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9 Effective Homework Strategies To Make Your Life Simple

9 Effective Homework Strategies To Make Your Life Simple

Homework is like a short battle for both parents and students. Especially the big list teachers give on summer vacations. Those big science projects and innovative models. Is it really that important to give homework on vacations, or should they spare it for enjoyment? There are long-drawn conversations about homework being a necessary evil. To win over this evil, today we will be discussing 9 effective homework strategies. Here we go:

1. Understand The Importance Of Homework

To be good at homework, first, understand why it is important. Homework gives you a chance to revise what you studied in class. You can re-iterate and understand the topic in your own words. Also, homework puts you in self-study mode. In the classroom, classmates surround you and learn in a group. Self-study lets you control your learning. In the long run, self-study is what will take you far.

2. Create A Study Zone

Education starts at home. So, if you cannot concentrate on your homework in your place, then maybe you do not have a study-friendly environment. A separate study area is always better than your bed. It gets you into the zone. So, have a dedicated workspace for your studies. 

Create A Study Zone

3. Find Your Best Time

Every student is an individual with unique psychology. So, they have different productivity zones. For example, some might be active in the morning and some in the evening. So, to have a fun homework session, choose a time you are most active. You can also trick your mind like, ‘If I complete the homework by 8 PM, I can watch the ABC reality show. ‘ A bit like this will ensure you get the maximum done in the set time.

4. Say Loud No To Distractions

A stunning survey shows that at least 50 % of students feel distracted by technology. So, one of the most effective homework strategies for students is to keep all the distractions away. The major culprits are cell phones, Television, and iPad. Keep your study workspace away from the TV. Also, you can turn off your phone or keep it in a different room while studying. 

5. Become Self-Reliant

PM Modi stresses on Atmanirbhar Bharat(becoming Self-reliant) initiative. It isn’t limited to elders. You have to become self-reliant too. Depending too much on your parents or siblings for homework will make it a tiring process. Every time you have an assignment, you will always be on the lookout for someone’s time. The trial-and-error method is one of the best homework strategies. Try yourself, fail, fix and try again. 

6. Join WhatsApp/Telegram Groups

WhatsApp/Telegram groups can be your best friend for twisted assignments and deadline reminders. Join a study group to be on top of things. Stuck with a confusing task? Take cues from the group. Forgot the project due date? The group is there to rescue. 

7. Create Checklists

You have the things chalked out in your mind about how you can do an assignment. Then create a checklist by breaking the bigger task into small manageable ones. It positively impacts psychology, and your end goal looks achievable. So, a simple checklist can improve your learning process. 

8. Take It Slow

If you are struggling with homework, chances are you are getting nervous by looking at the number of tasks on your checklist. But you have to take only one task at a time. Just clear the next goal. M.S. Dhoni, cricketer and ex-Indian team captain, says, “Process is more important than results.” So focus on the process, one task, and small milestones and not the end line. 

9. Reward Yourself

Celebrate the small wins every day to motivate yourself to do homework. Your brain will start linking a positive emotion with homework. It will believe something interesting lies ahead when the homework is done.

5 Ideas to reward yourself after a tiring assignment

  • Watch one episode of your favourite web show
  • Play a game you like
  • Eat good food
  • Call a friend
  • Re-watch a feel-good movie

Final words

Someone said, “Dear homework, you can like….go die or something”. While these words chuckle us up, it is most likely not going to happen(like ever). Homework will remain an integral part of your studies. So, these 9 homework strategies will make your non-negotiable homework sessions easy. Also, when feeling bored next time, listen to these handpicked Spotify playlists. It will surely make your study session much more fun.

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