CBSE History Sample Paper Class 12 2023-24 with Solutions

If you are looking for a resource to guide you for your upcoming 2024 history board exam, then you are in the right place. Try using the History Sample Paper Class 12 2024 Solved as a guide and companion in your preparation.

History is all about the things that need to be remembered, from civilisations to the rebels and revolts. Everything is in the books, but the task is to learn and recall them during the exam. At this point, revision and practice are the main facts, and History Sample Paper Class 12 takes care of both.

Class 12 History Sample Paper with Solution gives you a better understanding of the type of questions, the number of words required to answer them, the marking scheme and much more. You can make the best out of this resource by constantly practising it.

You need not to worry about how and where to get it. It is available on the CBSE website in a user-friendly PDF format, which makes it convenient to download, save and take print.

Benefits of Solving CBSE History Sample Paper Class 12

The advantages of preparing with History Sample Paper Class 12 are abundant, out of which a few are listed below.

  1. Enhanced Analytical Skills: History often requires critically analysing events, their causes, and their consequences. Solving History Class 12 Sample Paper 2023-24 hones your analytical skills by presenting diverse historical scenarios and asking you to dissect and evaluate them.
  2. Improved Chronological Understanding: History is a subject deeply rooted in timelines and sequences of events. History Class 12 Sample Paper 2023-24 with Answers helps reinforce your grasp of historical chronology, ensuring you can accurately place events in their proper historical context.
  3. Cultivation of Interpretation Skills: History often involves interpreting primary and secondary sources to derive meaningful conclusions. Sample Paper Class 12 History challenges you to analyse documents, artefacts, and texts, enhancing your ability to extract relevant information and draw informed conclusions.
  4. Strengthened Memory and Recall: Repetition is a powerful tool for memory retention. Solving History Model Paper 2024 Class 12 reinforces your memory of historical facts, events, and key figures, making it easier to recall them during the actual examination.
  5. Time Management Skills: Solving Sample Paper of History Class 12 2024 under timed conditions helps you practice managing your time effectively during the actual exam. This skill is valuable across all subjects and is essential for success in any examination.
  6. Reduction in Exam Anxiety: Regular practice with sample papers helps you become more familiar with the exam format and reduces anxiety associated with the unknown. This benefit extends beyond history and can positively impact exam performance for other subjects.

CBSE History Class 12 Sample Paper 2023-24: Marking Scheme

History Sample Paper Class 12 has the same marking scheme as the board exam. The subject contains 100 marks, out of which 80 are for the theory exam, and 20 are for the project work that is classified below.

Chapter wise Marks Distribution Class 12 History

History for class 12 is divided majorly into 3 parts and then further into chapters. The weightage of each part is equal and is mentioned in detail.

S.No. Part Chapter Name Marks
1 Themes in Indian History Part I Bricks, Beads, and Bones: The Harappa Civilisation
Kings, Farmers, and Towns: Early States and Economies (c.600 BCE 600 CE)
Kingship, Caste and Class: Early Societies (c. 600 BCE 600 CE)
Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings: Cultural Developments (c. 600 BCE 600 CE)
2 Themes in Indian History Part II Through the Eyes of Travellers: Perceptions of Society (c. tenth to seventeenth centuries)
Bhakti-Sufi Traditions: Changes in Religious Beliefs and Devotional Texts (c. eighth to eighteenth centuries)
An Imperial Capital – Vijayanagar (c. fourteenth to sixteenth centuries)
Peasants, Zamindars and the States: Agrarian Society and the Mughal Empire (c. sixteenth-seventeenth centuries)
3 Themes in Indian History Part III Colonialism and The Countryside: Exploring Official Archives
Rebels and Raj: 1857 Revolt and its Representations
Mahatma Gandhi and the National Movement: Civil Disobedience and Beyond
Framing of the Constitution: The Beginning of a New Era
4 Map Work 5

The project work contains 20 marks, which is also very important for the total percentage, and is divided as:

Evaluation Criteria Marks
Introduction, Statement of Purpose/Need, and objectives of the study, Hypothesis/Research Question, Review of Literature, Presentation of Evidence, Methodology, Questionnaire, Data Collection 6
Significance and relevance of the topic; challenges encountered while conducting the research 5
Content analysis and its relevance in the current scenario. Conclusion, Limitations, Bibliography, Annexures, and Overall Presentation 5
Final Assessment and VIVA by both Internal and External Examiners 4

CBSE Class 12 History Exam Pattern

The history exam will have a total of 34 questions. The question paper consists of five Sections – A, B, C, D and E where all questions are compulsory but, in a few questions, internal choice can be given.

  • Section A - Question no. 1 to 21 are MCQs of 1 mark each.
  • Section B - Question no. 22 to 27 are short answer type questions, carrying 3 marks each and the answer to each question should be at most 60-80 words.
  • Section C - Question no. 28 to 30 are long answer-type questions, carrying 8 marks each, and the answer to each question should be 300-350 words at most.
  • Section D - Question no. 31 to 33 are source-based questions with three sub-questions and are of 4 marks each
  • Section-E - Question no. 34 is map-based, carrying 5 marks that include identifying and locating significant test items.

How to Download CBSE Class 12 History Sample Paper 2023-24?

The History Sample Paper Class 12 is available on the CBSE website and can be downloaded without any cost or hassle.

Not only 2024, but you can also download for any previous year and practice that also by following these easy steps.

Method 1

  1. Visit the CBSE website and locate the academic section.
  2. Click on the Academic website option, which will open a new page.
  3. At the top, you'll find options in green. Click on "sample question paper" and select the desired year.
  4. Now, select your class, which is XII. If you prefer, you can use this direct link to access the CBSE sample paper class 12 for 2024, bypassing the earlier steps. But if you need a paper from a different year, start from the beginning.
  5. Locate the subject you're looking for, which is History.
  6. Click "SQP" if you want the sample question paper and "MS" if you need the marking scheme.
  7. A PDF will open up. Click on the download option.
  8. Save the document and, if desired, print it out to start solving.

Method 2

Another valuable resource is Sample Question Papers CBSE Class 12 Exam by Oswal Publishers. This option is excellent for a Sample Paper Class 12 CBSE With Solution History.

You'll find solved and unsolved sample paper history class 12 inside. These resources will help you study the crucial topics from NCERT and become accustomed to how CBSE allocates marks in the exams.

Achieve 90+ In Your 2024 Board Exams

By studying History Sample Paper Class 12, you will develop effective test-taking strategies, such as identifying key points, prioritising questions, and managing time. These transferable skills can be applied to various subjects and assessments. Along with learning, you will also master your grades in the 2024 exams confidently.

FAQs on CBSE History Sample Paper Class 12

Ans: CBSE History Sample Paper Class 12 2024 is a practice question set designed to help students prepare for their history board exams that mimic the actual exam’s format and style and cover various topics from the History syllabus.

Ans: CBSE history sample paper provides an opportunity to practice solving questions similar to the actual exam. This helps you become familiar with the exam pattern, improve your time management, and assess your knowledge and preparation level.

Ans: Yes, the Sample Paper of History Class 12 CBSE 2023-24 is created following the latest CBSE syllabus that covers the relevant topics and themes specified by the board for the class 12 history examination.

Ans: Yes, using CBSE history sample papers from previous years is a valuable practice. They can provide additional insight into the types of questions that may appear in the current year’s exam and allow you to practice a broader range of questions.

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