CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank 2023-24

“To adapt and innovate methods to achieve academic excellence in conformity with psychological, pedagogical, and social principles” is one of the objectives of CBSE.

Its main focus is to develop different unique ways to make it easier for the students to understand and score marks.

For those who have opted for PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) or PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and started preparing for pre-boards as well as 2024 board exams, the CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Question Bank is the easiest and most effective way of honing your skills. This dynamic resource is not just a collection of questions; it's your secret weapon to conquer the upcoming board exams in 2024.

Since chemistry is common to both medical and non-medical students. Thus, scoring high in chemistry is the key that unlocks doors to scientific exploration, academic opportunities, and a world of endless possibilities for Class 12 students. It can easily be achieved with the help of Chemistry Question Bank Class 12.

With dedication and hard work, you can pave the way for promising career opportunities, secure admission to your dream university, and triumph in various competitive exams.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank Free PDF Download

Imagine having a treasure trove of knowledge at your fingertips, available at no cost – that's precisely what the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank offers.

With a hassle-free and free-of-cost PDF download of Chemistry Question Bank Class 12, you can embark on a journey of academic excellence without emptying your pockets.

This digital gem empowers you to study anytime, anywhere, and dive into the depths of chemical wonders. It has various sample CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Papers for your practice.

You may think that you have finished the syllabus, but revision has its importance. Chemistry Question Bank Class 12 Pdf is a great revision tool that helps you polish your learnings.

CBSE Question Bank Class 12 Download PDF

Sr. No. Class Subject
10 12 Chemistry

Additional Practice Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Download PDF 2023-24

Class XII
Chemistry Practice Questions MS

Additional Practice Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Download PDF 2022-23

Class XII
Chemistry Practice Questions MS

Additional Practice Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Download PDF 2021-22

Class XII
Chemistry Term 2

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Chapter-wise Question Bank

Breaking down the complex chemistry syllabus into bite-sized chapters, the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank guides you to conquer each topic.

Whether it's the intriguing world of aldehydes, coordination compounds, or electrochemistry, Class 12 Chemistry Chapter-wise Important Questions with Answers are key to all your locks. Each chapter is meticulously crafted to unveil the mysteries of chemistry one step at a time.

All the Chemistry Class 12 Important Topics are systematically covered in the Chemistry Question Bank, which is a must-have for every student.

The theory exam consisting of 70 marks is categorized like this

Unit Marks
Solutions 7
Electrochemistry 9
Chemical Kinetics 7
d -and f -Block Elements 7
Coordination Compounds 7
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 6
Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers 6
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 8
Amines 6
Biomolecules 7
Total 70

The practical exam consisting of 30 marks is categorized like this

Evaluation scheme Marks
Volumetric Analysis 8
Salt Analysis 8
Content-Based Experimen 6
Project Work 4
Class record and Viva 4
Total 30

Why Practice with CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank?

"Practice makes perfect" is not just a saying; it's a proven strategy to excel in any field, and your exams are no exception.

The CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank takes this mantra to heart. Here's why you should embrace this practice-driven approach:

  1. Dive Deep into Concepts: Unravel the complexities of chemical reactions, equations, and theories by practicing many questions given in the Chemistry Question Bank Class 12. Each question is strategically designed to enhance your understanding, making you a true maestro of chemistry.
  2. Sharpen Problem-Solving Skills: Chemistry isn't just about memorizing facts; it's about solving puzzles that the universe presents. The Chemistry Question Bank Class 12 sharpens your analytical skills, transforming you into a formidable problem solver ready to tackle any chemical enigma.
  3. Self-Assessment & Growth: From multiple-choice to intricate numerical problems, the Chemistry Question Bank Class 12 provides an array of challenges. By attempting these, you assess your strengths and uncover your weak spots – an essential step towards targeted improvement.
  4. Boost Confidence: Picture yourself walking into the exam hall with confidence radiating from every pore. Regular practice with the Chemistry Question Bank Class 12 builds your confidence, erasing exam jitters and replacing them with a sense of preparedness.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank

Solving the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Papers is akin to embarking on an adventure – an adventure that leads to invaluable rewards:

  • In-depth Knowledge: Each question is like a stepping stone that takes you deeper into the world of chemistry. By answering diverse questions, you gain a comprehensive understanding of concepts that extends far beyond rote learning.
  • Conceptual Clarity: The Chemistry Question Bank Class 12 isn't just about finding answers; it's about understanding why those answers make sense. This deepens your conceptual clarity, allowing you to grasp the underlying principles of chemistry.
  • Exam Precision: As the board exams 2024 draw near, precision becomes key. The Chemistry Question Bank 12th enhances your ability to provide concise yet accurate answers, ensuring you make the most of the allotted exam time.
  • Time Management: Tick-tock, the clock is ticking during exams. Practicing with the 12th Chemistry Question Bank Solution Pdf enhances your time management skills, ensuring you allocate the right amount of time to each question without rushing or getting stuck.

How to download CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank 2023-24

You can download Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank Pdf without any hassle from their website, which is full of information and upcoming events. Let's embark on a motivating journey to access the official CBSE website.

  • Start by visiting the CBSE website(, like a treasure trove of educational gems.
  • Seek out the 'Academic' section at the top or a prominent spot.
  • There's a button inviting you to explore the 'Academic website.' Give it a click, and watch as a new window of opportunities opens up.
  • Above, you'll notice a bunch of tabs decked out in vibrant green. Look closely for the special 'question bank' button.
  • As soon as you tap on it, a magical drop-down menu appears. It's like unwrapping a gift – click on 'Class XII' to reveal the wonders within.
  • Behold, a list of subjects emerges. Choose your own adventure by selecting your desired subject, like the captivating world of Physics.
  • Wait, the PDF springs to life on your screen. At the top right corner, there's a tiny icon inviting you to a world of knowledge – the download link.
  • Give that link a confident click, and witness the beginning of an exciting journey – the download process is set into motion.
  • Imagine having the power to access this treasure whenever you want. The 12th Chemistry Question Bank is available in PDF format, waiting to be saved on your device for offline exploration.

Here's a bonus: Print out the chapters or questions that intrigue you the most. Now, you have a tangible study companion to accompany you on your learning adventure.

The best part is that this Chemistry Class 12 Question Bank Solution will not only let you practice but will showcase the solutions as well. So that in case you are stuck in any problem, equation, or question, you can simply see the solution and learn it quickly.

Along with the Chemistry Chapter Wise Pdf found on the CBSE website, you can download Chemistry Most Likely Question Bank CBSE Class 12 for 2024 Exam published by Oswal Publishers, specifically designed to excel in the board exams as it is entirely curated as per the CBSE norms.

This Chemistry Question Bank 12th goes beyond just covering the chemistry syllabus. It's like a treasure chest of secrets, offering you not only the knowledge you need but also a chest full of tools to become a master of exams. You can keep track of your learning adventures with study logs. It's like having your own 'study story' to read and improve upon.


Scoring 90+ is a dream for every class 12 student. Accomplish this dream with the help of the Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank Pdf 2023-24. It isn't just a collection of questions; it's a catalyst for your academic excellence and a companion on your journey to unravel the mysteries of chemistry.

With user-friendly access, insightful solutions, and comprehensive coverage, this Chemistry Question Bank will equip you to shine brilliantly in your board exams and beyond. It's time to embrace the chemistry of success – one question at a time!

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank

Ans: Absolutely! Whether guided by a teacher or embracing self-study, the Chemistry Question Bank Class 12 pdf caters to diverse learning styles, helping you succeed.

Ans: Yes, the Class 12 CBSE Chemistry Solutions are expertly crafted to provide correct answers and a clear understanding of the logic and reasoning behind each solution.

Ans: While the Chemistry Question Bank 12th is a powerful tool, complementing it with thorough textbook reading, note-taking, and revision is recommended for comprehensive preparation.

Ans: Indeed! The 12th Chemistry Question Bank is designed to challenge and inspire students at all levels, including those aspiring for competitive exams.

Ans: The CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank is equipped with sample papers from previous years to drive excellence.

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