to score high by letting students evaluate their strong & weak points, avoid silly mistakes, also helping them mark-down the important questions for their last-minute revision data. Thus scaling up their preparation graph to the uppermost level.

Find Our Tips:

1. Get Ready with The Latest Exam Pattern Oct 2020
Knowing the fact that prioritizing chapters based on their weightage is of paramount importance, you shouldn’t miss out on being up to date. Keeping an eye on the newest exam pattern released on Oct 9th, 2020 we formulated our 15+1 Practice Papers, to familiarize you with the changes.

2. EMH Model to Help You Attain A Step by Step Approach
15+1 Practice Papers has a step by step approach of learning as it is divided into 3 sections – 5 Easy, 5 Medium, and 5 Hard level to help you in assessing yourself and gradually learn by
• Strengthening your basics
• Acquainting you with the type & style of questions
• Learning the tricks and tactics from solved step by step solution
• Making sure that your analysis works parallel with your diligence
• Reducing stress and anxiety
• Boosting your confidence level

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3. In-Depth Practice with 15+1 Practice Papers

Prepare, Practice, and Perform is the mantra of 15+1 Practice Papers. They are customized for every subject with level-based learning. It will help you with self-evaluation at every stage and in turn, improves your problem-solving skills.
• EMH Practice Paper: Solved Board Sample Question Paper Oct 2020- 21
• 15 Solved Practice Papers based on Easy, Medium, and Hard Difficulty Level
• Typology of questions based on Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating
• Detailed coverage of the latest CBSE Syllabus for better understanding

4. All Subjects Are Equally Important

Gurukul 15+1 Practice Papers are available for every subject. Study equally and regularly as all subjects are having equal weightage. Try not to avoid any topic just because it’s being more complicated or taking more time. Practice more and more until you’re convinced.

a. For Class 10:
Mathematics Standard, Mathematics (Basic), English Language & Literature, Hindi-A, Hindi-B, Social Science, Science, and Computer Applications

b. For Class 12:
English Core, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Physical Education

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Top 10 Scoring Tips For CBSE 2021 Examinations

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5. Do Not Forget English & Hindi, As Languages Are Important Too

Underestimating the significance of language subjects can prove to be speculative during boards as it is observed that there has been an increase in the difficulty level of language exams. We often end up depreciating the value of language subjects while grooming & focusing on other subjects and as a result, we conclude to last-minute learning during boards, which eventually ceases the extent of our percentage. Whereas contributing just 20-30 minutes a day can help you score to the peak, unlike other subjects.

6. Enhances Your Time Management Skills

It focuses on minutely pertained short answers to help you solve them quickly whereas it focuses on planned & precisely detailed long answers to familiarize you with the time limits provided for distinct answers by the CBSE board. Training you to solve the questions by choosing appropriate words while paying attention to both, the weightage, as well as the time-limit, will improve your accuracy & precision.

7. Know Your Strength, And Weaknesses

It’s rightly said that you are able to learn the best if you know your Strength and Weaknesses.15+1 Practice Papers will help you gain a practical approach towards your exam preparation.

8. Grab Those Extra Marks with Neat & Clean Handwriting
Neat Handwriting is one of the most prominent aspects to look at while writing in Board Exams. Oftentimes, due to bad handwriting or poor management, teachers are unable to understand what students have written, which makes the students lose marks.
To avoid such unnecessary reduction of marks you need to practice good handwriting that runs parallel with your accuracy & time as it’s observed that innovative and self-written answers tend to gain more favorable scrutiny.

9. Balanced Study Schedule, Will Improve Your Studying Efficiency
Having a well-organized study area with appropriate study-practices will help you reap the best out of your learning sessions. A balanced study schedule doesn’t sacrifice anything, be it proper 8 hours of sleep, practicing sample papers, revising chapters, or a healthy diet. You need to maintain an equilibrium between all these utterly important tasks to ensure that you can grasp & execute them with your highest capability.

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