ISC Chemistry Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers

Chemistry is an interesting subject full of facts and chemical reactions. In class 12, you learn many new things in Chemistry deeply. You must have understood the concepts and topics to score well in the exam. Still, some students get confused about how to practise and where to start revising. Here are the ISC Class 12 Chemistry Previous Year Question Papers—the best way to revise and get a good score.

ISC Chemistry 10 Years Solved Papers act like a success mantra for quick and easy revision. They help you understand the difficulty level, marking scheme, question types, and much more. You become familiar with the expected Chemistry question paper in 2025, which automatically builds your confidence and guides you to success.

Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 ISC with Solutions PDF

Every Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 ISC is provided with an answer key to help the students and save their effort and time. Because of the convenience of PDF format, you will not face any difficulty saving or downloading the papers.

So, without any doubt, go and grab the ISC Class 12 Chemistry Previous Year Question Papers with the steps provided in the article.

How to Download ISC Chemistry Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers - Free PDF

You can download the Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 ISC without any cost in a user-friendly format using these easy steps.

  1. Open any browser and go to the website:
  2. From the "Examinations" button, select ISC examinations.
  3. Scroll down to find the "Important Downloads" section.
  4. Click on "Previous Year Question Papers".
  5. From the list, select the year and click on that.
  6. Extract the zip file automatically downloaded to your device.
  7. Open the PDF file on chemistry and start solving.
  8. Repeat the same if you need papers for any other year.

However, although it is cost-free to download the papers, manually downloading each zip file, extracting it, and then finding the required file can be hectic for some students. So, there is an easy way out provided by Oswal Publishers called ISC Solved Papers Class 12. Here, you can get all the Question Papers arranged from 2024 – 2015, including Semesters I & II.

Select the Science Stream book for Chemistry and start revising from the Last 10 Years of ISC Chemistry Question Papers. You will get structured content to guide you to the correct and effective way to prepare for the Chemistry Board exam 2025.

How to Solve ISC Chemistry Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers?

Solving ISC Chemistry Class 12 Previous Year Question Paper can't have the same technique for everyone. However, using these strategies while solving can help to make your revision more competent and scoring.

  1. Start with a relaxed mind without thinking too much. Overthinking can result in poor learning, so always freshen up your mind, for example, by sleeping or playing before starting your studies.
  2. Understand the syllabus first to set an organised expectation of what all needs to be studied and what doesn't.
  3. Select the study material, like the textbooks or notes from which you will learn first, before solving the previous papers for revision.
  4. When you feel ready, start solving the paper after setting a stopwatch with a timer for the same hours as in the actual exam.
  5. While answering, if you feel that you can't answer one or two questions, don't stop. Note them and keep going with the rest of the exam.
  6. Make sure there are no distractions in the place where you are solving the previous papers to replicate the exam-like conditions.
  7. Always proofread the answer sheet after completing the exam. The time should be managed so that there is time left for proofreading in the end.
  8. Try to solve Chemistry papers regularly, depending on your schedule, like once or twice a week.
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Benefits of Solving Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 ISC

You can get lots of advantages in your preparation if you learn with ISC Class 12 Chemistry Previous Year Question Papers.

  1. Learn to manage time: When you start solving the previous papers in a time-bound environment, you get used to the strict time allotment of all the sections and questions. When you work on the first paper, you might run out of time. But with more practice, your speed automatically increases. In your actual exam, you will never be late in solving the complete paper.
  2. Learn to answer efficiently: The answer key given by Oswal Publishers with the previous papers is made by experts in the educational industry. The solved papers give you the exact answer expected by the examiners in the actual exam. It is not like you will be cramming the same answer, but you will get the skill of crafting your answers in a better and required way to score better.
  3. Learn from mistakes: When you start solving the papers, you will not be perfect from the beginning in answering every question. You might not know the answers to a couple of questions or understand the question correctly. So, if you make these mistakes on the first attempt, you will be cautious the next time about those topics or questions.
  4. Learn to evaluate yourself: After solving one complete question paper, compare your answers with the answer key provided. You have to act like an examiner and honestly check the paper. If you follow this, you will develop the skill of evaluating yourself efficiently. This skill will be really helpful at times in future when you have any quiz competition or even an interview.
  5. Learn to boost confidence—Learning from the previous papers strengthens your preparation with time. Revision is a great way to feel fully prepared and confident. This confidence reflects on your face and actions during the board exam 2025. You will look clear and present-minded if you are confident that you can answer any question.

FAQs on ISC Chemistry Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers

Ans: Previous year question papers help you understand the exam pattern, types of questions asked, and marking scheme. They also serve as practice material, allowing you to assess your preparation level and identify areas for improvement.

Ans: ISC Chemistry Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers are available on the official ISC website and educational platforms like Oswal Publishers.

Ans: While ISC Chemistry Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers are a valuable resource, they should be supplemented with other study materials such as textbooks, reference books, and notes.

Ans: It’s advisable to practise with question papers from at least the past five years to comprehensively understand the exam pattern and trends. However, referring to older papers can also be beneficial for additional practice and exposure to different question styles.

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