ISC Science Stream Sample Paper Class 12: Why Should You Practice It For Exam 2023?

isc science stream sample paper class 12

Are you geared up for your exams? Biology, chemistry, physics, maths, and a long exhaustive list of subjects. All the subjects’ knowledge is equally important, however, you need a companion that guides you. This companion helps you with endless exam questions that come up every year. They also help you understand the different ways for the same question that can pop up in ten different ways. 

Who is this companion? It is a book indeed- ISC Sample Papers for Class 12.

This article will give you an overview of the ISC class 12 sample papers books. Read on to understand more about this new companion yours and a few tips to make the best out of it.

About Class 12 ISC Science Stream Sample Paper 

This ISC class 12 sample paper book of science is written and published by Oswal Publishers.

Oswal publishers have been a constant helping hand to students since 1985. 

Their primary purpose is to help students understand the subject and pass with flying colors. For this agenda, oswal publishers print different types of books including textbooks, question banks, model specimen papers, and the past ten years’ worth of solved papers. 

ISC sample papers for class 12 provide 36 Sample Question Papers for ISC Science Stream, Class 12 Exam 2023 is the newest edition. It is strictly based on the ISC class 12 revised syllabus and guidelines published by CISCE for 2023.

This book is for students who are done with their learning and want to start practicing the question papers. Teachers can also rely on it to prepare for mock tests

The book is priced at ₹ 699. 

contents of isc class 12 sample papers science stream

Features: ISC Class 12 Sample Question Papers- Science Stream

ISC sample papers for class 12 in the Science book contain sample papers from 8 subjects- English I, English II, Maths, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Physical Education. 

The biggest pro of this book is that it has not combined all three subjects from science. Rather, it focuses on each discipline of the science stream :

  • ISC class 12 biology sample paper 2022
  • ISC class 12 chemistry sample papers
  • ISC physics sample paper class 12
  • It includes class 12 ISC maths sample paper. 4 of the sample papers are solved and one is unsolved which is meant as a final practice for students.

For all the subjects be it science, maths, english, or physical education, this book offers the following:

  • One standard question paper format
  • 3 solved sample papers
  • 1 final unsolved sample paper

Benefits of ISC Class 12 Sample Question Papers- Science Stream

  • It includes the latest sample papers 2023 board exams 
  • Consists of sample papers for all standard subjects in the science stream- biology, chemistry, physics, maths, computer science, physical education
  • The comprehensive sample papers can also be practiced by NCERT students 
  • 3 solved sample papers to help students gain confidence and score themselves
practice with isc science stream class 12 sample papers

Buy the ISC Class 12 Sample Question Papers- Science Stream

Complementary Books 

ISC sample papers for class 12 are curated for all three streams- Science, Commerce, and Humanities.

Along with the book ISC sample papers for class 12, there are also other books to help the ISC class 12 students. These books are in the form of :

  • Question banks
  • Most likely or frequently asked questions
  • Complete course books
  • Solved board papers of the last 10 years for each subject
  • Textbooks of common exams such as computer science and physical education

List of books that you can buy for class 12 ISC board exams

  • English I Complete Course Workbook
  • English II Complete Course Workbook
  • Hindi Complete Course Workbook
Buy Complete Course Books for English and Hindi
  • Most Likely ISC Question Bank Class 12 Bundles (Set of 3)
  • Most Likely ISC Question Bank Class 12 Bundles (Set of 5)
  • Physics Most Likely Question Bank
  • Chemistry Most Likely Question Bank
  • Mathematics Most Likely Question Bank
  • Biology Most Likely Question Bank

Buy the Bundles of Most Likely Questions Book

36 Sample Question Papers for ISC Science Stream

isc sample papers class 12 science stream

10 Years of ISC-Solved Papers for students preparing for the 2023 board exam, Class 12 makes revision simple and quick. Previous Board Exam Question Papers, including Semesters I & II, are grouped from 2022 to 2012. This aids students in becoming familiar with the crucial subjects and CISCE Board-mandated evaluation criteria.

There are separate volumes for each of the three disciplines, such as science, commerce, and humanities, in the Oswal – Gurukul ISC Solved Papers Class 12 collection.

Buy ISC Solved Papers Class 12 

Students from the Science Stream, the Commerce Stream, and the Humanities can prepare for the Board Exam 2023 using the ISC Question Bank Class 12. Category- and chapter-based question formats are used to help students master each subject and achieve good exam scores. 

ISC sample papers for class 12 books one goal is to keep the students clear by following the board’s pattern. It prevents students from getting confused and overwhelmed.

What Do We Feel About ISC Class 12 Sample Question Papers- Science Stream? 

According to us, you don’t need 10 practice or reference books. Rather, you need one book to solve all your woes and provide effective practice sessions. 

Before you start with sample papers we suggest doing the learning part yourself. When you think you’re ready, you should attempt the sample papers and allot time to yourself. 

Analyze them and find the topics that you need to work on. Voila!

Buy the book here and the next thing you know, you have aced your exams with great scores!


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