About Oswal Publishers

Powered with a mission to provide quality Educational Resources, Oswal Printers & Publishers was established in 1985 under the leadership of Mr. Mukesh Jain.

30 Years of Excellence

Over the past 30 years, we have striven to develop academic content that will aid and abet students and teachers towards their goals of scholastic excellence.


Oswal Publishers have been synonymous with Extensively Researched, Meticulously Articulated And Comprehensively Edited Content that caters to the various National and Regional Academic Boards in India.


We maintain strong ties with schools, teachers and distributors across India and have been able to effectively use these relations to sustain our pan-India presence. This allows availability of the books at the nearest retail outlets, thus strengthening our Customer Interface.

Quality & Standards

Our editors, authors and advisers are of vital importance to us. We work together to develop our books through thorough research and editing, conforming to the latest curriculum, to bring out titles that will provide a complete coverage of the subject in a manner conducive to learning.


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