CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Practice Papers For 2024 Board Exam

The class 12 board exams in 2024 are pretty close. We all wish to score good grades in Physical Education. If you want to strengthen your grasp of the subject, especially in areas like sports science or anatomy, along with good grades, CBSE class 12 physical education practice papers can be instrumental.

Whether you need extra practice in solving case studies or understanding the theoretical aspects, utilising these additional resources can significantly contribute to your preparation for the class 12 physical education board exam in the academic year 2023-24.

Each CBSE Physical Education Class 12 Practice Paper can strengthen your preparation and confidence. Download the papers and include them in your study routine as your companions.

Download Year wise CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Additional Practice Questions Paper

The CBSE has introduced an additional practice paper for class 12 physical education in the academic year 2023-24, providing students with valuable resources for exam preparation. To access the CBSE Physical Education Class 12 Practice Paper, follow these simple steps.

  1. Visit the CBSE Official Website: Go to the CBSE official website using your web browser.
  2. Locate the "Question Bank" Section: On the homepage, find the "Question Bank" section, typically listed in the main menu.
  3. Access "Additional Practice Questions": Within the Question Bank, look for and click on the "Additional Practice Questions" option and then click on it. Find a practice paper specific to class 12 physical education.
  4. Download Practice Papers and Marking Scheme: Once you're on the relevant page, download the CBSE practice papers for class 12 physical education in PDF format, including the solution marking scheme.

These practice papers are available for download without charge, allowing students to enhance their understanding of physical education concepts and improve exam readiness.

Highlights of CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Practice Papers 2023-24

Here are some key features of CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Practice Papers 2023-24:

Official Availability: The CBSE class 12 physical education practice papers for 2023-24 are officially released and can be accessed on the CBSE official website.

Complete Subject Coverage: These practice papers comprehensively cover all major topics in class 12 physical education, ensuring a thorough review of the syllabus for the upcoming exams in 2023-24.

Convenient PDF Format: The practice papers are conveniently available in PDF format, allowing easy download for students. This flexibility enables students to use the practice papers on various devices for efficient preparation.

User-Friendly Question Bank Menu: To access the class 12 physical education practice papers, students can navigate the question bank menu on the CBSE website. This simplified process streamlines finding and downloading the relevant materials.

Extra Practice Questions: The CBSE class 12 physical education practice papers include additional questions but from the curriculum only. This feature allows students to enhance their understanding and problem-solving skills.

Inclusive Marking Scheme: The marking scheme is provided alongside the practice papers. This helps students understand the allocation of marks for each question, facilitating effective self-assessment and better exam preparation.

Cost-Free Resource: The CBSE Class 12 Physical Education practice papers for 2023-24 are freely available. This cost-free resource allows students to benefit from additional practice and preparation without any financial burden.

Reliable Official CBSE Resource: Hosted on the official CBSE website, these Class 12 Physical Education Practice Papers are reliable and closely aligned with the board's expectations. They serve as a trustworthy source for exam preparation, ensuring students have access to credible materials.

Benefits of Practising CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Practice Papers 2024

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Practice Papers provide many benefits to the students appearing for the board exams 2024.

  1. Know the Exam Style: Trying out learning with Practice Paper Physical Education Class 12 helps you understand how the real exams will look in 2024. This makes you more confident and less stressed when the actual test day arrives.
  2. Handle Time Better: Practising with Physical Education Practice Paper Class 12 lets you figure out how much time each section takes. This helps you manage your time well during the real exam, ensuring you can finish all parts on time.
  3. Find Weak Spots: Regular practice with CBSE physical education papers helps you find areas where you struggle. It allows you to concentrate on these parts, improving your overall performance.
  4. Get Better at Problem-Solving: Doing these extra questions sharpens your problem-solving skills. You become good at dealing with different types of questions, using various ways to solve problems quickly and accurately.
  5. Evaluating yourself: Using these extra practice papers lets you check how you did. Reviewing your answers helps you find and fix mistakes, getting better over time.
  6. Review Everything You Learned: Solving these questions is like reviewing everything you learned in class 12 physical education. This repetition helps you remember and understand different topics better.
  7. Feel Surer of Yourself: Finishing these practice papers makes you feel accomplished and surer of yourself. This positive feeling can be helpful during the real exam, making you perform better under pressure.
  8. Practice Companion: Doing mock papers under conditions similar to the real exam, with time limits and a quiet place, prepares you mentally. This lowers stress and makes you better at handling the actual exam.
  9. Learn by Doing: CBSE class 12 physical education practice papers let you learn by doing. You can apply your knowledge to solve practical problems, helping you understand the subject better.
  10. Get Used to the Exam Format: Regular practice with these papers makes you used to how the exams are set up. This reduces the chance of feeling surprised during the actual class 12 exams 2024. It ensures you're ready and confident on exam day.

How Can You Score Well with CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Practice Papers in 2024 Board Exam?

Scoring well in CBSE Practice Paper Class 12 Physical Education for the 2024 Board Exam requires a strategic and disciplined approach. Here are some key tips to help you excel in your preparation:

  1. Understand the Syllabus: Familiarise yourself with the updated CBSE class 12 physical education syllabus for 2024. Ensure that you know all the chapters and topics thoroughly.
  2. Regular Practice: Consistent practice is crucial. Solve the Practice Paper of Physical Education Class 12 regularly to understand the exam pattern, question types, and time management.
  3. Manage your Time: Practice papers under exam conditions to improve time management. Allocate time wisely to each section and question.
  4. Review and Analyse: After solving practice papers, review your answers. Understand your mistakes and learn from them. Analyse the areas where you need improvement and focus on strengthening those concepts.
  5. Prioritise Important Topics: Identify key topics and chapters with more weight regarding marks. Prioritise your preparation based on the weightage assigned to each section.
  6. Stay Healthy and Relaxed: Ensure a balance between studies and relaxation. A healthy mind and body are essential for optimal performance. Get adequate sleep and maintain a proper diet.
  7. Revision: Regularly revise the entire syllabus to reinforce your understanding of concepts. Create concise notes for quick revision before the exam.

Following these tips and maintaining a disciplined study routine can boost your confidence and perform well in the CBSE class 12 physical education board exam in 2024.

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Practice Papers 2023-24

Ans: CBSE class 12 physical education practice papers for 2023-24 are available for download on the official CBSE website.

Ans: The number of practice papers varies, but it is generally recommended to solve an ample number to cover all topics thoroughly. Regular practice is essential for effective preparation.

Ans: Stay updated on the latest exam pattern by referring to official CBSE notifications and guidelines. Practice papers often mirror the current pattern, aiding in understanding the format of the upcoming exams.

Ans: Solving CBSE Practice Papers for Class 12 Physical Education is highly recommended. It helps familiarise you with the exam structure, enhances time management, and builds confidence through exposure to various questions.


  • Regularly practise under timed conditions to enhance exam-taking skills.
  • Analyse and learn from mistakes made while solving practice papers.
  • Prioritise topics based on their weightage in the syllabus.

Ans: It is good practice to learn with the practice paper, but you must accompany these with textbooks, reference books, other question banks and previous papers.

CBSE Practice Paper Physical Education Class 12

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