9 Expert Tips For ICSE Exam 2023

9 Expert Tips For ICSE 2022 Semester 2 Board Exam-02

The changed format of the ICSE board exam may be giving you chills, but the good news is it gives you two chances to perform. To get your chills down, we have brought 9 expert tips for the ICSE exam 2023 to make your preparation easier. And there is a bonus too. Our expert team has also compiled a list of important topics where students usually get stuck.

1. Focus on ICSE Prescribed textbooks

ICSE Prescribed Textbooks are easily one of the best books for your preparation. The board hardly deviates from what is present in the book. So, always start preparation from textbooks. 

2. Start preparing early and remain consistent

The sooner you prepare the schedule and start studying, the better. Above all, consistency with preparation is the key. If you are consistent from the beginning, you will have enough time for revision in the end. 

3. Be creative with your notes

Your notes set the base for your preparation. It shows your understanding of the topic and makes revision easier. 

Get creative with notes

  • Draw maps or graphs
  • Write real-life examples
  • Write all formulae on a single sheet
  • Make a sheet for important terms and dates
Be creative with your notes

4. Read in small chunks

Some topics never seem to be getting over? Divide those topics into small parts and save yourself from frustration. Read a part, take a break and come back for another round. 

5. Do frequent revisions of each chapter

Schedule revision similar to how you schedule your studies. Minimum two rounds of revision are needed for each topic. While revising, you can also practice more questions on the topic. Oswal Gurukul ICSE Chapter Wise Objective and Subjective question bank has 6800 practice questions. Enough to master each subject.

6. Take frequent breaks

Only work and no play make you slow with your studies. Your body needs a break to work at its best. Take power naps or practice the Pomodoro technique to perform well. 

7. Cultivate a hobby

Hobbies serve as a great escape, and you come back to studies stronger. Not only this, a few hobbies make you a better student too—for example, reading, yoga, painting, etc. 

8. Focus on your presentation 

As the ICSE exam has subjective questions, it’s important to work on presentation skills.  

  • Work on your handwriting
  • Draw small diagrams wherever necessary
  • Underline important keywords
  • Be precise with your answers 

9. Solve sample papers

Sample papers are a boon. They take away exam fear and help you assess your preparation. Solve 6-8 sample papers, and you are ready to face the bull by the horn. Woohoo.

Pro tip: Time yourself while solving these sample papers. It will help to devise a strategy for the final exam. 

And the list doesn’t end here. Do you want to know all the important topics where students got hiccups? Then, keep reading.

Solve sample papers

Bonus: Word of advice by experts for all major ICSE 10th subjects

Here are the important topics where students got stuck in the past.  These topics deserve one extra round of revision. 

1. Physics

  • Drawing circuit diagram
  • Numerical problems based on electricity
  • Cases of resonance, forced vibrations, free vibrations
  • Graphs on calorimetry
  • Problems on calorimetry
  • Numerical problems based on heat
  • Numerical on ratio concept
  • Heat capacity and specific heat capacity
  • Questions related to wavelength, amplitude, frequency
  • Connection of live, neutral and earth wire with the appliance
  • Difference between the use of a fuse in a normal circuit and a power circuit
  • Completing the nuclear reactions in reverse order

2. Chemistry

  • Components of alloys and their application
  • Froth flotation and roasting
  • Thermite welding, ores and main components of alloys
  • Catalysts used in various industrial processes
  • Gasses involved in reactions
  • Reaction of ammonia with excess chlorine and vice versa
  • Drawing of isomers
  • Difference between the terms dehydration and dehydrogenation
  • Difference in structure of an aldehyde and alcohol
  • IUPAC nomenclature and structures of organic compounds

3. Mathematics

  • Problems based on graph
  • Statistics- Calculation of central tendency of grouped frequency distribution,  finding mean by using step-deviation method
  • Probability

4. Biology

  • Internal structure of heart
  • Functions of WBCs, RBCs
  • Effect of CO poisoning
  • Difference between Carbaminohemoglobin and Carboxyhaemoglobin.
  • Structural differences between artery and vein.
  • Importance of Hepatic portal vein.
  • Parts of the brain, ear, eyeball and their functions.
  • Parts of Membranous labyrinth.
  • Structure and significance of nephron

5. Computer

  • Type casting
  • Public and private members
  • Array programs
  • Sorting techniques
  • Extraction of character or word from string 
  • String sorting and string library functions

6. Civics

  • Differences between criminal, sessions, district and civil court 
  • Powers of the President and Prime Minister 
  • Differences between the cabinet ministers and the council of ministers
  • Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court

7. History 

  • Causes of the First World War
  • Ideologies of Fascism and Nazism.
  • Cause of World War II
  • Functions of WHO, UNICEF, United Nations, UNO and UNESCO
  • Objectives of Non-Aligned Movement

8. Geography

  • Map pointing 
  • Mining areas of minerals
  • Industrial use of copper
  • Offshore oil fields
  • Cropping seasons
  • Agriculture–Definition and explanation of the terms
  • Cottage, cotton and sugar industries
  • How transport helps in industrial growth
  • Location of petrochemical industries
  • Waste segregation and reuse
  • Sources of gaseous waste
  • Inland waterways and overseas transport

We covered all the major tips that will help you ace the exam. You can join Oswal telegram channel for further resources like free study material, quizzes, ICSE latest news, and much more. 

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