ISC Commerce Stream Sample Paper Class 12: Why Should You Practice It For Exam 2024?

isc class 12 commerce sample paper

As students, gear up for the board exams, there’s a flurry of activity with textbooks, reference materials, worksheets, and mock tests. However, without a smart revision strategy, this wealth of resources might not yield the best results. The anticipation of exams brings a mix of emotions for both students and parents, making a well-structured study schedule crucial for success.

Understanding the need for a focused preparation tool, the “36 Sample Question Papers for ISC Commerce Stream Class 12” book comes into play. It’s designed not just to test your knowledge but to familiarize you with the ISC’s exam format and time constraints. This book can be your ideal study companion, optimizing your learning and helping you excel.

This guide provides an overview of ISC Class 12 sample papers and relevant books, offering insights into how you can effectively utilize them for your board exam preparation.

About ISC Class 12 Commerce Sample Paper

This ISC class 12 commerce sample paper is curated and published by Oswal Publishers.

ISC class 12 commerce sample paper provides 36 Sample Question Papers for ISC Commerce Stream, Class 12 Exam 2024 is the newest edition. It is strictly based on the revised syllabus and guidelines published by CISCE for 2024.

This book is for students who are done with their learning and want to start practicing the question papers. Teachers can also rely on it to prepare for mock tests. 

The book is priced at ₹745. 

contents of isc class 12 sample papers commerce

Why Buy ISC Class 12 Commerce Sample Paper? 

The ISC class 12 commerce sample paper book along with others is created and published by Oswal Publishers.

Oswal Publishers has been dedicated to helping students since 1985. They focus on creating study materials that are updated and revised according to the guidelines.

Their primary purpose is to help students understand the concept and then write about it. To achieve this goal, Oswal publishers print different types of books including textbooks, question banks, model specimen papers, and the past ten years’ worth of solved papers. This book is a validated and reliable resource for your preparation needs.

Features: ISC Class 12 Commerce Sample Paper

ISC sample papers for class 12 in the Commerce book contain sample papers from 8 subjects- 

English- I, English- II, Mathematics, Computer Science, Accounts, Economics, Commerce, and even Physical Education. The ISC class 12 commerce specimen paper 2023-24 is a comprehensive and detailed book. You can also consider them as ISC commerce model test papers.

This book is an all-in-one. The major advantage of this book is that it is handy and cumulates the commerce curriculum. It places the spotlight on all subjects :

  • ISC class 12 accounts sample paper
  • ISC class 12 economics sample paper
  • ISC commerce sample paper class 12
  • One standard question paper format
  • 3 solved sample papers
  • 1 final unsolved sample paper

Benefits of ISC Class 12 Commerce Sample Paper

The Oswal – Gurukul Commerce Stream Sample Question Papers for the ISC 12th Class Examination 2024 are board-specific. It’s prepared to effectively prepare and perform. This practice book contains test papers for the Commerce Subject, which comprises English I and II, Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, Commerce, Accounts, and Physical Education.

Subject-specific question papers are included in our sample question manual and are strictly based on the most recent new specimen question paper pattern made public by the board in June 2023.

practice with isc commerce class 12 sample papers
Buy the ISC Class 12 Sample Question Papers- Commerce Stream

Complementary Books 

Oswal has a bundle of books that includes ISC sample papers for class 12 for all other two streams as well- Science, and Humanities.

There are more books to aid ISC class 12 students in addition to the book ISC Class 12 Commerce Sample Paper. 

You can buy books in the form of:

  • Question banks
  • Most likely or frequently asked questions
  • Complete course books
  • Solved board papers of the last 10 years for each subject
  • Textbooks of common exams such as computer science and physical education
Buy ISC Class 12 Books

List of books that you can buy for class 12 ISC board exams

  • English I Complete Course Workbook
  • English II Complete Course Workbook
  • Hindi Complete Course Workbook
Buy ISC Class 12 Complete Course Books for English and Hindi
  • Most Likely ISC Question Bank Class 12 Bundles (Set of 3)
  • Accounts Most Likely Question Bank
  • Commerce Most Likely Question Bank
  • Economics Most Likely Question Bank
Buy the ISC Most Likely Questions Book Bundles

36 Sample Question Papers for ISC Commerce Stream

Buy ISC 36 Sample Question Papers Commerce Class 12

For students preparing for the Class 12 board exam in 2024, 10 Years of ISC-Solved Papers makes review easy and efficient. Board Exam Question Papers from the Years 2013 to 2023 are grouped together with Semesters I and II. This helps students become familiar with the important topics and the requirements for evaluation set forth by the CISCE Board.

There are separate volumes for each of the three disciplines, such as science, commerce, and humanities, in the Oswal – Gurukul ISC Solved Papers Class 12 collection.

Buy ISC Solved Papers Class 12 

The ISC Question Bank Class 12 can be used to prepare students from the Science Stream, the Commerce Stream, and the Humanities for the Board Exam 2024. The usage of category- and chapter-based question styles aids students in mastering each subject and improving their exam results.

One objective of the ISC sample papers for class 12 books is to keep the pupils on track by adhering to the board’s format. It keeps students from becoming perplexed and overloaded.

What Do We Feel About ISC Class 12 Commerce Sample Paper?

There are a lot of skills a student must work on while preparing for board exams. For example, time management. The book will help you strengthen the following skills as a student.

  • Effective preparation skills with tangible results
  • Prioritization skills with high-weightage chapters and important topics
  • Improve speed and accuracy with subjective practice
  • Develop strong time management skills

Buy the book here and the next thing you know, you have aced your exams with great scores!

FAQs on ISC Commerce Stream Sample Paper Class 12

Q1. Where can I get solutions for ISC Commerce Class 12 Sample Papers if not provided?

For solutions to ISC Commerce Class 12 Sample Papers, Oswal Publishers’ ISC Commerce Stream Sample Paper Class 12 book offers a convenient solution. Alongside the unsolved question papers, it includes a QR code. By scanning this code, you can easily access the answers, enabling you to self-assess and build confidence in your preparation.

Q2. Do ISC Commerce Sample Papers follow the latest exam pattern and marking scheme?

Yes, the most recent exam format and scoring system established by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) are usually followed in the preparation of ISC Commerce Sample Papers. These test questions are updated frequently to take into account modifications to the exam structure, question types, and mark distribution, guaranteeing that they closely correspond to the requirements of the real ISC board exam. Students can become more familiar with the current exam trends and improve their preparation by using these sample papers.

Q3. Are ISC class 12 commerce sample papers available for all commerce subjects?

Yes, ISC Class 12 Commerce sample papers cover all subjects within the commerce stream, providing comprehensive preparation material.

Q4. Can I use ISC class 12 commerce sample papers as my sole study material?

It is not advisable to use the ISC Class 12 Commerce sample papers as your only source of study material. For a comprehensive understanding of every subject, they should be used in conjunction with textbooks, notes, and other study materials, even though they are great for practice, comprehending exam patterns, and testing knowledge. The best way to use sample papers is as an addition to help you review material and evaluate your exam preparation.

Q5. How early should I start practicing ISC Class 12 Commerce Sample Papers before the board exams?

Start practicing ISC Class 12 Commerce Sample Papers 3-4 months before the exams. This allows sufficient time to familiarize with the exam format, strengthen weak areas, and improve time management. Gradually increase practice frequency as exams approach, ensuring thorough preparation and confidence for the test day.

Q6. What is the significance of practicing commerce sample papers for class 12 ISC?

Practicing Commerce sample papers for Class 12 ISC is significant for several reasons:
• Recognizing Exam Patterns
• Mastering Time Management
• Identifying Weaknesses
• Boosting Confidence
• Applying Concepts
• Improving Answer Techniques


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