Concise Chemistry

Textbook for CBSE Class 10


ISBN – 9789386299079

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CBSE Concicse Chemistry (Part 2) for Class 10 by Oswal Publishers has been prepared as per the new Syllabus guidelines following NCERT and CCE Patterns. All topics are covered in a simple language, extensive illustrations and examples included to aid easy comprehension. Paper-Pen Tests within the chapters help in continous revisions. Self -Assessment modules include NCERT In-text questions, NCERT Exercises, Exemplar Questions, Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), Value Based Questions (VBQs), MCQs on theoretical and practical skills, Very Short, Short and Long Answer ype questions, Solved Formative Assessments and Unsolved Summative Assessments also included. Term 1 covers Chemical Reactions and Equations, Acids- Bases & Salts, Metals and Non Metals. Term 2 covers Carbon & its Compounds and Periodic Classification of Elements.

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