Online Calculators

Calculators are a useful tool for students to calculate their percentages in board exams for CBSE, ICSE, ISC, and to calculate CUET score. 

We at Oswal Publishers have developed free online calculators to calculate your percentages quickly and precisely.

Here's how:

  1. Gather the necessary data: You should first gather the necessary data for calculating your percentage, including the marks that you obtained in each subject, and the maximum marks for each subject.
  2. Enter the data: Using our calculator, you can enter the data into the calculator to calculate your total marks or grade obtained for various subjects.
  3. Calculate the percentage: Once the data has been entered, you can use the calculator to calculate your overall percentage. To do this, you can divide your total marks obtained by the maximum marks and then multiply by 100. This will give your Overall percentage.
  4. Check the result: After calculating your percentage, you should check the results to ensure that you have calculated the percentage correctly. You can also use the calculator to double-check your calculations or to calculate your percentage in a different way if needed.
Table Of Contents

List of Calculators

  • CGPA to Percentage Calculator
  • ICSE Percentage Calculator
  • ISC Percentage Calculator
  • Marks Percentage Calculator

Overall, using a calculator will help you calculate various percentages and grades quickly and accurately.