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9 Best Spotify Playlists For Studying In 2023

9 Best Spotify Playlists For Studying In 2022-01

Is music good or bad for your studies? Music reduces stress and increases motivation. Ideally it helps in studying but in a research conducted on 80 students, 78 out of 80 found music distracting. Why is it so? Because of the wrong choice of music. When you listen to music while studying choose

  • Slow, instrumental music
  • Music with familiar lyrics, no surprises
  • Ad free music

Basically the music should seamlessly run in the background without taking too much of your attention. To simplify it, we have got 9 best Spotify playlists for studying to spice up your next learning session.

1. Brain Food

The description of the Brain Food playlist says hypnotic electronics for studies and relaxation. But the ideal description should be one of the Spotify playlists for studying. With instrumental electronic music, this playlist is the right choice when you want to get things done. It features 100 songs and has over 3 million likes. Bongo drums, Muted claps, hypnotic electronic sounds- the playlist lies between calming and distracting. But always manages to stay more on the calmer side. So feed your brain with this relaxing playlist. 

2. Sunny beats

Want to read while sitting at the beach of Goa. Listen to the Sunny Beats playlist for the tropical beach vibes. Featuring over 240 songs, you have enough stuff to survive your entire board exam preparation leave. This upbeat playlist will give you an instant mood boost on a dull day.

3. Coffee shop vibes

Bored with your same study setup and looking for a change of place? The coffee shop vibes playlist will instantly send you to a beautiful cafe in Paris. Would you quickly like to complete your studies to explore the city? Yes, of course. With over 490 songs, this playlist will keep you in a cosy cafe for a long time. 

4. This is Mozart

Do you enjoy relaxing piano music or magical operas? Then, tune into ‘This is Mozart’ playlist to get mesmerized by the beauty of strings which will leave you in awe. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the most popular composers in the late 1700s. He composed over 600 works and left behind a legacy. Spotify has kept it alive, and you can listen to it anytime for some inspiration. 

5. Jazz in the background

Jazz is a genre known to improve concentration. William R. Klemm, a senior professor of Neuroscience at Texas A&M University, says listening to Jazz is good for studying because of its stress-reducing capabilities. With over 6 million likes and 220 songs, Jazz in the background is one of the best study playlist on Spotify.

6. Summer reading

Summer reading is a light feel, good music–a perfect companion to reading a book. Yes, no scientific reason for why this playlist. But, it’s the one you pick from your heart on those lovely bright days. 

7. Hindustani classical

According to a study from the Stanford University School of Medicine, classical music can help your brain absorb and interpret new information more easily. Are you ditching Indian classical music influenced by music from other countries? Listen to the Hindustani classical playlist on Spotify to know our amazing musical history. Also, ace your exam with good old classical music. 

8. Hindustani instrumental

Here is another playlist that makes you feel like you are walking in the narrow alleys of Rajasthan or Haridwar. Want to travel without actually travelling? Listen to the Hindustani instrumental, which has the exact right beats to help you concentrate as well as appreciate the music. 

9. Power of your mind

Meditation helps to increase focus and improves memory. Finding it hard to meditate? Power of your mind playlist sets the perfect aura to meditate and gives you the rock-solid focus to study.

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Music has numerous benefits like improving mood, increasing motivation, and enhancing focus. All of it makes it a perfect combination with studies. This well-curated Spotify playlists for studying list will help you keep your music game on. Looking for more ways to handle exam stress? Find how to cope up with exam stress in under 3 minutes here.

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