15+1 Practice Papers – Physical Education

CBSE Class 12 for 2019 Examination


ISBN – 9789388565127

Book Details
Edition 2018
Class 12
Subject Physical-Education
Board CBSE
Author Gurukul Books
Binding Paperback
Pages 132
Language English
Country India
Series Title Sample Papers
ISBN10 9388565126
ISBN13 9789388565127


Gurukul Books 15+1 Practice Papers – Physical Education for Class 12 CBSE Board Examination, comprises of 15 Model Papers for students preparing for CBSE Class XII Science 2019 Examination. Each Paper is carefully planned to cover as much ground as possible from the entire syllabus, making them an ideal practice resource. Solutions to the questions are given at the end of each paper, which also includes latest board sample question paper (released October 2018) with marking scheme. This CBSE Practice Papers will help students to sharpen their time management skills.

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