CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Psychology with Solutions PDF

As the 2025 board exams draw near, students are actively seeking effective study strategies for Psychology to achieve outstanding scores. CBSE Class 12 Psychology Previous Year Question papers emerge as an indispensable resource, offering valuable insights to aid in studying and achieving exceptional results.

Psychology is not just a theoretical subject to cram, it is a subject demanding a thorough understanding of concepts and practice and students find immense support in the form of the CBSE Class 12 Psychology Previous Year Question Paper. The Gurukul By Oswal CBSE Class 12 Psychology Previous Year Question Papers provide clarity on difficulty levels, question types, marks distribution, and more, making them an extremely helpful resource.

Learning with the previous papers is a revision to your preparation which provides immense benefits which are discussed further in the article.

Download CBSE Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Psychology - Free PDF

The papers are available and well organised on the website year-wise and subject-wise. They are in PDF format for an easy download and easy print option.

This user-friendly and freely available resource Psychology Question Paper PDF is a must-have for students.

Click on the links to download these invaluable papers and enhance your exam preparation.

Why Should You Prepare with Psychology Previous Year Question Paper Class 12?

To understand the actual Psychology Question Paper, learning with Psychology Previous Year Question Paper is very important to overcome last-minute stress and excitement. Let us look at some more reasons for adding this resource to your study routine.

  1. Reinforcement of Concepts: Revisiting and reinforcing key Psychology concepts is pivotal for a comprehensive understanding. This process solidifies the foundation beyond memorization, allowing you to connect topics and grasp complex concepts thoroughly.
  2. Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses: Pinpointing academic strengths and weaknesses with precision enables targeted improvement and a focused study plan. Learning with CBSE class 12 psychology previous year question paper ensures comprehensive preparation aligned with unique academic needs, fostering a more efficient and effective study journey.
  3. Familiarity with Exam Pattern: Familiarizing yourself with the question distribution, format, and overall pattern equips you with the foresight needed to approach the actual exam confidently. On the exam day, the Class 12 Psychology Question Paper will look familiar which will boost your confidence.
  4. Management of time: Solving the previous papers in time bound conditions replicating the exam day help to distribute the time among the sections or questions. If you practice this regularly then you become habitual to this and on the exam day you will never feel nervous or out of time.

Start Solving CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Psychology Now

CBSE Class 12 Psychology Previous Year Question Papers serve as essential practice tools, making you proficient in the subject and a confident candidate in the exams. A dedicated learning with this resource makes you different from the crowd learning only reference books and will make you score at your best.

Don’t give any second thought to it. Go ahead, download and start solving these papers now.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Psychology Previous Year Question Papers Class 12

The Oswal Psychology papers provides a comprehensive approach for success. It has the last 10 Year Question Paper of CBSE Class 12 Psychology and has numerous benefits for the preparing candidates. Some of them are outlined below.

  1. Extensive Subject Coverage: Oswal's handbook spans a range of subjects, including Psychology, providing students with a diverse array of practice materials. With 8 solved papers dedicated to Psychology, students benefit from a focused resource tailored to this specific subject. The solved papers make you prepare in a way that can never go outdated.You can include this preparation strategy to solving previous exams in future also.
  2. In-Depth Preparation: The inclusion of solved board papers from previous years 2018 to 2024 ensures a deep and thorough preparation. This vast coverage allows students to engage with different question types and structures, facilitating a more holistic understanding of the subject matter. You get to learn everything in your syllabus automatically by solving these.
  3. Easy and Last-Minute Revision: Gurukul By Oswal's handbook is designed to facilitate easy and effective revision, a crucial aspect of exam preparation. The structured organisation of solved papers enables students to quickly revisit key concepts, ensuring a robust revision process even during the final moments before the exam. The confidence you carry when facing the exam is extraordinary which is only felt when you are fully prepared.
  4. Solutions Aligned with Board Marking Scheme: The provided solutions adhere to the Board's marking scheme, offering clarity on expected answers. This feature enhances students' comprehension of the marking criteria, ensuring their responses align with the board's expectations.Your learning becomes perfect in order to present your answer in your answer sheet.

FAQs on CBSE Psychology Previous Year Question Papers Class 12

Ans: CBSE Psychology Previous Year Question Papers for Class 12 can be obtained from the official CBSE website (

Ans: It is recommended to thoroughly review at least 5 to 10 previous year question papers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the exam pattern and question types.

Ans: Yes, solving previous year question papers is crucial for effective exam preparation. It helps in familiarizing yourself with the question format, improving time management, and identifying areas that need more focus.


To understand the latest pattern, refer to the previous year question papers, which typically include a mix of short answer, long answer, and case-based questions, reflecting the structure of the current examinations.

Ans: Strategically use previous year question papers for revision by focusing on weaker areas. Regularly practice with these papers to reinforce concepts, improve problem-solving skills, and enhance your overall exam readiness.

Ans: Yes, these papers generally cover questions from all chapters in the syllabus. Reviewing previous year question papers ensures a comprehensive preparation for all topics that may be assessed in the actual exam.

Ans: Follow this link: CBSE previous papers . Select your class and then the subject. Click on the link to download and this resource is saved on your device for you to practise.

Ans: Typically, CBSE Psychology Previous Year Question Papers are available in both solved and unsolved versions. Solved papers come with answers and explanations, while unsolved papers allow students to attempt the questions independently for practice. Oswal’s handbook also provides you 8 solved ones along with last 10 years unsolved question papers.

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