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Best Direction to Study as per Vastu & Scientifically

Best Direction to Study

Don’t face that way; that’s not the right direction for your studies. Face the east.

Most of us heard this from our mothers or elders in our childhood. We didn’t comprehend what these could mean then, but things changed as we grew up.  

As high school students, you’d want to set up the best study room with the table chair facing in the right direction as per the Vastu Shastra. If you’re looking for a guide on the best direction to study, you’re at the right place. 

This blog will explain the intricacies of study direction and provide tips on setting up your study table and schedule. 

Sounds exactly what you were looking for? Great, let’s start reading.

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Important Tips for Best Direction to Study

If you’re wondering which direction is best for studies, according to Vastushastra, it’s North or East. The section below gives you some essential tips on choosing the right direction

Face North or East: According to Vastu Shastra, facing north or east while studying is believed to instil positive energy in you and improve concentration.

Keep the Way for Natural Light: Position your study area for ample natural light. Proper light is essential for avoiding eye strain.

best direction to study

Don’t Face the Wall: Facing an open space instead of a wall can make you feel less confined and more relaxed. That will be helpful to improve your focus. 

Choose a Room Minimal Distractions: You must select a room and direction to minimise distractions. Avoiding busy areas of your home where people frequently pass by will be a smart move.

right direction to study

Place the Study Table Properly: Your chair and desk are ergonomic to maintain good posture and prevent discomfort.

There Must be Room for Proper Air: Face a direction that allows good airflow. Fresh air can keep you more energised and focused during long study hours.

study table direction as per vastu

Personal Preference: Last but not least, choosing a direction that feels good to you and your study habits is important. It might affect your studies if you’re not mentally satisfied with the position. 

Which is the Best Direction to Study As Per Vastu?

in which direction we have to study

According to Vastu Shastra, the best study table direction is facing north or east in a north-east-facing room. 

Per the beliefs, these directions bring positive energy and help with better concentration, learning and retention. 

Facing North: This direction is linked to the planet Mercury. It symbolizes intelligence and sharp thinking. It is believed to help improve focus and clarity of thought. Psychologically, it enables you to stay focused and easily decode complex subjects. 

Facing East: The east direction is connected with the rising sun and symbolizes new beginnings and enlightenment. It is believed to improve creativity and motivation and provide a fresh and energetic environment dedicated to learning.

Vastu also recommends keeping the study area well-lit and clutter-free to maintain a positive energy flow. The study table should be placed facing the East or North to ensure an environment supporting academic success and overall well-being.

What is the Best Direction to Study Scientifically? 

According to scientific principles, facing north is considered the best direction for study. This recommendation has its roots in the Earth’s magnetic field. Aligning your body with this field by facing north can help you improve your concentration and cognitive function. It furthermore helps create a more harmonious and less distracting environment while studying. 

Sources suggest that this alignment upgrades focus and learning efficiency. Also, as discussed earlier, natural light usually enters from the northern window, providing consistent, non-glare lighting. 

This type of lighting is beneficial for decreasing eye strain and fatigue. It helps you stay focused for longer and more productive study sessions.

Best Direction to Study For Competitive Exams. 

The best direction to study for competitive exams is regarded as North. This advice comes from the alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field, which helps improve concentration and cognitive functions.

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If you keep your body aligned with this magnetic field, you may experience a more harmonious and focused environment, which is crucial for intense study sessions.

Keep these tips in mind while preparing for your exams. 

  • Know the syllabus in detail before starting your preparation.
  • Make concise notes every day while reading chapters or topics. 
  • Multiple rounds of revisions are essential or else you’ll end up forgetting crucial information in the exams. 
  • Solve the previous year’s questions and attempt mock tests. This will clarify the exam pattern. 

What is the Best Study Table Direction as Per Vastu? 

As we have already discussed, Vastu Shastra states that the best direction for studies and the right direction to study with your study table is facing either east or north. These directions are believed to boost concentration, clarity and positive energy.

East is connected with the rising sun and symbolises a fresh, alert mind. 

Facing North is associated with the pole star, and this direction is believed to channel beneficial energy that boosts focus and mental clarity.

Do not forget that while analysing which direction is best for study, Vastu suggests placing your study table in a bright, uncluttered, and spacious space. Natural light and sufficient air from the north or east help reduce eye strain and improve concentration. 

Having a solid wall behind you is also beneficial for support and stability. 

If you stick to these Vastu guidelines, you can create a supportive study environment. This will give you positive support to work ahead and excel in your academics. 

Wrapping Up

With that, we conclude our discussion on the best direction for study and the best direction to study. The universe and positive energy play an essential role in your academic success. 

So, you’ll likely see better results when you create a space free from chaos and adhere to the Vastu guidelines. Don’t forget that simply sticking to these beliefs won’t bring you grades. You have to work hard and strategically to make things work for you. 

So, will you set up your east/north-facing study table today? 

FAQs on Best Direction to Study

Q1. Which room should I keep my Study Table?

Ans – It’s best to set up your study in a northeast-facing room.

Q2. Which direction is best to keep my study table?

Ans – According to Vaastu, keeping your study table facing east or north yields positive energy.

Q3. Can I face the South while studying?

Ans – It’s usually recommended to face the east or north while studying.

Q4. Which is the best study direction according to science?

Ans – Science suggests North to be the best study direction for students.

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