CISCE Previous Year Question Papers

The two most important exams in a student's life in India are the class 10 and 12 board exams. To ace these board exams students require an all-rounder preparation and practice. Using CISCE previous year question paper is one of the best ways to prepare for board exams for class 10 and 12 students. Students need to work through these old question papers to understand the trends from past years and the exam format. By practising with these papers, students can gauge the difficulty of the exams and see how questions are typically structured.

To support class 10 and 12 students, the last 10 Years' Question Papers PDF Download links have been gathered below. Working on these papers helps students learn the exam format, question weightage, and the overall difficulty of the exams. Additionally, practising with these papers can greatly increase student’s confidence.

ICSE Previous Years Question Paper

Class 10 boards are the first competitive exam that a student appears for and they experience not just academic but also societal and peer pressure. Thus, it requires extra attention during preparation. The marks obtained by students in this class would aid them in selecting their stream for higher studies i.e. science, commerce or humanities. To score well in these exams they need to refer to the Previous Year's Question Paper Class 10 by the CISCE council. This would help them in assessing the knowledge they have acquired to date.

Subjectwise ICSE Class 10 Previous Years Question Papers

Get ready for your Class 10 board exams by practising with subject-specific Previous Year Question Papers Class 10. Find papers for math, physics, biology, English, history, geography, economics, physical education and more. These papers show you the types of questions that are usually asked, help you understand the exam format, and reflect on what is the condition of your exam preparation.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the links below to access the subject-wise Previous Year Question Paper!

ISC Previous Years Question Paper

Class 12 can be said to be the most important grade in a student’s academic journey because it decides what path they will be taking for their future. Thus, these class 12 board exams are extremely crucial and need careful preparation. The results of these exams can affect which colleges you can get into and what careers you can pursue. A great way to prepare for this is by looking at Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers from the CISCE council. Doing this helps you see what types of questions are asked, understand the exam format, and find out what topics you need to study more. This will make you more confident and ready for the exams.

Subjectwise ISC Class 12 Previous Years Question Papers

Prepare for your Class 12 board exams by using previous years question papers available for all subjects of science, commerce and humanities. Those papers include subjects like maths, Physics, psychology, political science, business studies, economics, and more. These papers will help you get familiar with writing answers, understand the weightage of topics and evaluate your readiness for the exams. 

So, start now! Click the links below to find the class 12 subject-wise Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions!

Ace the Boards: CISCE Previous Years Question Papers?

Simply click the links below to download the CISCE Past Papers with Detailed Solutions.

How to Download CISCE Previous Years Question Papers?

The Board's Previous year's Question Papers from 2017-2020 are available for free download on the official CISCE website under the download section. However, to make things easier for students, the links for subject-wise segregated previous year's question papers are attached above.

Features of CISCE Previous Years Question Papers

Thousands of students aim to score 90+ in ICSE and ISC board exams. However, to fulfil that goal, students need to strategically plan and prepare for the exams. Solving them gives students a clear idea of how to approach the class 10 & 12 board question papers. Before solving them, they need to be well-versed with the study material that they are referring to. Thus to acquaint students, the features of previous year question papers with solutions pdf are listed down below:

  1. Covers all subjects and streams- In the previous year question papers subjects of all subjects of both class 10 and 12 are present. However, the PDFs of the two grades are separately mentioned.
  2. Includes answers- Complete solutions are provided for each question to help class 10 and class 12 students which follow the guidelines of the CISCE council. This helps students to understand the correct approach for answering different types of questions and solve any doubts that might arise in this process.
  3. Consists of tips and tricks- The PDFs consist of useful tips and strategies formulated by experts to tackle different types of questions effectively. These insights can help class 10 and 12 students enhance their exam techniques and boost their scores.
  4. Comprises questions of all difficulty levels- Last 10 years question papers solved pdf contains questions ranging from easy to hard, covering all levels of difficulty. This variety ensures that Class 10 and Class 12 students are well-prepared for any challenge they might face in the exams.
  5. Insight on exam pattern and marking scheme- It gives a clear idea of the exam format, the pattern of questions and how marks are distributed for each area. Understanding this helps Class 10 and Class 12 students manage their time and efforts efficiently during the exam.

Benefits of Using CISCE Previous Years Question Papers

After finishing the textbook syllabus, students should consider preparing with ten years question papers because of their various advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • Helps to manage time- Students get trained to effectively handle their time during the exam by solving the last 10 years question papers, enabling them to write concise, relevant answers within the allotted time.
  • Understanding the exam pattern and marking structure- The exam pattern is the system of exams followed by the board. Solving these question papers can help you understand the types of questions frequently asked in exams, the marking scheme, and the weightage of each topic in the paper.
  • Boosts speed and accuracy- Continuous practice with the previous year question papers makes students improve their writing speed as well as identify tips and tricks that work for them to enhance their performance during the exams.
  • Useful for self-study- It helps students to solve, check, identify and even rectify their mistakes all by themselves making the previous year question paper a perfect tool for self-study before the exam days.
  • Reduces exam anxiety- It offers a real-time exam experience which helps students build their confidence, helping lower stress levels and improve performance during the exam.

How Do CISCE PYQs Impact Board Exam Preparation?

Solving the CISCE previous year question papers regularly can have a positive impact on students and improve their scores. Some of these are mentioned down below:

  • Helps to crack the paper pattern- The CISCE board follows a pattern and regularly solving these papers can help them identify similar questions.
  • Helps to gauge preparation level- These papers help students to re-evaluate and reflect on their understanding and improve their performance.
  • Helps to revise: PYQs serve as an excellent tool for revising the entire syllabus in a structured manner. By practising these papers, students can reinforce their understanding of key concepts and topics covered throughout the year.
  • Helps to plan study schedule: Reviewing PYQs allows students to identify the most important topics and allocate their study time more efficiently. This helps them create a focused and balanced study schedule, ensuring they cover all necessary material before the exam.
  • Aids in solving doubts: When students encounter difficult questions in PYQs, they can pinpoint areas where they have doubts or lack understanding. This enables them to seek help from teachers or reference materials, thereby clarifying their concepts and improving their knowledge.

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Why Solve CISCE Previous Year Question Papers?

In class 10 as well as 12, students need to decide their future path based on their interests and goals. So, this makes practising past year papers very important. To elaborate further, here are the reasons for practising these papers:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses by regularly assessing yourself with the help of these papers.
  • Improve your exam preparation by keeping track of the time limit.
  • Get accustomed to the question pattern the CISCE council follows every year.
  • Understand the topic-wise marking scheme and segregation that is done.
  • Learn the different types of questions asked to check the clarity of conceptual knowledge.

FAQs on CISCE Previous Years Question Papers

Ans: Refer to these steps to solve CISCE previous year question paper:

  • Start by downloading the free PDFs of previous year question papers.
  • Get ready and set a timer before you begin, just like in the final exam.
  • Complete the entire paper without any help, treating it as a real exam.
  • Compare your answers with those provided in the PDF.
  • Take note of any mistakes and focus on improving your weak areas.

Ans: Students should get into the habit of solving CISCE previous year question papers regularly, aiming to do at least one paper each week. This regular practice helps them understand the exam format, manage their time better, and find important topics, ultimately improving their performance in the board exams.

Ans: Students should ensure before solving CISCE previous year question papers, that they have thoroughly covered the syllabus. Note down your mistakes and review them to avoid repeating them. Also, don’t miss out on practising questions from your textbooks and seek help from your teachers where you face difficulties.

Ans: Students should start with solving the CISCE previous year question paper when the exams are 1-1.5 months away. Make sure that you are well-versed with the full syllabus before you start solving the question papers.

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