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The Central Board of Secondary Education, commonly abbreviated as CBSE, is one of the most prominent and prestigious educational boards in India.  Every year, it conducts the board exam and releases sample papers to help students prepare for their upcoming exams to perform their best. 

On 31st March 2023, CBSE has released the latest syllabus 2023-24 for classes 9-12 and released Study materials such as Sample Papers so students could understand the pattern properly. 

Oswal Publishers, one of India’s academic study materials providers, has released CBSE study material to help CBSE students of class 9-12 study more proficiently. 

This page features detailed information regarding the latest CBSE study material for the session 2023-24.

ISC Exam Pattern for Class 11 and 12

This year, CBSE has updated its syllabus class 9th to 12th syllabus for the academic session 2023-24. Here are a few major changes:

  1. Single Board Pattern: This session 2023-24 board has restored single board pattern like last year 2022-23. The syllabus for the CBSE academic session 2023-24 is categorized using a systematic approach.
  2. Competency Focused Exam Pattern for 2023-24: The syllabus for the academic year 2023-24 is competency based. Respective tables are gives below for this years and last year.
  3. Making optimum use of internal assessment and projects: To make students realize the important aspects of practical learning and testing-as-you-learn, the CBSE introduced internal assessment, practicals, and project work to evaluate students’ learning.
  4. Prioritizing internal assessments: CBSE’s Internal assessments for classes 9 to class 12 for the session 2023-24 were included for students to enrich their portfolio, practical work, activities, and projects.
  5. The CBSE board also provided students with additional NCERT study material and resources, such as sample assessments and question banks.
  6. Question paper pattern: This time, the CBSE included a variety of question types in their exam: MCQ, Case Based Questions, Assertion-Reasoning Based Questions, Extract Based Questions, fill in the blanks, true and false questions, statement questions, column matching questions, among a few others.

ISC Board Grading System

The CBSE marking scheme and CBSE grading system for class 10 and 12, 2023, is stated in this article. The nine-point grading system evaluates students’ achievements as given in the below table.

Marks Range Grade Grading Point
91-100 A1 10.0
81-90 A2 9.0
71-80 B1 8.0
61-70 B2 7.0
51-60 C1 6.0
41-50 C2 5.0
33-40 D 4.0
21-32 E1 C
00-20 E2 C

Thing to remember: In 12th, any subject that has practical work, you have to obtain 33% marks in theory and 33% marks in the practical separately.

ISC Marking Scheme

As per the new latest syllabus, the final exams will be conducted on 80 marks, and 20 marks will be allocated for internals/practicals. Apart from this, the board also introduced some major changes in the CBSE class 9-12th Social Science and Humanities examination pattern for 2023-24. 

For CBSE class 9 and 10 board exams 2024, question papers are 20% MCQs or objective questions. 50% competency-based questions and the remaining 30%, subjective or short/long answer questions. And for classes 11-12, its 20% MCQs or objective questions. 40% competency-based questions and the remaining 40%, subjective or short/long answer questions

ISC Study Materials

CBSE releases helpful study materials every year so students preparing for the exam can sit for their boards more confidently. These study materials include sample papers, question banks, last year’s solved question papers, and other CBSE materials that serve as a guide to make students understand the board’s pattern.

ISC Syllabus

CBSE has latest the syllabus for its upcoming 2023-24 board session.

ISC Sample Papers

As per the CBSE board exam 2023-24, here are the sample papers of class 10 and 12, one of CBSE exam-related materials that help all aspirants understand the question pattern more strategically.

ISC Question Bank

As per the CBSE board exam, here are the Question Banks of class 10 and 12, these most likely question banks are formulated chapterwise and categorywise with special focus on New Pattern Question & Answers, also includes various types of Objective and subjective based questions such as MCQs, Case based, Assertion & Reasoning based, Very Short/Short/Long Answer Type Questions. Subjectwise separate Question Banks are available for indepth preparation for Board Exam.

ISC Previous Year Question Papers

As per the CBSE board exam, here are the previous years’ question papers of class 10 and 12, one of CBSE exam-related materials that help all aspirants understand the exams’ pattern more strategically.

ISC Model Specimen Paper Solutions

To help class 10  students prepare for their CBSE board exam 2023-24 more efficiently, this year, CBSE has released an interactive study material, CBSE Class 10 Videos, so that students can more easily understand the chapters and topics. 

These video lessons are very handy as they decode complex topics in an easy-to-understand and digestible manner without making students cram their studies.

Benefits of ISC Study Materials

The board released these CBSE study materials to help students prepare for their exams more properly, strategically, and without making them cram their studies. This is not a question of whether or not you should refer to these CBSE materials because the board released them to help everyone strengthen their preparation. 

But if you’re still looking for the benefits of studying with these CBSE materials, a few of them are listed below:

  1. All of CBSE exam-related materials offer in-depth guidance of the study curriculum.
  2. The study material is designed strictly per the latest and revised CBSE 2023-24 syllabus and exam pattern.
  3. If you’ve looked through the CBSE online study materials, you know that these study materials are created by subject-matter experts and teachers based on previous years’ question patterns and after an in-depth analysis of the class’s course.
  4. Because the CBSE exam pattern and CBSE board grading system have changed, revising for the upcoming exams using these CBSE study materials will help students understand the format more properly.
  5. CBSE materials, like sample papers, textbooks, class 10 videos, last year’s solved and unsolved question papers, help clear students’ doubts and build concepts.
  6. The NCERT study material is a must-buy CBSE study resource as it is written in an easy-to-understand language so that students can prepare for the exam more strategically.


Here are some frequently asked questions for the students related to CBSE study material:

Ans: Study materials are the learning materials provided by the board, school, or teachers, for learning the subjects effectively. 

Every year, CBSE releases helpful CBSE study materials to help its students prepare for the upcoming exams more strategically.

Ans: CBSE class 10 and 12 examination paper comprises MCQs, competency-based, and constructive responses having very short, short, and long answer questions.

Ans: As per the revised guidelines, the CBSE class 10 and 12 exam papers will be conducted in 3 hours.’

Ans: The students who are appearing for the CBSE board exams should obtain 33% marks in 5 subjects to qualify.

Ans: To score the highest marks in CBSE board exams, you should practice from CBSE study materials, like previous year’s question papers and sample papers, solve as many mock tests as possible, make notes, prioritize your timetable study schedule and work on your strengths and weaknesses.

This is one of the most comprehensive ways to pass out with flying colors.

Ans: We cannot categorize which is the best CBSE study material as all the study materials are unique and important in their own ways. 

For example, study material like sample paper helps you understand the type of questions that might come in the exam. 

CBSE study material like last years’ solved question paper helps you understand what sort of questions came last year and what sort of questions were repeated. By understanding and decoding the pattern, you’ll be able to figure out the probable questions that may also repeat this year. 

Studying from CBSE study material, like NCERT solution books, will help you understand the concepts more easily as the explanations are written in a very digestible manner. As these are prepared by subject matter experts, they simplify complex topics for your better understanding. 

NCERT textbooks are the recommended course material by CBSE so it is a wise move to study from them, most importantly.

Ans: CBSE provides study materials every year, including the revised syllabus, books, sample papers, question papers, NCERT solutions, NCERT exemplar solutions, important questions, and CBSE notes. Students can prepare for their exams more strategically by referring to the CBSE study material.

Ans: Preparing for the upcoming CBSE board examinations requires consistent effort and diligent practice throughout the year. Another important aspect of CBSE exam preparation is using the correct study material. Studying from resources like NCERT textbooks, sample papers, and previous years’ questions will be very handy for students looking to strengthen their preparation strategy. 

All these CBSE study materials include chapter- and topic-wise important questions available on Oswal Publishers’ website.

Ans: NCERT textbooks are the most-recommended course material by CBSE because a lot of questions in the CBSE exams are inspired by the NCERT textbooks. Often, the questions are taken from NCERT books but are twisted slightly. 

Thus, students must study the NCERT textbooks well to excel in any CBSE exams. Go through the past papers to understand the types of questions that are taken from the NCERT textbooks.

Ans: Anything worth having for the long term is difficult initially. Preparing for it strategically is what makes having it become easier. 

So yes, CBSE exams may seem difficult for those who don’t want to put in the effort to study properly. 

But, on the other hand, it becomes super easy for someone who:

  • Plans their study schedule properly
  • Uses all the recommended CBSE study materials to study for the exam
  • Prepare diligently

Will not find scoring in their board exam difficult. So prepare smartly, make the best use of everything you have, and all the best!

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