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Find How To Cope Up With Stress During Exams In 3 Minutes

Find How To Cope Up With Stress During Exams In 3 Minutes

Exams are one of the most stressful periods of a student’s life. But these little stresses are helpful; after all, you need the motivation to study. But, if not handled correctly, this motivational stress can turn you into an anxious mess. So keep on reading to find simple ways to cope up with stress during exams.

Have A Realistic Perspective

The following simple tactics will help you with exam stress management:

1. Have A Realistic Perspective

Perspective is the vision board of success. Before you panic out of exam stress, fix your perspective. Find what your success looks like. For example, if you started preparing just one week before the exam, then let go of the pressure of completing the entire syllabus. Focus on important topics.

2. Take Breaks

Breaks are necessary. Your brain is no machine, and over-studying can cause mental outbursts. Research also shows that taking intentional breaks between studies increases your productivity and focus. Therefore, take breaks in between studies. Get a hobby, listen to music, go for a walk or take a power nap. Power naps increase memory and boost productivity.  

Scheduling your time can vanish half of your stress. Create a study timetable that involves your study hours, sleep hours, break time, and revision time. If you follow the schedule, you can predict the progress, cutting some fear of the unknown. 

3. A Healthy Body Beats The Exam Stress

Exam stress is not an excuse for junk food, sleepless nights and no exercise. Instead, it should be the reason to have good food, sleep well, and exercise regularly. Stress is not always mental. It can be physical too. Therefore, if you exercise for 15 minutes a day, the body’s endurance stays up, taking away your worries. Pair up the exercise with good food and sound sleep. A hungry stomach and sleepy eyes can only add extra stress. 

4. Get Into Sunshine 

5 to 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight maintains a healthy serotonin level. Serotonin is a happy chemical. So a short morning walk before exams is a good idea.

5. Have A Wise Little Talk

Over-thinking can only give you shaky legs and a lack of confidence during exams. So instead, journal your thoughts/fears and have positive self-talk. 

Have A Wise Little Talk

6. Avoid Comparison

The last thing you want to do is call your classmates and ask for teeny-tiny details.

Which chapters did you complete?

How many times did you revise?

How much will you score?

All these questions will lead to nothing constructive but make you fall into a comparison loop. Concentrate on your preparation, not on others. 

7. No Exam Post-mortem 

Standing for hours in front of the exam hall, discussing which answer was right, should be the least priority task. Go home and think of the next exam first—postmortem for later. 

8. Talk To Parents And Teachers

If you are feeling low, seek help. Your parents will always guide you in a good direction. Approach your teachers, and they will help to make a better study plan. Never hesitate to reach out. 


Exam stress is inevitable. But you can use it to your advantage. Now, you already know how to cope up with stress during exams. So, get ready for the exam day, take a deep breath, eat a healthy breakfast, and ace it. 

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