Home Science

Textbook for CBSE Class 10


ISBN – 9789386769732


It gives us immense pleasure in introducing our first edition of ?CBSE Home Science? Textbook for Class X. This edition strictly adheres to the latest syllabus prescribed by the Council for C.B.S.E. Examination. The topics mentioned in the syllabus have been meticulously studied and systematically dealt with in this book. The subject matter in this book has been divided into 6 units with 18 chapters in all. Language used is easy, simple and lucid. All endeavors have been made to make this book interesting and practically useful by adding latest information and facts, pictures, illustrations and relevant examples to suit the present day lifestyle and social scenario. All chapters have been updated with multiple choice, short and long type questions from past years? board papers as suggested by the council to enable students to understand the format of board papers for practice and to enhance the comprehension skills of the students.

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