CBSE Class 10 Science Practice Papers For 2024 Board Exam

Science as a subject is entirely concept-driven, and scoring well in this subject can open a lot of opportunities in the future. The CBSE Class 10 Science board exam is an important juncture in the educational part of any student’s life.

With the start of 2024, it's high time to get ready for your board examination. Though you might have completed your syllabus, now is the time to check how much you have grasped from the textbooks; get these CBSE Science Practice Papers Class 10 and start practising today. Here, we will provide a deep insight into the significance, usefulness, and why you should give time to practising with these ‘practice papers.

Download Year wise CBSE Class 10 Science Additional Practice Questions Paper

Before exploring the advantages and techniques to score well in a board exam, it's essential to have the required resources handy. CBSE gives you access to a supplementary Practice Paper of Science for Class 10, which you can download.

These practice papers can be practised and analysed according to the year. The questions cover a vast spectrum of topics in the syllabus that will help you familiarise yourself with the exam questions. Downloading and practising with the papers is the first step towards solid preparation.

Additional Practice Questions for Class 10 2023-24

Class 10th Set 1 Set 2
Science PQs MS PQs MS

Highlights of CBSE Class 10 Science Practice Papers 2023-24

The CBSE Class 10 Science Practice Paper 2023-24 has many highlights that make it an integral part of the preparation session.

  1. Covering the entire updated syllabus: The practice papers have been framed to touch base with all the important topics in the recent class 10 science syllabus for the academic year 2023-2024. Therefore, practising with these practice papers will help the students revise the current curriculum and prepare smoothly.
  2. Answering various kinds of questions: These papers have various questions; the practice papers are an end-to-end exam simulation. Therefore, solving a variety of them, be it the objective ones, the practical-based questions, the subjective ones or the long answer questions, will enable you to be well prepared for any answers that the questions demand on the actual exam day.
  3. Explanation of the solutions in-depth: Every practice paper for class 10 has a detailed solution paper with answers to those questions. These answers are quality solutions that the examiners expect from a student. Therefore, practising with such questions and evaluating the answers with the solution can help you understand how a question should be approached or how the answers should be framed.
  4. Accessibility of the question modules: Because the Practice Paper Class 10 Science 2023-24 is available online, it is very easily accessible for you anytime, anywhere. This digital format lets you download or print the papers and practice according to your free time and schedule.
  5. Including suggestions and feedback: The Practice Paper Class 10 Science also includes important suggestions along with the solutions provided. This constructive feedback can guide you in preparing for your final board exams. These guidelines, solutions, and question format are the perfect road map for success.

Benefits of Practicing CBSE Class 10 Science Practice Papers 2024

Before downloading the Science Practice Paper Class 10 2024, you should know that there are ample benefits to solving them, which can help you get good results on your boards. Below are pointers to keep in notice:

  1. Getting accustomed to exam patterns: One of the primary advantages of practising with mock questions or practice papers is that it helps you to get accustomed to the kind of questions you might expect in the examination. This familiarity puts the students at ease not only with the pattern of the question paper but also with quickly comprehending what the question actually asks for.

    Also, with familiarity comes the advantage of reduced stress and eventually, it fosters a lot of confidence. The best way to practice with science practice papers in Class 10 is to download the Class 10 Science Practice Paper and start solving them independently.
  2. Finishing the paper on time: The more you practise with these practice questions, the easier it becomes to manage the time on the actual exam day. Practising with the Class 10 Science Practice Paper will give you a simulation of the real exam feeling, which will eventually help you strategise the time according to the marking scheme and help you finish the practice paper on time.

    The entire practice will also be effective in the exam as you will know which section allows you more time to complete the questions and which section requires quick completion based on the difficulty level.
  3. Strengthening areas that need more attention: With practice paper, diagnosing the weak areas and making them your strengths becomes very easy. This target-driven revision helps you improve their performance and strengthen the topics.

    The more you solve with Class 10 Science Practice Paper 2024, the more you can identify the problem areas that need more attention the more you can work on them.
  4. Improving your speed: Practising with these papers regularly enables the students to improve their speed. The more you solve them, the better you understand the questions and quickly solve them with the right answers.

    Solving the questions on time becomes an important skill that will help you score well in an exam. This is because time is a significant constraint, and having this invaluable skill of speed acts as a boon in the actual exam.
  5. Meticulous tracking of your progress: Solving practice papers can help track the actual progress of your preparation. After solving the paper along with the timer, you can evaluate the quality yourself with the provided answers.

    This self-assessment exercise not only helps in adequate preparation but also helps you assess the level of your progress. This kind of effective revision is a sure recipe for attaining good marks in your class 10 board exams.

How can You Score Well with CBSE Class 10 Science Practice Papers in 2024 Board Exam?

You can score well in an exam by solving the Class 10 Science Practice Paper 2024. This revision method is crucial in the final stages of preparing for your board exam. It achieves two major goals: providing enough practice and highlighting areas that need focused learning.

Start practising daily with a fixed time set on your timer and evaluate the answers with the solution once you finish with the syllabus.

FAQs on CBSE Class 10 Science Practice Papers 2023-24

Ans: You should start solving Science Practice Paper Class 10 in your final stages of preparation. Once you have covered a reasonable portion of the syllabus, you can solve these practice papers to assess how well you have covered the syllabus. Regarding timelines, this is usually 8 to 10 weeks before the final exam.

Ans: All the chapters are important. However, the magnetic effects of current, chemical reactions and equations are important. The chapters on Heredity and Evolution are equally crucial as they carry more marks weightage.

Ans: The best way to take these practice exams is to simulate actual exam-taking conditions at home. Choose a quiet place at home and attempt the practice papers in a timed manner in one go. This will ensure you are not in for rude surprises in the final exam.

Ans: As mentioned earlier, all the topics are important; however, understanding concept-driven topics like Carbon and its Compounds or Metals and Non-Metals, Classification of Elements will help you score well. Practice with the practice papers as much as possible to get complete clarity and confidence.

Ans: The best way to revise is to sort out the practice papers according to topics. Fix a timetable and practice those sets of science questions regularly. The practice papers will provide you with various questions so that you can get accustomed to twists of the examiners or tough questions.

Ans: Yes. The practice questions are all questions catering to the updated syllabus. There are 5 units from Chemical Substances-Nature and Behavior to Natural Resources; the questions cover everything. So revising the practice papers is the best solution to score great marks in the final exam.

CBSE Practice Paper Science Class 10

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