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7 Best Study Apps For Students In 2023

7 Best Study Apps For Students In 2022

Leave that phone and go study?

Will your phone answer the questions in the exam?

If you study with that same concentration level, you look at your phone. You will become an IAS officer. 

Are you prone to listening to such statements? Your phone remains your close friend, and your mother keeps running behind to keep it aside. Indians spent around 5 hours on the phone daily in 2021. Why not make it productive? Technology is advancing to assist you in the learning process. So for your benefit, we have curated a list of 7 best study apps for students in 2023. 

Study App

1. Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver is a core mathematics solving application by Microsoft. It is like having a Maths teacher on your phone. 

A few highlights of this app are:

  • You can type out any algebra, trigonometry, calculus questions and get a detailed solution.
  • You can also scan a question and get the solution.
  • Apart from the step by step solution, you can also get a graphical representation of the solution.
  • You also get access to free video tutorials.

Doesn’t that sound like a great deal? Make Maths fun with Microsoft Math Solver.

2. Formulia

This can be your go-to app if you are struggling with formulas. Be it Maths, Physics or Chemistry. Want to revise the formula before exams quickly? Open the Formulia app for a quick look. The best part is it runs even without the internet.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is such a fantastic resource that it is hard to believe it’s free. It is easily one of the most used applications across the globe. Want to know how it’s one of the best apps for studying? Here you go:

  • Save and organise important notes on the drive
  • Easily share the link with your friends
  • No hard dependency on a computer or laptop. Accessible from any device, if your computer crashes by chance.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is hands down one of the best apps for studying as it offers:

  • Personalised learning program
  • Trusted content
  • Exercises for practice
  • Video tutorials

The free learning app has content aligned with NCERT and CBSE syllabus for Class 1-12 students.

5. BBC Learning English

With more and more companies using English as an official language, learning English is non-negotiable for corporate job aspirants. Focusing on English from an early age will set your path for a well-paid career. So, to master English like a pro, try out the BBC Learning English application (marked as one of the best apps for studying English by teachers in the review section). 


The Ministry of Education launched the DIKSHA app, which supports teachers, students and parents. You can get engaging learning material, words of advice and also join any relevant courses. The app has broad vernacular support and is currently available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati and  Urdu. 

7. WordUp

You can never have enough vocabulary knowledge. There is always something to add. Knowing the right words helps you to communicate better. To brush up on your English skills and improve vocabulary, use WordUp, and see your English scores escalate.

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Parting words:

Here completes the list of 7 best study apps for students. Before leaving, we want to share important information. All of these apps are free and have excellent reviews. Yayy. So, step up your study game and next time, when mom shouts, what are you doing on the phone the whole day? Say, I’m studying.

 Like any app, but it’s not in the list? Drop it in the comments. 

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