CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 2022-23 with Solutions and Marking Scheme

To help students score good marks, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released CBSE Sample Paper Class 10.

As you might already know, class 10 is an integral phase of the academic curriculum of any student. In India, it is the final year of the secondary-level education a student receives in a school.     

Of course, there’s the added pressure to perform the best, and that’s why we at Oswal Publishers have launched the Oswal – Gurukul has prepared sample paper class 10 term 1, sample paper class 10 term 2, sample paper class 10 2022 and sample paper class 10 2023. Studying from these sample paper class 10 answer keys, students will be able to score well as these test papers for class 10 are suggested by subject matter experts and teachers.

The class 10 sample paper 2022-23 has questions, and unsolved and solved sample paper class 10 2021 term 1 and sample paper class 10 2021 term 2 will help students properly understand the 2023 board exam format.

The CBSE sample paper 2021 class 10 solutions include important questions that will help you understand the question pattern. What’s great is that the book has CBSE class 10 term 2 sample papers, which is a thorough guide to improving your practice.

The CBSE sample paper 2022-23 class 10 has English sample paper class 10 term 2, term 1, sample paper class 10 science, sample paper class 10 science 2021-22 with solutions pdf. Along with those, it also features CBSE sample paper 2021-22 class 10 with solutions.

The subjects included in this CBSE sample paper 2021-22 class 10, which is a sort of model question paper 2022 class 10 with answers, cover all the important points to study. This is where the students will need the Oswal – Gurukul’s  CBSE Class 10 sample question papers of all subjects to practice before the 2023 board exam and score well. All the questions are based on previous years’ sample paper class 10 2021 term 1, sample paper of class 10 2021, CBSE sample paper term 2 class 10, and the last couple of years’ question pattern so that students don’t develop anxiety or fear about the exam.

To give an overview of the actual exam pattern, CBSE officially publishes the CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 for the 2022-23 exam for all subjects every year. This time, they published it in September.

The CBSE sample question paper class 10 is designed as per the revised syllabus.Also, the marking scheme and answer key for each CBSE 10 sample paper is readily available.

Boards 2023 for class 10 is already nearing, so students must start practicing the questions from the CBSE sample paper term 2 class 10 provided here.

To make things easier to understand, this book features questions from the class 10 sample paper term 2 with lots of questions that class 10 sample paper 2021 22 had, as the CBSE sample paper 2021-22 class 10 was one of the trickiest questions.

After solving these CBSE Sample Paper Class 10, students will be sufficient enough to tackle tough questions in the exam. Solving these model question paper class 10, students will have better confidence and have a fairer idea of the questions to be asked in the exam.

Why Is Solving Sample Paper 2022-23 Class 10 Important?

The reason why it is recommended to solve as many sample paper class 10 2022-23 is doing so will help students prepare themselves even if they are met with difficult questions.

Oswal – Gurukul’s CBSE sample papers for class 10 2021 pdf with solutions have been ranked as one of the most helpful resources for students out there, and all students who studied with it in 2021 scored exceptionally well.

Students can access the 2022-23 sample papers for Class 10 CBSE from here.

Importance of CBSE All Subjects Sample Question Papers for Class 10

Class 10 has a vast syllabus that includes different subjects. These subjects have been included in the syllabus so that the students understand the basic and conceptual foundations that will guide them in choosing the right subject or field of study in their higher secondary classes.

This is why mastering every subject is important for students. If you’re good at English, you cannot just focus on solving the English sample papers for class 10 with solutions. To score well overall in board 2023, you need to be good at all the subjects, or else when counting the percentage, your percentile will tank down.

There are many model test paper class 10, which will help students improve their understanding of particular subjects to score well.

To check their conceptual foundation and preparation level, Oswal – Gurukul has designed this

sample paper for class 10, keeping in mind each subject.

The CBSE sample paper class 10  has English sample paper class 10 term 2 pdf that will help students understand the question paper pattern properly.

To complete the study material students follow for each subject, the subject experts of Oswal – Gurkul have compiled the sample paper class 10 accordingly. These sample papers feature the fundamental questions framed by teachers after thoroughly following the latest syllabus as of September ‘22. The standard of these questions is set at the CBSE class 10 level.

Solving these questions empowers students to discover question formats and understand how to answer properly. Hence, these sample papers are aimed at strengthening the preparation of the students for all the subjects of Class 10.

It is to keep in mind that these sample paper class 10 are not a substitute for quick learning or a shortcut to score good marks. Everything requires patience and practice. And these CBSE sample paper class 10 will help good students become the best students.

How to Use CBSE Class 10 Sample Question Papers for All Subjects?

Every chapter of each subject has been considered while making the sample paper class 10.

Solving questions per your learning curve will help you get the best results. The book also has the solutions of these sample papers so that you can check your answers without relying on anyone else.

Strengthen your preparation strategy by testing your preparation levels and using these sample papers as a perfect resource to find out which chapters you need to focus on more.

When asked previous year’s students, which class 10 term 2 sample paper they found the most helpful, they said it was this sample paper.

What makes a student's choice is that in terms of subjects, solving English sample paper class 10 or any Science subjects, or Math, History, Geography, and Physical Education from Oswal – Gurukul’s CBSE sample paper class 10 will solidify your foundation.

CBSE sample papers for class 10 can be of great use for students preparing for the 10th board 2023. The importance of preparing for board 2023 with sample papers cannot be overlooked if a student aims to achieve success in the Class 10 exam.

As the 10th board is a milestone in any student’s academic phase, students must do everything to make sure they reach their targets and goals.

What makes including solving sample paper class 10 a must as a part of your preparation strategy is that:

  • It helps to identify which areas/subjects you need to improve
  • Helps you manage time better
  • Focus more on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Better understanding of the question patterns
  • Boosts confidence

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 – All Subjects

We, at Oswal – Gurukul, provide CBSE Class 10 sample papers with solutions in PDF format. These sample papers are prepared by teachers who are experts in their fields to improve the academic performance of students in their board 2022-23.

Oswal Publishers has been providing helpful study materials for students for the past few years, and our resources have helped 1000+ students to score 90+ in their exams.

All our sample papers, textbooks, question banks, and last year's solved papers are provided with solutions to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

The sample papers, particularly CBSE class 10 term 2 sample papers and class 10 term 1 sample papers, have been created according to the revised CBSE syllabus. CBSE Class 10 students would see the sample question papers as an integral resource motivating them to perform better in board 2023-23.

CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers PDFs with Solutions

Along with preparing the sample papers released by the CBSE, solving these ones by Oswal — Gurukul’s  Sample Question Papers CBSE Class 10 for Exam 2023 will equip students to solve any questions as these questions are meticulously prepared considering the last years’ most frequently asked questions.

To score well, students must diligently practice with sample paper for Class 10.

Due to all these reasons, Oswal Publishers is providing CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 with solutions, so students can practice as much as they want without fear of being wrong, as they can tally their marks in real-time.

They can learn from their mistakes while giving the test and rework them after figuring out where they went wrong. You are only strengthening your preparation strategy through the Oswal – Gurkul’s Sample Paper Class 10 CBSE with solutions.

After solving these CBSE Sample Paper Class 10, they will be equipped to answer tough questions in board 2023. It will raise students’ confidence and help them understand the question pattern, difficulty level of the exam, and time required to answer each question.

Oswal Publishers is a leader in simplifying exams for students and helping students with high-quality academic books and resources.

Students who prepare with Oswal – Gurukul’s books will be able to manage complex questions in the test directly after solving these CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers. This will improve students' confidence and enhance their practice.

CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers 2022-23 Marking Scheme

As per CBSE, the CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper 2022 has all the possible questions that will come on board 2023. We have also released the CBSE sample papers for all subjects of Class 10th. Acquainting yourself with the new question paper format will help you understand the format and the marking schemes.

For your ease, the CBSE marking schemes for all sample papers are also provided to know the answer to all questions given in the sample papers.

Class 10 Sample Question Paper & Marking Scheme for Exam 2022-23 is as follow:

Subject CBSE’s marking scheme
Science (086) question paper consists of 39 questions in 5 sections – A,B,C,D & E:

  • Section A consists of 20 objective type questions carrying 1 mark each.

  • Section B consists of 6 Very Short questions carrying 2 marks.

  • Section C consists of 7 Short Answer questions with 03 marks each.

  • Section D consists of 3 Long Answer questions, each with 05 marks.

  • Section E consists of 3 source-based/case-based units of assessment of 04 marks, each with sub-parts.

  • Find more information here
Maths (Standard) (041) Maths (Standard) paper has 5 sections, A-E:

  • Section A has 20 MCQs carrying 1 mark each.

  • Section B has 5 questions carrying 02 marks each.

  • Section C has 6 questions carrying 03 marks each.

  • Section D has 4 questions carrying 05 marks each.

  • Section E has 3 case-based integrated units of assessment (04 marks each) with subparts of 1, 1, and 2 marks each, respectively.

  • More details about the sample question paper here
English Language & Literature (Code No. 184)
  • CBSE Class 10 English paper contains 3 sections– READING, GRAMMAR & WRITING and LITERATURE.

  • Section A tests the Reading carrying 20 marks each.

  • Section B carrying 20 marks each tests creative writing and grammar

  • Section C - Carrying 40 marks, tests Literature.

  • More details about the sample question paper here
Social Science (Code 087)
  • CBSE Class 10 Social Science question paper comprises 6 Sections: A–F

  • Section A – 20 questions carrying 1 mark each.

  • Section B – 3 Very Short Answer Type Questions, carrying 2 marks

  • Section C – 4 Short Answer Type Questions, carrying 3 marks each.

  • Section D – 3 Long Answer Type Questions, carrying 5 marks each.

  • Section E - 3 case-based questions are of 4 marks each.

  • Section F – Question no. 37 is map-based, carrying 5 marks with two parts

  • Here’s a sample Social Science paper released by CBSE for your reference.
Mathematics (Basic)
  • Maths (Basic) paper has 5 sections, A-E:

  • Section A has 20 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) carrying 1 mark each.

  • Section B has 5 Short Answer-I type questions carrying 2 marks each.

  • Section C has 6 Short Answer-II type questions carrying 3 marks each.

  • Section D has 4 Long Answer type questions carrying 5 marks each.

  • Section E has 3 case-based integrated units of assessment (4 marks each) with sub-parts of the values of 1, 1, and 2 marks each, respectively.

  • Here’s a sample Math paper released by CBSE for your reference.
Home Science (Code - 064)
  • CBSE class 10 Home Science question paper is divided into three sections--A, B, and C.

  • Section A has question 18 MCQs and are of 1 mark each.

  • Section B has 7 questions of 2 marks each and 3 questions of 3 marks each.

  • Section C has 4 questions 4 marks each, and 2 questions are 5 marks each.

  • Here’s a sample Home Science paper released by CBSE for your reference.
Hindi A & B
  • Cbse Class 10 Hindi A & B has 2 Sections: 'क' और ख'।

  • Section 'क' carries 40 marks

  • Section ख' carries 40 marks

  • Section C has 4 questions 4 marks each, and 2 questions are 5 marks each.

  • Here’s a sample Hindi A & B papers released by CBSE for your reference.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Sample Paper 2022-23 Class 10

  • There are numerous benefits of solving Oswal – Gurkul’s sample paper class 10.
  • Here are the top 11 reasons:
  • Sample paper book is completely based on the sample paper blueprint issued by CBSE in September 2022.
  • It includes all class 10 subject papers combined: Hindi A & B, English (Language & Literature), Mathematics, Science, and Social Science.
  • Whether you’re looking to check class 10 term 2 sample paper or term 1, this book has a few solved and unsolved question papers that will help you understand the pattern properly.
  • Fully solved questions based on the new specimen.
  • 36 sample papers with 1 unsolved sample paper of each subject.
  • Features explanation of experts and subject matter authority for better understanding.
  • Solving these papers makes it easier to revise a vast syllabus quickly.
  • One crucial benefit of solving these model question paper class 10 is improving your time management skills by checking how much time is required to solve each section.
  • Questions are focused on the topics most likely to be asked on board 2023.
  • All the questions cover the entire 10th syllabus.
  • Students will boost their confidence when they practice with this book.

FAQs on CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10

Ans: CBSE class 10 sample papers are model papers created in accordance of the current syllabus, exam pattern, marking scheme, and guidelines issued by CBSE for boards 2023. These sample papers are modeled as per previous CBSE 10th question paper patterns so that students can prepare questions with high chances of coming in their exam.
Ans: CBSE released the class 10 sample papers in September. You can check the sample papers on their website.
Ans: You can buy CBSE sample paper class 10 from Oswal Publishers. Their Oswal – Gurukul’s sample paper series is a good resource that is prepared by qualified teachers and subject matter experts.
Ans: Undoubtedly, Oswal – Gurukul’s class 10 sample paper is the best sample paper to buy.
Ans: In an academic context, model question papers are the most trusted learning resource for all types of preparation, from board exams to competitive exams. If you want to do well on board 2023 exams or any other competitive exams, practicing with sample papers to prepare will work to your benefit.
Ans: Yes, the CBSE provides the answer key of the sample papers, known as the Marking Scheme (MS). It features answers to all the questions.
Ans: CBSE offers only one sample paper for each subject. But solving just one sample paper will not help in scoring high marks. It is recommended that students solve as many sample papers as possible, as class 10 is a crucial phase in a student’s academic life. At Oswal Publishers, we have provided various sample works and solutions for class 10 student practice and score good marks in board 2023.
Ans: CBSE has introduced a variety of MCQ and objective-type questions in all subjects of class 10. It has also increased internal choices in the question paper in all sections.
Ans: Yes, CBSE class 10 sample papers can help you prepare for your board exams in 2023 with more confidence. Students learn the exam pattern and types of questions asked in the exam and assess the difficulty level by practicing with subject-matter-approved sample papers. Solving with sample papers benefits in evaluating which sections students should focus on more to perform better.
Ans: The standard and entry-level math questionnaires are based on the existing CBSE Class 10 Maths syllabus. However, standard-level mathematics assesses higher mathematics skills compared to a basic level. Therefore, Math ‘Fundamentals’ is less difficult than Maths ‘Normal’.
Ans: To be honest, most students find the 10th board exams difficult because of the pressure they experience and the vast syllabus. However, one thing that differentiates students who score high marks from those who don’t is that the former students are regular in their studies and complete the syllabus on time, so naturally, they also have enough time to revise. That is why practicing for 2023 boards with sample papers and previous years’ papers now will help you succeed in the exam.
Ans: CBSE class 10 question papers are prepared with reference to the NCERT textbook. Also, most of the questions asked in the exam are from the NCERT book. Hence, it is highly recommended that students study from these. However, after completing the NCERT book, they can also refer to sample papers by Oswal – Gurkul to improve their scores.
Ans: Solving the sample papers gives students more confidence as they are now aware of the questions asked in the exam. They become familiar with the CBSE class 10th question paper structure and exam pattern. This helps them determine their strengths and weaknesses. Sample papers are beneficial for practice, but students must also solve the previous 10 years’ question papers and previous years’ questions to achieve high marks.
Ans: Question banks are a detailed academic resource that helps in scoring better marks. It contains questions from previous years, the solutions stated by the boards’ authority. Sample question papers include solved papers and self-assessment papers that cover concepts from an examination perspective. The Oswal – Gurukul question bank is very good. You can take help from your 2023 class 10 board.

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