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ISC Class 12 is an important phase in a student's academic journey, marking a transition towards higher education or specialised career paths. To get admission to your dream college or crack any competitive exam, the marks of ISC class 12 play a major role. Understanding the concepts and topics is also vital for the objective type questions in the exams these days.

To excel in these examinations, it's crucial to have access to comprehensive study materials, solutions, and sample papers. These resources not only aid in understanding concepts but also in practising and evaluating oneself effectively.

Oswal provides many useful books for ISC class 12, including question banks, sample papers, complete courses, practice papers, and more beyond textbooks and references. Experts craft each resource according to the prescribed ISC guidelines.

ISC Class 12th Subjects

ISC Class 12 offers diverse subjects catering to different academic interests and career aspirations. Students can choose from three main streams:

  1. Science Stream- In the Science stream, students can opt for either PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) or PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) combinations along with English. An optional subject such as Computer Science to further enhance their knowledge and skills in technology can be chosen.
  2. Commerce Stream- The Commerce Stream is for students interested in pursuing finance, business, and management careers. It includes compulsory subjects such as Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, and English.
  3. Humanities Stream- The Humanities stream offers subjects focusing on social sciences, literature, and arts. History, Geography, Political Science, and English are also there to choose from. Students also have the flexibility to choose optional subjects like sociology, psychology, and others that suit their interests.

ISC Class 12 Latest Syllabus 2024-25

The ISC Class 12 Latest Syllabus 2024-25 is for students studying under the Indian School Certificate (ISC) system, which is known internationally for its value. ISC exams are well-organised, making the process smooth from conducting exams to announcing results. The syllabus is designed to balance the difficulty level across subjects so students don't feel too stressed as they advance to higher classes.

It's been updated to match the standards of other important exams like CBSE, JEE, and NEET. Students will be well-prepared for competitive exams and have a strong foundation for future studies and careers. In simple terms, the ISC Class 12 syllabus for 2024-25 is carefully crafted to help students succeed academically and beyond.

Class - 12
Periodic Assessment Academic Session 2022-23 Academic Session 2023-24
Composition of question paper year-end examination/ Board Examination (Theory)
  • Competency Based Questions are 40% in the form of Multiple-Choice Questions, Case Based Questions, Source Based Integrated Questions or any other type.
  • Objective Questions are 20%
  • Remaining 40% Questions are Short Answer/ Long Answer Questions
  • Competency Focused Questions in the form of MCQs/Case Based Questions, Source-based Integrated Questions or any other type = 50%
  • Select response type questions(MCQ) = 20%
  • Constructed response questions (Short Answer/Long Answer type Questions, as per existing pattern) = 30%
  • ISC Class 11 ENGLISH - I Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 ENGLISH - II Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 PHYSICS Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 CHEMISTRY Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 BIOLOGY Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 MATHEMATIC Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 ACCOUNTANCY Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 BUSINESS STUDIES Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 COMMERCE Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 ECONOMICS Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 GEOGRAPHY Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 HISTORY Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 POLITICAL SCIENCE Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 PSYCHOLOGY Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 SOCIOLOGY Syllabus
  • ISC Class 11 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Syllabus

ISC Class 12 Books 2024-25 Exam

For ISC Class 12 Books 2024-25 Exam, publishers like Oswal have released updated editions in line with the latest syllabus. These books cover all subjects and streams, ensuring students have reliable study materials. You can get any of the books per your study style or choice.

  • ISC Class 12 All Books
  • Model Specimen Papers for ISC Class 12
  • Question Bank for ISC Class 12
  • Solved Papers for ISC Class 12
  • Sample Papers for ISC Class 12
  • Complete Course for ISC Class 12
  • Textbooks for ISC Class 12

With in-depth explanations, examples, and practice questions, students can grasp concepts effectively and build a solid understanding of each subject. Access to these recommended books is essential for comprehensive preparation, supporting students in mastering the content required for their ISC Class 12 examinations.

ISC Class 12 Textbooks 2024-25

For ISC Class 12 in 2024-25, the textbooks comprehensively cover subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, and more. These books are designed to simplify complex concepts, with clear explanations and examples to aid understanding.

They are curated according to the latest syllabus, ensuring alignment with exam requirements. ISC Class 12 textbooks serve as essential resources for students, offering a structured approach to learning and preparing them effectively for their exams.

  • ISC Textbooks Class 12

ISC Question Bank Class 12 2024-25 Exam

The ISC Class 12 Question Banks are meticulously curated to cover diverse topics and difficulty levels, offering students ample practice opportunities to enhance their understanding and proficiency.

Oswal Publishers has introduced the ISC Most Likely Question Bank for Class 12, which offers the following features:

  1. Competency-Focused Question Pattern: Questions are designed to assess students' competency and understanding of key concepts.
  2. Incorporation of Previous Years' Board Question Papers: Students can familiarise themselves with the exam pattern by practising questions from previous years' papers.
  3. Variety of Question Types: The question bank includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs), case-based questions, assertion—and reasoning-based questions, and questions of varying lengths.
  4. Chapter Summaries: Concise summaries are provided for each chapter, facilitating quick and easy revision.
  5. Expert Advice: Guidance from subject matter experts helps students focus on challenging areas within each chapter.
  • ISC Question Bank Class 12

ISC Class 12 Sample Papers 2024-25 Exam

ISC Class 12 Sample Papers for the 2024-25 Exam are very helpful resources for the students as they offer many benefits to students:

Understand Exam Pattern: Understand how the ISC Class 12 exam is structured.

Know Marking Scheme: Learn how marks are given for different types of questions.

Evaluate Performance: Assess your preparation and find areas to improve.

Identify Weaknesses: Discover topics you need to study more.

Manage Time Better: Practice managing time for each question and section.

Improve Problem-Solving: Enhance your ability to solve different types of questions.

Boost Confidence: Feel more prepared and confident for the actual exams.

Simulate Exam Conditions: Practice under similar conditions to reduce stress.

Revise Effectively: Use sample papers to revise and reinforce your learning.

  • ISC Sample Papers Class 12

ISC Class 12 Previous Years' Question Papers 2024-25 Exam

ISC Class 12 Previous Years' Question Papers for the 2024-25 Exam include solved papers from past ISC Class 12 exams. They help students understand the exam format, marking scheme, and types of questions. By practising with these papers, students can prepare better, assess their readiness, find areas to improve, and plan their exam strategy for 2025.

  • ISC Previous Years' Question Papers Class 12

How to Study in ISC Class 12 (Preparation Tips) 2024-25 Exams?

Here are some tips to follow for an effective learning experience.

  • Organise Your Time: Create a study schedule to cover all subjects regularly.
  • Use Quality Resources: Refer to prescribed textbooks and supplementary materials for thorough understanding.
  • Practice Regularly: Solve sample papers, previous years' papers, and exercises to reinforce learning.
  • Seek Clarification: Ask teachers or peers for help with difficult concepts.
  • Stay Healthy: Maintain a balanced lifestyle with proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise to stay focused.
  • Revise Wisely: Regularly revise topics to reinforce learning and ensure retention.
  • Stay Positive: Keep a positive mindset and believe in your abilities to succeed

FAQs on ISC Class 12

ISC Class 12 Blogs

Explore our Latest Blogs to stay updated on the latest news and developments for ISC Class 12 in the New Academic Session 2024-25.

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