CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Practice Papers For 2024 Board Exam

As the CBSE class 12 Computer Science board exams approach, you must thoroughly prepare for this subject. One effective way to enhance preparation is by CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Practice Papers.

Computer Science is needed today, and understanding and scoring good grades in the subject opens many opportunities for 12th-class students. Class 12 Computer Science Practice Papers fulfil both the needs of knowledge and scores.

If you study with at least one 12th Computer Science Practice Paper regularly, you will see your preparation level going up, directly proportional to your confidence. The practice papers are made available by CBSE without any cost so that its students feel more prepared than ever before.

Download Year wise CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Additional Practice Questions Paper

Students can access and download year-wise CBSE Computer Science Practice Papers for Class 12 from reputable educational websites or the official CBSE website. Here are the steps to download the papers from the CBSE website:

  1. Visit the official website of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).
  2. Navigate to the "Question bank" and point your cursor there.
  3. Look for the "Additional Practice Questions" and click on that.
  4. Select the desired class and then the subject Computer Science, and proceed to download them in PDF format.

These papers are invaluable resources for exam preparation and can support familiarising students with the exam pattern and question types.

Additional Practice Questions for Class 12 2023-24

Class 12th Set 1
Computer Science PQs MS

Highlights of CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Practice Papers 2023-24

  1. Practice Paper Class 12 Computer Science 2023-24 has many features that make it unique and the best option for revision.
  2. Varied Question Types for Full Preparation: The Computer Science Practice Papers for class 12 include different question types like multiple-choice questions (MCQs), long answers, short answers, and very long answers. This variety matches the updated syllabus, helping students adapt and analyse, preparing them for any question in the actual exam.
  3. Easy Online Access for Flexible Learning: The CBSE Computer Science Practice Papers for Class 12 in 2023-24 are easily accessible online. This user-friendly feature allows students to practice and evaluate their skills conveniently from home. Printing and studying offline gives flexibility, optimising study time and catering to different learning preferences.
  4. Complete Syllabus Coverage with Focus on Recent Updates: Personalised for CBSE class 12 computer science, these practice papers cover the entire syllabus, including recent changes. Excluding questions from the deleted part of the syllabus assures students that they are ready for the current academic requirements.
  5. Detailed Solutions for Clear Understanding: Beyond just questions, each Computer Science practice paper provides detailed solutions with step-by-step explanations. This helps improve conceptual clarity, allowing students to fix mistakes and understand the subject better, contributing to a richer learning experience.
  6. Application-Based Questions for Real-World Relevance: The class 12 Computer Science practice papers strategically include application-based questions. The Python language, or the understanding of logical gates, is more than just theoretical learning; it needs practical learning. The Class 12 Computer Science Practice Paper 2024 encourages students to apply what they've learned in practical situations, connecting theoretical knowledge with real-world scenarios. It helps students understand computer science beyond memorisation.

Benefits of Practicing CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Practice Papers 2024

A few of the advantages of Computer Science Class 12 Practice Papers are listed below.

  1. Get Used to Exam Setup: Solving Computer Science Class 12 Practice Papers helps you understand how the actual exam looks and the kinds of questions you'll face. It makes you more comfortable and less stressed about what to expect. Moreover, it lets you familiarise yourself with the layout of the answer sheet, reducing any confusion on the actual exam day.
  2. Learn to Manage Time Better: Regular practice teaches you how to use your time wisely during the exam. Figuring out how much time to spend on each part becomes easier, and you won't feel rushed during the actual exam. Plus, you can develop a strategy to tackle time-consuming sections first, ensuring you don't miss out on any crucial questions.
  3. Find Out What You're Good at and What Needs More Work: By checking how you solve the 12th Computer Science Practice Paper, you can see which topics you're good at and where you might struggle. This way, you can focus more on the stuff you need to brush up on. Additionally, understanding your weak points helps you create a targeted study plan for improvement.
  4. Build Confidence and Reduce Stress: Doing these practice sessions regularly boosts your confidence. As you get better at them, you feel more confident in yourself, which helps lower stress when the big exam day arrives. Furthermore, gaining confidence through practice makes you less likely to second-guess yourself during the actual exam, leading to better performance.

How can You Score Well with CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Practice Papers in 2024 Board Exam?

Some tips can help you make the best use of CBSE Computer Science Practice Paper Class 12 and score a great score.

  1. Practice Regularly: Keep practicing Class 12 Computer Science Practice Papers regularly. It helps you get used to how the exam works, making you more confident and less nervous.
  2. Learn to Manage Time: Practice managing your time well during the practice exams. Figure out how much time to spend on each part to finish the whole paper on time during the real exam.
  3. Fix Mistakes: After practising papers, carefully review your mistakes. Knowing where you went wrong helps you correct your errors and get better at the subjects.
  4. Work on What's Hard: Find the topics or tough questions for you. During your review, spend more time on these areas to improve your overall performance.
  5. Understand How It Works: Computer Science isn't just about memorising; it's also about using what you've learned in coding. Practice papers with real-world questions of programming help you connect what you know with practical situations, making you better at problem-solving.
  6. Use Detailed Answers: Check the detailed solutions in the practice papers. These step-by-step explanations help you understand the subject better and clear up any confusion.
  7. Make it Like the Real Exam: Practice like you're in the real exam. Sit quietly, follow the time limits, and avoid distractions. This makes you ready mentally and physically for the actual board exam.
  8. Review Regularly: Keep going over what you've learned regularly. This reinforces your knowledge and helps you remember everything for the board exam.
  9. Use Online Tools: If practice papers are online, use them. It's convenient and lets you practice anytime, anywhere. You can also print and study offline if that's what you prefer.
  10. Stay Positive and Sure: Stay positive when practising. Building confidence through regular practice will help you stay calm and focused during the real board exam, leading to better results.

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Practice Papers 2023-24

Ans: After attempting a practice paper, carefully review the detailed solutions to grasp the logic and techniques used to solve each question. This helps improve your understanding of the subject.

Ans: CBSE allows students to access the Class 12 Computer Science practice papers online. You can download them from the official CBSE website (

Ans: You can choose Practice Paper Class 12 Computer Science to keep them in a digital format or print them for offline revision.

Ans: The practice papers are thoughtfully designed to cover the entire class 12 Computer Science syllabus. This ensures thorough preparation for all the topics appearing in the board exam.

Ans: Solving Computer Science practice papers regularly is a good idea, ideally including them in your daily study routine. Regular practice gradually enhances your problem-solving skills and familiarity with the specific exam pattern.

Ans: While practising Computer Science papers is highly beneficial, it’s recommended to supplement this with additional previous question papers and question banks specifically designed for the 2023-24 board exam. This comprehensive approach ensures a stronger preparation.

CBSE Practice Paper Computer Science Class 12

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