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5 Amazing Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In Education

5 Amazing Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In Education

Do you remember the days when you used to consider libraries and teachers to be the ultimate source of knowledge? Well, we all do. But the current scenario in the education sector has changed with the advent of Artificial Intelligence(AI). Even though AI cannot match the human elements of a teacher, it can be used as a vital source of extended knowledge and for improvement in the teaching process. India is no less when it comes to leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence in the education sector.

Let’s look at 5 artificial intelligence benefits in education.

Personalised Learning

1. Personalised Learning

AI can personalise learning for students as per their needs. SpeEdLabs is an Ed-tech startup riding high on AI-based personalisation. In an interview with The Print, Vivek Varshney – Founder and CEO of SpeEdLabs, explained how their platform uses AI to:

  • Give personalised improvement plans to students
  • Share recommendations 
  • Curate content as per the student’s learning curve

The platform also plans to use facial recognition to understand where students are struggling and later customise the lessons based on their needs. That’s the power of AI. In classroom teaching, one teacher has to manage thirty or more students. It’s tough to customise the session based on every student’s learning speed. AI can easily solve this problem. 

2. Get Tools To Assist In Your Learning

AI provides assistive tools which can become your partner in the learning process. One example is Grammarly. There is no writing assistant better than it. It highlights all the basic grammar mistakes with the free version. Are you writing an essay? Grammarly is on rescue. 

3.  Reduces Administrative Tasks

Running an educational institution comes up with a huge list of administrative duties. AI can reduce the burden on teachers by redesigning basic tasks like chatbots answering basic queries, automating tests and tracking students’ performance. With some tasks going off their task list, teachers will have more time to concentrate on students. 

4. Test Customisation

Different students have different preparation plans. The exams conducted by educational institutions are at the group level. Students lack the medium to test their preparation on an everyday level. AI steps up here. 

Imagine a student going through the probability chapter for the first time.

  • First test: It would be good to attempt the easy questions and check his understanding in the first test. 
  • Second test: If he returns to the same chapter a week later and revises it, it’s time to solve medium level difficulty questions. 
  • Third test: A week before the main exams, it’s time for tough questions and getting ready to face the main exams. 

A test platform customising exams as per the students’ needs will help them monitor their progress. As you are here, a piece of insider information, Oswal Publishers is building a test platform to solve this issue. In the Oswal test platform, you can customise tests based on your study plan. 

5. Smart Content

AI can help produce smart content like online textbooks/study guides, bite-sized lessons, informative visualisations, etc. The content can also have vernacular support and change language as per the student’s demographics. This type of dynamic content will lead to a rich and more engaging learning experience. 

In short:

The Indian education system will have a bright future with the expertise of a teacher and the best utilisation of technology. Isn’t it the best combination for a firm foundation in the learning field? Moreover, exposing the youths to technology at such an early age will even benefit them in the years to come.

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