CBSE Computer Science Sample Paper Class 12 2023-24 with Solutions

We understand the pressure you are facing right now while preparing for your 2024 board exams. With so many topics to study, revise and practice, the preboards are just 2 months away to test all your knowledge. So, it's time to pace up your preparation with the help of Computer Science Sample Paper Class 12. Easily cover all the chapters, practice sample questions and get ready for the pre- as well as mainboards.

Practising with Computer Science Sample Paper Class 12 will definitely reduce your exam jitters of facing the actual Computer Science Question Paper. These papers will include the entire syllabus and different types of questions with difficulty levels, making it easier for you to understand how the main paper will look like.

You will even get a fair idea of how many questions will be MCQ or subjective, along with a clear idea of which chapters are more important so that you can prepare accordingly for your class 12 Computer Science exam.

Wondering how to get CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Sample Papers with Solutions PDF? It's readily available online; scroll down to learn how to download it easily and free of cost.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Computer Science Sample Paper Class 12

There are numerous advantages of solving Sample Paper Class 12 Computer Science; some important ones are:

  1. Awareness of Exam Format: Familiarising yourself with the exam format through sample papers is akin to having a blueprint before building a structure. It offers an all-around view of what to expect on the examination day. Sample papers serve as a window into examiners' minds, allowing you to grasp the types of questions they are likely to ask.

    Class 12 CS Sample Paper shows the types of questions that may be asked, their distribution across various sections, and the overall structure of the paper. It builds a sense of confidence and preparedness in you, which is invaluable when facing CBSE Class 12 Computer Science.
  2. Time Management: Time management is an essential skill in any examination scenario, and it holds particular significance in the CBSE class 12 computer science examination. Solving Sample Paper of Computer Science Class 12 is an effective way to improve your learning and skills.

    It provides you with a controlled environment where you can practice allocating an appropriate amount of time to each section. This practice is helpful in ensuring that you navigate through the exam efficiently and complete it within the stipulated time frame. As they say, 'practice makes perfect,' in this case, it also makes punctuality.
  3. Assessment of Preparation: Self-assessment is the compass that guides you through your academic journey. By solving CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Sample Paper, you get on a journey of self-analysis. You will be able to evaluate your level of preparation objectively, identifying the areas where you excel and, more importantly, the areas that require further attention.

    This process of self-discovery is invaluable, as it enables you to tailor your study approach to target your weaknesses. Prepared with this vision, you can focus your efforts on areas that demand improvement, ultimately leading to a more effective preparation.
  4. Application of Concepts: CBSE Computer Science Class 12 Sample Paper serves as the testing ground where theoretical knowledge transforms into practical ability. They present real-world scenarios, prompting you to apply your learned concepts to solve problems. This hands-on approach not only strengthens your conceptual understanding but also cultivates a deeper level of comprehension.

    CBSE Sample Paper Computer Science Class 12 bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and its real-world application, preparing you to face challenges confidently and sharply. Sample papers transform you from simple theoretical learners into skilled computer science practitioners.

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Sample Paper 2023-24: Marking Scheme

The marking scheme of Computer Science Sample Paper Class 12 is as per the CBSE guidelines that say the theory paper will contain 70 marks covering various questions as per the topics in the syllabus.

The remaining 30 marks are allotted for the practical, which will be related to writing programs and other applications of the theory learned.

Chapter-wise Marks Distribution Class 12 Computer Science

Each chapter has its own importance and weightage for the exam. The chapter-wise marks distribution for the theory exam of class 12 computer science is stated below.

Unit No. Unit Name Marks
1 Computational Thinking and Programming – 2 40
2 Computer Networks 10
3 Database Management 20
Total 70

After the chapter-wise distribution of marks, let us discuss the exam pattern.

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Exam Pattern

The computer science exam for class 12 consists of 35 questions divided into 5 sections- A, B, C, D, and E, equivalent to 70 marks.  As explained below, all the sections have different types of questions and are of different marks.

  • Section A contains 18 questions (1 to 18), each carrying 1 Mark.
  • Section B contains 7 questions (19 to 25), each carrying 2 Marks.
  • Section C contains 5 questions (26 to 30), each carrying 3 Marks.
  • Section D contains 2 questions (31 to 32), each carrying 4 Marks.
  • Section E contains 3 questions (33 to 35), each carrying 5 Marks.

Computer Sample Paper Class 12 is also designed keeping this in mind by the experts so that you get used to the marking pattern while practising with it. For all these 35 questions, 3 hours will be allotted to you. So, you better get used to the timings, patterns, and difficulty levels now so that you do not waste any time in the main exam figuring these things at that time.

How to Download CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Sample Paper?

Downloading the CBSE Computer Science Sample Paper Class 12 2024 is quite easy. Here are three ways of downloading Computer Science Sample Paper Class 12 without hassle.

Way 1

  1. Visit the CBSE website and then look for the academic section.
  2. Click on the Academic website option, and a new page will open up.
  3. On the top, you will see some options in green. Click on the option that says sample question paper and select the year.
  4. Now select your class, i.e., XII.
  5. From the subject options, find the required subject, “Computer Science”.
  6. Now click on SQP for the sample question paper before the subject and MS if a marking scheme is required.
  7. A PDF will be opened, then click the download option.
  8. Save the document, take a print if you want, and start solving.

Way 2

Here, the process is made simple for you. Just clicking on CBSE-XII sample papers will skip the first four steps from the above steps. The rest of the steps are the same.

Way 3

There is a best alternative for Computer Science Sample Papers Class 12 Solved PDF, i.e., sample papers for class XII by Oswal Publishers.

It includes subject-wise solved and unsolved sample papers, which will help you prepare with all the important NCERT topics and get accustomed to the mark’s distribution criteria prescribed by the CBSE board.

Score 90 + with Computer Science Class 12 Sample Paper 2024 With Solutions.

Mastering CBSE class 12 computer science requires a thorough approach that includes a complete understanding of the topics, exam pattern, marking scheme, and consistent practice with sample papers. By grabbing the benefits of solving CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Question Paper With Solutions and familiarising yourself with the particulars of the examination, you can enhance your performance and achieve academic success.

FAQs on CBSE Computer Science Sample Paper Class 12

Ans: Yes, Computer Science Class 12 Sample Paper with Solutions is available. These solutions serve as valuable tools for self-assessment and understanding the correct approach to solving different questions.

Ans: Class 12 Computer Science Sample Paper 2023-24 offers insights into the recurring patterns, types of questions, and difficulty level expected in the actual examination.

Ans: Practising with a Computer Science Sample Paper is vital for adequate preparation. It helps you understand the exam format, improve time management skills, assess your level of readiness, and apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

Ans: To make the most of Class 12 CS Sample Paper 2023-24, students should begin by solving them under exam conditions to simulate the actual test-taking experience. Afterwards, they should thoroughly review their answers, focusing on mistakes and areas that need improvement.

Ans: While solving CS Sample Paper Class 12 2024 is an important preparation component, it should complement, not replace, regular study of textbooks and classroom notes. Sample papers serve as assessment tools and aid in refining exam-taking strategies.

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