CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Bank 2024-25

The 2025 CBSE board exams are approaching and you might be preparing for it day and night to score your best. Those of you, who have chosen PCB to explore the field of medicine and want to become a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, etc., will find the Biology Question Bank for Class 12 quite useful.

Biology isn't just about facts; it's like a window that helps you see the amazing things in the world around you, and to prepare for its exam, you need to be well-prepared. Biology Question Bank for Class 12 is the best and most helpful resource to excel in your exams.

Biology isn't a subject limited to theoretical understanding; it's a realm of applied knowledge that bridges classroom concepts with real-world scenarios. Class 12th Biology Question Bank is designed with this principle and contains various Biology Class 12th Question Papers.

The previous year's question papers play an important role, as they will give you ideas that how exactly your 2025 biology exam will look like. Your preparation will be so similar and exact for the boards. This will enhance your confidence for the boards as well as other competitive exams.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Bank Free PDF Download

Having Biology Question Bank 2023 Pdf with sample papers, previous exam solved papers, chapterwise revision questions, etc., as per the CBSE Class 12 biology syllabus, is like having a magical wand. You can also download the Biology Question Bank for Class 12 Pdf 2022 with solutions to enhance your preparation.

The Question Bank Biology Class 12 Pdf is easily available to download without paying anything. Thus, you should definitely make it a part of the preparation as well as a revision strategy.

Not only the Class 12 Biology Chapterwise Questions Pdf serves as your personal tutor, but also guides you through the intricate web of biological concepts and helps you unravel the mysteries of the living world.

Additional Practice Questions for Class 12 Biology Download PDF 2023-24

Class XII
Biology Practice Questions MS

Additional Practice Questions for Class 12 Biology Download PDF 2022-23

Class XII
Biology Practice Questions MS

Additional Practice Questions for Class 12 Biology Download PDF 2021-22

Class XII
Biology Term 1 Term 2

CBSE Class 12 Biology Chapterwise Question Bank

Diving into the depths of biology can sometimes feel overwhelming, like exploring uncharted waters. However, with Chapterwise Question Bank Class 12 Biology, you're equipped with a compass that will steer you through each chapter with precision. Be it Genetics, Ecology, Reproduction, or any other chapter; you can easily find the questions curated for each chapter separately.

Questions are meticulously organized, allowing you to focus on specific topics and helping you develop a robust grasp of the subject matter. In short, the Class 12 Biology Question Bank Chapterwise makes it easier to focus on your weaknesses or requirements as per the topic.

Here is the tabular form of the total marks divided between the chapters:

Unit Name Marks
Reproduction 16
Genetics and Evolution 20
Biology and Human Welfare 12
Biotechnology and its Applications 12
Ecology and Environment 10
Total 70

The theory exam consists of 70 marks and the remaining 30 marks are of the practical exam which is categorized as follows:

Class 12th Biology Practical Evaluation Scheme
Particulars Marks
One Major Experiment 5
One Minor Experiment 4
Slide Preparation 5
Spotting 7
Practical Record + Viva Voce 4
Investigatory Project and its Project Record + Viva Voce 5
Total 70

Why Practice with CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Bank?

Practice, they say, makes perfect. And indeed, practice is the bridge between learning and mastery. The CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Bank offers you the opportunity to engage in purposeful practice, channeling your efforts toward conceptual clarity and proficiency. Here's why practicing with the Question Bank is a game-changer:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The Biology Question Bank 2025 spans the entire CBSE class 12 biology syllabus, ensuring that you don't miss out on any essential topic. From Genetics to Ecology, Cell Biology to Biotechnology, every nook and cranny of the subject is explored, enriching your knowledge base.
  2. Variety of Questions: Biology Question Bank for Class 12 covers all types of questions, such as multiple-choice, short, and long-answer questions, to offer you a holistic practice experience, preparing you for various question formats.
  3. Application of Concepts: Biology isn't merely about rote memorization; it's about understanding and applying concepts. The Biology Question Bank for Class 12 features questions that stimulate critical thinking, enabling you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.
  4. Time Management: Time is precious, especially during exams. Regular practice with the Biology Question Bank for Class 12 helps you learn to allocate your time wisely across different sections.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Bank

The benefits of Class 12 Biology Question Bank are boundless, extending far beyond the confines of the classroom. Here's how this practice can be a transformative experience:

  • Confidence Booster: As you solve a variety of questions and witness your progress, your self-confidence soars. You'll stride into your examinations with the unwavering belief that you're well-prepared to conquer any challenge.
  • Conceptual Clarity: Biology is a subject of interconnected concepts. The more you practice, the more you unravel these connections, enhancing your understanding of complex biological phenomena.
  • Retention and Recall: Regular practice reinforces your memory, making it easier to recall information during exams. Answering questions solidifies your grasp of the subject matter, making the revision process smoother.
  • Reduced Exam Anxiety: Familiarity breeds comfort. Likewise, Biology Question Bank for Class 12 can reduce your anxiety associated with unfamiliar questions, leaving you with a calm and focused mind during exams.
  • Holistic Preparation: Biology Question Bank for Class 12 encompasses all aspects of the syllabus, enabling you to approach your exams with a well-rounded preparation strategy.

How to Download CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Bank 2024-25?

We all are familiar with the internet these days. Downloading Biology Question Bank for Class 12 is as meek as browsing the internet.

Go ahead and follow these simple steps to access the question bank:

  1. Visit the official CBSE website, i.e.,
  2. There are many categories according to the activities. But we need to look for the 'Academic' section on the website.
  3. Click on the button that says “Academic Website". You will enter a new page.
  4. You can see the menu bar at the top in green color with various names. Look for a button that says “Question Bank”.
  5. As soon as you click on that, a drop-down will appear. Click on “Class XII”.
  6. All the subjects of class 12 will open on a new page. Choose your subject required i.e., Biology.
  7. A PDF will open. On the top right, there is a download link icon.
  8. Click on the link to initiate the download process.
  9. The question bank is available in PDF format, allowing you to save it on your devices for offline access.
  10. You can also take printouts of specific chapters or questions for a more easy study experience.

You can also check out other question banks that offer you the chance to learn in an engaging and clever manner. It is the Biology Question Bank CBSE Class 12 for 2025 Exam by Oswal Publishers.

It is strictly as per the CBSE norms and syllabus which provides a comprehensive overview of important topics in each subject, making it easier for you to prepare for the exams.

This question bank has an explanation of all the MCQs along with words of advice from experts, which is extremely helpful to focus on the difficult areas.

Go Ahead with This Wonderful Resource & Score 90+ in 2025 Boards

On your class 12 journey, remember that education is a transformative experience, and the CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Bank 2024-25 is your steadfast companion in this pursuit of knowledge. The knowledge once earned never gets wasted. The question bank is a win-win for both knowledge and scores.

Embrace the power of practice, the thrill of discovery, and the satisfaction of conquering challenges. Let the question bank be your guiding light, illuminating your path to academic excellence and self-discovery. Download Class 12 Biology Chapterwise Questions Pdf and start practicing.

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Bank

Ans: Absolutely! The question bank covers all chapters of the CBSE Class 12 biology syllabus, ensuring comprehensive practice for your exams.

Ans: Yes, many versions of the question bank include solutions or answer keys. These solutions serve as a valuable reference while practicing and help you understand the correct problem-solving approach.

Ans: Of course! Feel free to print the question bank Pdf and create your own physical practice material.

Ans: Absolutely. The question bank’s rigorous practice prepares you not only for your CBSE class 12 board exams but also lays a solid foundation for various competitive exams.

Ans: While sharing knowledge is commendable, respecting copyright and distribution regulations is important. Encourage your classmates to download the question bank directly from official sources.

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