CBSE Class 10 Social Science Practice Paper for 2024 Board Exam

Social science is a subject that contains history, geography, political science and economics. Therefore, understanding each subject and current affairs is required to fare well, Social Science and with good and strategic preparation, you can succeed in the CBSE Class 10 Social Science exam. The primary motive for releasing the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Practice Paper is to get you accustomed to the actual format of the question paper. The more you solve the practice paper, the better you will understand the subject.

The SST Practice Paper Class 10 holds the exact pattern of the board question paper, and you can solve them to understand the way a particular section has its mark distribution or how a question needs to be addressed. The article here deals with the highlights of the practice paper.

Download Year wise CBSE Class 10 Social Science Additional Practice Questions Paper

To practice, you first have to download the year-wise CBSE class 10 social science practice papers, which you can easily get from the official CBSE site. The PDF format of the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Practice Paper enables the students to access the chronological question bank that the board releases. Also, by this method, students can easily start their practice whenever they have some feasible times because the practice version is already downloaded on their devices.

With the downloaded question, the PDF with the solution is also available for you to refer to and evaluate the kind of answers you write. So, by practising these, you can get a clear idea of how questions are set and the kind of answers you will be giving. Therefore, download the sample people from the official website to start your practice or save it once you complete your syllabus.

Additional Practice Questions for Class 10 2023-24

Class 10th Set 1 Set 2
Social Science PQs MS PQs MS

Highlights of CBSE Class 10 Social Science Practice Papers 2023-24

The CBSE Class 10 Social Science Practice Paper 2023-24 has many highlights that make it a vital revision tool for preparation to score well in exams.

  • Covering updated syllabus: One of the primary highlights of CBSE Social Science Practice Papers for 2023 to 2024 is that it always covers the up-to-date syllabus. Therefore, when you start to practise these sample papers, you only focus on the topics in the syllabus.
  • Exact simulation of the question paper: The sample paper comes with all the sections from a two-section F with the exact number of questions and mark distribution so that the students become familiar with the format.
  • Right kind of solution: For every question from the Practice Paper Class 10 Social Science, proper answers are available in PDF format for all of you to compare once you finish solving the papers. The PDF solution enables you to understand the answer's depth or the writing skill the examiners seek. Once you start to evaluate your answer with the answers provided in the solution, you can bridge the gap between the two.
  • PDF format of the answers: The accessibility of these practice papers is a USP. CBSE Class 10 Social Science Practice Papers are available online, easily downloaded, and accessed anytime, anywhere. There is no hard copy; therefore, you don’t need to carry it wherever you go; you can also access these practice papers from your mobile devices.

Benefits of Practicing CBSE Class 10 Social Science Practise Papers 2024

Below is the list of advantages that you will get if you consistently practice with the CBSE class 10 Social Science Practice Papers. Let’s take a quick look:

  • Getting accustomed to the format of the question paper: The CBSE Class 10 Social Science Practice Paper comprises 6 sections with 37 questions. These questions come from the compulsory and contain video marking schemes. For instance, the question paper section comprises questions 1 to 20, which are off MCQ level and contain 1 mark each.
    Similarly, section B comprises questions from 21 to 24. However, this section requires concise answers, as the marking scheme is 2. Hence, the more you solve the question, the more you will be accustomed to the question paper's intricacies and understand the marks' weightage.
  • Help boost confidence: The more you solve practice papers, the more you will be at ease in quickly comprehending and answering the questions effectively, boosting your confidence. One needs to learn and memorise for a subject like history, but for economics and geography, one needs to understand, know, and apply practical knowledge.
    The practice papers help you to do all of these at one time. With increased confidence, you will have no room for anxiety; therefore, you will pass with flying colours in the examination.
  • Evaluating your strengths and weaknesses: The more you practice with the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Practice Paper, the more you will understand which subjects or sections need more attention. With the help of the PDF solution, you can also compare the answers and thereby improve your level of preparation.
    It is best to put on a timer and set out for one sample paper, and after that, check the answers from the PDF solution and make the corrections in your own answers. This effective practice method is not only a great revision tool but also helps strengthen your weak areas.
  • Finishing the paper on time: One of the key benefits of solving SST Practice Paper Class 10 2023-24 is that with more practice, you can understand the questions quickly and answer them accordingly. The more you practice, the more your writing skills also improve, and by connecting these two, your writing skills and comprehension power, you take less time to solve a question.
    This helps you meticulously complete your question paper on time during the final board exam and saves time for last-minute revision. This practice also helps in avoiding silly mistakes if done.

How Can You Score Well with CBSE Class 10 Social Science Practice Papers in the 2024 Board Exam?

By solving the Class 10 Social Science Practice Paper 2024, you can really score well, as it will empower you with the confidence and sufficient practice needed to do well in your exams.

FAQs on CBSE Class 10 Social Science Practice Papers 2023-24

Ans: The geography section is the easiest, and you can start with that first; the map pointing is important, so you can start with those two and move on to civics, economy, and history, as it will require some time. The best way to prepare is to complete the important chapters, revise, and start your practice papers.

Ans: Class 10 Social Science Practice Paper helps you answer questions fluently and improve your weak areas, helping you score higher marks in the final boats. Because the sample papers come with the updated syllabus, it enables you to understand how questions on geography or economics will be framed. These fine-tunings enable you to achieve success in exams finally.

Ans: There are ample reference books that you can refer to; however, first finishing your syllabus and getting thorough with the NCERT textbook is important. Also, all books are a great reference source if you want 2 get good marks. Make short study notes and use them as a reference to your revision during the last-minute preparation.

Ans: You need to answer 37 questions, which will be distributed among 6 sections. The first section comprises the MCQ, the second section has the short answer type questions, and the following section C has five questions with three marks each where you can choose between a few options. Section D finally has the long answer type questions where each question carries the marks weightage of five. Section E has case-based questions; the last and final sections consist of map-pointing skills.

Ans: The more you practise Class 10 Social Science Practice Paper, the more you will get an idea of the updated syllabus and how to address specific sections, short questions, MCQ or questions based on map pointing. This entire preparation will help you progress and farewell in the final exam and act as an efficient revision tool. So, the more you practise, the better you get.

CBSE Practice Paper Social Science Class 10

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