CBSE Class 12 Physics Practice Papers For 2024 Board Exam

Designed with precision, CBSE Class 12 Physics Practice Papers present a comprehensive set of additional questions precisely created to raise your preparation. Aligned with the latest CBSE curriculum, these practice papers equip you with the essential resources to face the board examination.

As an invaluable resource, the CBSE Physics Practice Paper Class 12 provides diverse topics, giving you a unique opportunity to strengthen your grasp on fundamental physics concepts and refine your problem-solving skills.

Accessing year-wise CBSE Class 12 Physics Additional Practice Questions Paper is an efficient process to strengthen your exam preparation. CBSE has made these invaluable resources available for download, providing many physics practice questions.

Download Year wise CBSE Class 12 Physics Additional Practice Questions Paper

Follow these simple steps to access these resources and enhance your understanding of the examination pattern:

  1. Visit the official website: Navigate to the CBSE Academic website at to begin the process.
  2. Locate the question bank icon: On the website, identify the question bank icon in the menu bar (green strip at the top of the page).
  3. Explore Additional Practice Questions: Hover over the question bank icon to reveal a dropdown menu. Look for the option labelled "Additional Practice Questions" and click on it.
  4. Choose Physics under Class 12: Once you've selected "Additional Practice Questions," you'll be presented with options categorised by subjects under the Class. Find and click on the section dedicated to Physics for Class 12.
  5. Download the PDF: You'll find downloadable PDFs containing the additional practice questions within the Physics section. Click on the relevant link to download the papers to your device.
  6. Start Solving: Start solving the practice questions systematically with the PDF downloaded.

Seize this opportunity to download the papers directly from the links below and reinforce your readiness for the upcoming class 12 physics board exam.

Additional Practice Questions for Class 12 2023-24

Class 12th Set 1 Set 2
Physics PQs MS PQs MS

Highlights of CBSE Class 12 Physics Practice Papers 2023-24

The CBSE Class 12 Physics Practice Paper 2023-24 exhibits distinctive features that set them apart, providing students with a comprehensive and effective resource for their exam preparation:

  1. Inclusion of Innovative Question Types: CBSE Physics Practice Paper Class 12 2024 introduces new question types that align with the updated and revised syllabus. Exclusively focusing on syllabus-inclusive content ensures that you are well-prepared for any surprises that may be introduced in the exam. This approach not only fosters adaptability but also nurtures critical thinking skills.
  2. Updated Syllabus Coverage : The design of the Physics Class 12 Practice Paper ensures thorough coverage of the entire physics syllabus. This comprehensive approach encompasses recent updates or changes introduced by CBSE, guaranteeing that you are well-versed with the existing curriculum and primed for any modifications. This meticulous coverage fosters a sense of confidence and readiness for the board examination.
  3. Comprehensive Learning with Detailed Solutions: Each Practice Question Paper Class 12 physics transcends being a mere set of questions; it is a comprehensive learning resource. Including detailed solutions featuring step-by-step explanations for every question facilitates a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. This emphasis on clarity helps students rectify errors in their approach, promoting a strong and effective learning experience.
  4. Strategic Emphasis on Application-Based Questions: The CBSE 12th Physics Practice Papers strategically prioritise application-based questions, encouraging you to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical scenarios. This intentional focus goes beyond rote memorisation, fostering a deeper understanding of physics concepts through real-world applications. You are thus equipped with a holistic skill set that enhances your problem-solving abilities. 
  5. Enhanced Online Accessibility: Recognising the significance of digital resources, the Practice Paper for Class 12 Physics is easily accessible online. This user-friendly feature caters to evolving study preferences, allowing you to practice and assess your skills conveniently from the comfort of your home. Integrating technology into the learning process enhances accessibility and flexibility, ensuring you can optimise your study time effectively.

Benefits of Practicing CBSE Class 12 Physics Practice Papers 2024

This invaluable resource offers numerous advantages, providing a comprehensive approach to exam preparation. The benefits are highlighted below:

  1. Refined Time Management Skills: Regularly practising the CBSE Class 12 Physics Class 12 Practice Questions sharpens your ability to manage time effectively during the exam. Developing this critical skill is essential for completing the paper within the stipulated time while maintaining accuracy. Regular practice in a time-bound condition ensures that no question is left unattempt during the exam.
  2. Familiarity with Exam Pattern: Regular practising with the CBSE Practice Paper of Physics Class 12 familiarises you with the exam pattern. Consistent solving of these papers deepens understanding regarding question formats, time allocation, and marking schemes. This familiarity contributes to a more confident and efficient exam-taking experience, enhancing overall performance.
  3. Conceptual Clarity Enhancement: CBSE Class 12 Maths Practice Papers cover a diverse array of topics, facilitating the strengthening of conceptual clarity. By tackling a variety of questions, you strengthen your grasp on fundamental physics concepts, including Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Electromagnetism. This approach bridges gaps in understanding, ensuring no question induces anxiety when the concepts are clear.
  4. Confidence Boost: Through adeptly solving a variety of Practice Questions for Physics Class 12, you experience a gradual boost in confidence. This increased confidence contributes to a positive mindset and plays a pivotal role in approaching the board exam with calm and composure. The confidence gained through consistent practice becomes a valuable asset during the actual examination, promoting a more assured performance.
  5. Self-Assessment and Targeted Improvement: CBSE Practice Paper Class 12 Physics is a reliable self-assessment resource. You gain insights into your performance by systematically solving each question in the practice papers. Analysing your strengths and weaknesses allows you to focus on improving specific areas. This targeted approach enhances overall performance and confidence in facing the challenges of the board exam.

How Can You Score Well with CBSE Class 12 Physics Practice Papers in 2024 Board Exam?

Scoring well in the CBSE Class 12 Physics exam demands a strategic and disciplined approach, with a significant focus on practising the Class 12 Physics Practice Paper. Here are key pointers to optimise your performance in the 2024 Board Exam:

  1. Consistent and Regular Practice: Consistency is paramount. Dedicate a specific amount of time each day for solving CBSE Class 12 Physics Practice Papers. Begin with foundational questions and gradually progress to more complex ones as the exam date approaches. This consistent practice builds problem-solving skills and familiarity with the exam pattern.
  2. Systematic Revision: Review the topics covered in the practice papers to reinforce your understanding. Systematic revision helps solidify concepts in your memory and ensures you are well-prepared for the entire physics syllabus.
  3. Identify Weak Areas and Seek Improvement: Analyse your performance in practice papers to identify weak areas. Focus on improving your understanding and problem-solving skills in these specific topics. Seek guidance from teachers or use supplementary study materials if needed. Addressing weaknesses with a targeted approach ensures a well-rounded preparation.
  4. Engage in Mock Tests: Regularly take full-length mock tests in addition to practice papers. Mock tests simulate the actual exam environment and provide insights into your preparedness. Analyse your performance, identify areas for improvement, and adjust your study plan accordingly. Mock tests gauge overall readiness and expose you to the pressure of a timed exam, refining your ability to manage stress during the actual board exam.
  5. Understand Detailed Solutions: After attempting a CBSE Class 12 Physics Practice Paper, carefully review the detailed solutions provided. Understand the logic and techniques applied in solving each question. This aids in refining your problem-solving approach and addressing any conceptual gaps, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the subject.
  6. Stay Updated with Syllabus Changes: Keep yourself informed about any updates or changes in the Class 12 Physics syllabus. Ensure that your practice materials align with the latest curriculum to avoid surprises during the actual exam.

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Physics Practice Papers 2023-24

Ans: Yes, CBSE allows students to access the Class 12 Physics practice papers offline and online. The papers can be downloaded from the official CBSE website (, and students can keep them in digital format or take a printout for offline revision.

Ans: After attempting a practice paper, carefully review the detailed solutions to understand the logic and techniques in solving each question.

Ans: Solving Physics practice papers regularly is advisable, ideally integrating them into your daily study routine. Regular practice ensures a gradual improvement in problem-solving skills and familiarity with the specific exam pattern.

Ans: Yes, the practice papers are meticulously designed to cover the entire class 12 physics syllabus. This ensures that students are thoroughly prepared for all topics that may be included in the board exam.

Ans: While practising physics practice papers is highly beneficial, it is recommended to complement this with additional previous question papers and question banks specifically designed for the 2023-24 board exam.

CBSE Practice Paper Physics Class 12

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