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How To Be A Good Student: 50 Good Habits for Students 


What marks the line between general students and successful students? While the number of reasons could be many, a single point sets the difference. 

The latter practices good habits for students to achieve successful feats. The routines are the framework that helps a student proceed ahead toward their goals. 

In this article, we will take you through the top habits for students that serve excellent results in school and in different areas of your life. 

50 Good Habits for Students 

good habits for students

Before we move further to the list of best student habits, it’s important to know the essential components for a growing and healthy academic life. 

They are: 

  • Sound physical health energizes the student for all-around activities. 
  • A sound emotional being that helps the students be positive towards life. 
  • A disciplined lifestyle that helps students ace various adversaries even in later stages of life. 
  • Self-Motivation enables students to work hard for their goals. 

Now goes the list of best student habits that every student should focus on developing. 

1. Schedule Your Calendar with Important Dates and Events 

Scheduling your calendar with key events comes on the list of good daily habits for students. Using a calendar for your school-related activities will help you stay organized and never miss out on important events. 

You can either go for a physical calendar or Google Calendar to write down the important exam dates, project submissions, presentation deadlines, homework, etc. 

This will help you avoid last-minute hassles. 

2. Divide Your Schedule and Never Multitask 

Multitasking never makes a place in the list of good habits for students. You should focus on one thing at a time. 

Keep your study schedule, relaxing time, and family and friends time separate. During the time you are studying, break down the significant segments into smaller chunks. When you finish a section, reward yourself with a short break or some soft music. 

Dividing your work and daily routine into different sections will help you be more productive with your studies. 

3. Keep a Distraction-Free Study Space

A must include in the list of students’ best habits is creating a distraction-free study area. When you study, your entire focus must be on your lessons. 

Create your study space in a noise-free area and ensure you have all the necessary study items on your table. In case of an exception, you’ll keep searching for the materials here and there, leading to distraction and wasting time. 

There mustn’t be any compromise with setting up a peaceful study space that yields high productivity. 

4. Take Regular Notes 

Everybody talks about taking notes, but what contribution does it make in your student life? 

One of the good habits for students is taking notes regularly. Not only does it help to be an active participant in the class, but it helps you squeeze out the topics when the exam is nearing. What’s better than rereading your complete textbook? It’s revising your notes. 

Taking notes also helps you speed up your writing pace and enables you to cover the questions on the exam on time. 

5. Ask Questions Whenever in Doubt

Why do you attend school? To learn. 

In this learning process, there might be scenarios where you’re unable to understand a particular part or a topic. In such cases reaching out to your teachers is the best option as they’ll clear your doubts instantly. 

Many students hesitate to ask and keep it to themselves without asking. This is not at all an appropriate student habit. What’s the purpose of going to school if you miss out on the crucial areas? 

6. Network With Like-minded People 

You meet different people in your regular life. Who you choose to spend time with directly influences your behaviour. 

A good habit for students is connecting and spending time with like-minded people. Associating with individuals with a growth mindset helps you do well in different segments. 

Spending time with like-minded individuals will help you explore new corners, come across the way they think, and positively impact your thought. This person will also advise you on various methods of improving your life. 

7. Come out of Your Comfort Zone 

Do you know what the best way to develop confidence in student life is? It’s coming out of your comfort zone and exploring corners you’re afraid of. 

It is undoubtedly challenging to face your fears in one go. Therefore, take it slow and move a step ahead. Every time action counts, it gradually helps you get out of your comfort zone. 

One of the best practices in student life is deciding to break your comfort zone and dive into unknown corners. 

8. Clarify Doubts on the Same Day 

One of the many good habits for students is effective communication with the teachers and clearing doubts instantly. Many keep it for later hours and eventually forget it with time. If you follow a similar routine, it’s time to discard that right away. 

If you have a doubt, consider asking it your teacher immediately and clear it at the moment. If you keep it for later, chances are high you’ll be interested in getting into the topic, and it will skip your mind. 

Adapting to this good practice will help you to keep up with the concerned material. 

9. Preparing a Study Time Table for An Upcoming Exam 

One of the other good habits for students is setting up a comprehensive study timetable when an exam is nearing. A precise study timetable is helpful because it gives you time for revision, reviewing your notes, and solving sample questions. 

You might follow a regular study schedule to prepare your lesson, do assignments, complete project work, and finish your homework. But with an exam coming up, you’ll need to make changes accordingly in your schedule. 

Go through the exam dates and jot them down. Then, prepare a study timetable allocating separate dates to the respective subjects based on their exam dates.

10. Set Up Reminders on your Phone 

One of the best habits for students is setting regular reminders to avoid missing any critical functions in the day. 

In these digital days, setting a reminder on your phone is not a task of worry. Simply put it on your phone with the concerned time. You can set reminders for essential assignment tasks, lesson plans, and an important call with the teacher.

The timely reminders will not let you go off track. 

11. Complete Pending Assignments Before Time

tips on how to be a good student

One of the many good habits for students is finishing the due assignments before time. 

There’s nothing grosser than finding an assignment pending with tomorrow’s due date. Would you like to be a part of the last-minute hassle? I assume no. 

Therefore, ensure you check your homework list at least once daily to see if a due date is near. This will help you conclude the assignments on time and submit it to the concerned authorities without delay. 

12. Before Lessons or Work, Get Rid of All Distractions 

One of the most important things for students to remember is getting rid of all the distractions before starting with study lessons or going for meaningful work. 

A distracted mind will not let you focus on your lesson or work and will divert your mind to external thoughts. Ensure that you keep away any kind of distraction before you start with an important task. 

Muting social media app notifications, gaming apps, and switching off the televisions are recommended before you start your study lessons. 

13. Be in the Habit of Doing Homework Regularly

Do you know the secret success recipe of successful students? They never keep their tasks pending. 

Be it an assignment, a home assignment, or a work assignment in the class; they keep it until the next day. It’s now or never for them. Developing good student habits starts with taking your task and studies seriously without delaying them for later hours. 

If homework is due within a few days, consider doing that today. If the teacher has asked to work on a particular project in the class, do it immediately and get it checked from them. 

14. Take Breaks In Between 

While staunch study sessions are essential to improve your grades, studying for long hours might cause monotony. 

Therefore, consider taking short breaks between your lessons, at least once an hour. Your brain will gather fresh energy between the gap and help you with a mood boost as you get back to your study table after the break. 

15. Reward Yourself After Major Task Completion

You might think gifts are rewards for junior kids, but it’s not. Even for middle and high school students, this system can work wonders. 

Set a goal for every lesson plan and try to achieve it. Once you accomplish the task, reward yourself with small rewards like a short walk in the nearby park or having a few spoons of ice cream. 

16. Keep Your Notes and Tasks Organized

There’s no better agony than having your notes scattered across your table or room. Collecting the piles and gathering them back to place takes up much of your time. What should you do? 

The answer is simple. Keep your notes organized in a file or a large folder to avoid any such scenario. One of the top good habits for students is maintaining an organized lifestyle. 

Organizing your materials is also a significant step towards leading a disciplined lifestyle. 

17. Allot at least 10 Minutes a Day to Reading 

Examples show many successful students make reading a part of their daily routine. It’s a magic formula to improve your vocabulary, general knowledge, and current awareness. 

Ensure allotting a minimum of 10 minutes a day for general reading. Be it an article on the ongoing events or your favourite novel, developing the habit of regular reading is vital in student life. 

18. Reach Out for Help When Necessary

Self-help is the best help, and you must not depend on others to solve your problems. However, there might be demanding situations where you’ll need help from your elders, teachers, or even friends. 

Without hesitation, reach out to them and discuss the significant problems you’re facing. Being open and communicative about your issues with older people can help you crack the lock to complicated doors. 

Asking for help whenever necessary is a good habit that students must be aware of. 

19. Read and Learn Something Outside the School Syllabus 

One of the significant good habits for students is learning something different outside the school syllabus. Your exams have a prescribed syllabus but are life also the same? The answer is no. 

Learning something outside the syllabus and broadening your knowledge are among the most critical practices that help you lifelong. 

20. Spend Some Time Analyzing How Your Day Go

good habits for student

Before you go to sleep, consider spending a few minutes reflecting on how the day went for you. Try figuring out the positives and negatives and think about what could be done better for a brighter tomorrow.

If it feels a bit burdening, consider doing it weekly rather than daily. After your analysis, think of some practical strategies to help you with a brighter tomorrow. 

21. Spend Time Relaxing 

Another must include in the list of good habits for students is spending time with yourself and relaxing your mind. 

Consider pursuing your hobby during this hour, like gardening, listening to music, catching up with your diary, or anything you like. 

Spending time with yourself and allowing yourself some relaxation speeds you up for a more productive tomorrow. 

22. Get Enough Sleep 

We had an extensive discussion on the good habits for studying. Now, let’s look at the practices you should follow to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

How’d you prepare for long lessons or work on the complete assignments without being physically fit? The main path to healthy well-being is getting enough night’s sleep. 

It is among the top good habits for students that you must not ignore. Having eight hours of sleep at night is a must for you not to feel dizzy all day long. 

A pair of tiring eyes will restrict your abilities to perform or carry out the tasks properly. 

23. Schedule a Bedtime Routine 

A bedtime routine will help you enter the “sleep mode” soon after you get on your bed. Create a simple pattern and follow it regularly. It can somewhat look like this: 

  • Revise your lessons or read your favourite storybook 
  • Journal for a few minutes 
  • Tune in your favourite music or a relaxing, sleeping sound 
  • Turn off the lights 

24. Go to Bed Early and Get Up Early 

We have heard the proverb, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wise.” 

An early sleep schedule helps you get up early and never lets you miss an important event. Early morning studies in a refreshed mind also help keep the topics inside your brain for long. 

Nurturing this habit from your school days will guide you to lead a disciplined lifestyle. 

25. Sleeping and Getting Up Time Must be the Same Everyday 

One of the best good habits for students is following the same sleep schedule daily, i.e., going to sleep and waking up roughly at the same time. 

Being consistent with a routine helps you have an organized lifestyle. Deviating from the schedule might be a significant distraction you can’t afford in student life. 

26. Have Your Breakfast Within 30 Minutes of Waking Up 

Eating early breakfast is among the best student habits you must never ignore. 

Many students find excuses to miss breakfast, but that’s a grave mistake. It’s the most important meal of the day that serves you energy for a productive time ahead. 

Make sure to have breakfast at least within 30 minutes of getting up.

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27. Keep 15 Minutes of the Day for Exercise 

Regular exercise is among the top good habits for students, and they must follow it strictly. 

It might be going for morning walks daily or an evening walk. You can also go for freehand exercise in your home. Keep at least 15 minutes of the day to this part. 

With time, you’ll learn that regular body movement helps you be more energetic towards your daily tasks. 

28. Take a Minimum of Eight Glasses of Water during a Day 

The health benefits of drinking adequate water are undeniable. Almost everyone knows this, but hardly a few follow this. 

Living a healthy and sound life must be your priority as a student. Doing so will need you to take care of your body. 

Make a habit of drinking enough water for the day, and you’ll greatly benefit from it. 

29. Be Early for a Class or an Appointment 

One of the significant good habits for students is never running late for classes or an appointment unless there’s a case emergency. You should build the habit of being early to your class, at least five minutes before. 

It helps you create a good impression on the teachers and encourages you for a disciplined life. Moreover, a last-minute rush to the class will cost much of your time to settle down. 

Hence, schedule your routine such that you’re hardly late for an event, a class, or an appointment. 

30. Clear Your Study Space at the Day End

habits of successful students

Once you finish your studies and wrap up your lesson, ensure you clear your study space. Keep the books organized and place them where they belong. 

If they lie scattered on your table, it’ll create a mess when you start your lessons tomorrow. So, clearing your study space before the day ends is necessary for a fresh start the day after. 

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31. Take on the Difficult Task When You’re Most Productive 

Take on the most challenging task when you’re most productive during the day. 

Facing your challenges with a refreshed body and mind will help you find new solutions to the problems. Many students tend to escape their fears which is not a good habit. 

Take up challenges during the most productive hour of the day to yield some fruitful outcomes. 

32. Practice Gratitude 

If you have a shelter on your head with some fantastic family members and living friends besides, you have enough to thank life for. 

Many individuals complain about not having this or that, but they forget to appreciate what they already have. Practicing gratitude from your school days is among the significant good habits for students. 

Write down at least one thing you are grateful for. Be it your family, friends, or anything you thank God for. 

33. Practice Deep Breathing for Two Minutes 

Not only in student life, but stress will be your life-long companion. However, there’s a quick way to relieve it. 

Studies show deep breathing to be linked with the process of decreasing stress. We recommend you practice this habit at least once a day or whenever you feel stressed by the massive burden of assignment piles or nearing exam dates. 

It will also help you to increase your willpower. 

34. Be Kind 

Performing a generous act of kindness at least once a day will give you a peaceful feeling. This one of the significant good habits for students will not take much of your time. 

It can be anything like recognizing someone’s efforts, complimenting someone, giving up a seat in the metro or bus, or tipping a man in need. 

35. Go Through Motivational Study Quotes 

The long pages of the textbooks or extensive assignment briefs can sometimes be burdening. 

To come out of the stress, we recommend developing the habit of reading inspirational study quotes

The powerful messages conveyed by legends will help you feel more confident about yourself and face the dark time boldly. 

36. Get Out in the Sun At least Once a Day 

There might be days when you don’t have school or have no plans to go outside. In such cases, consider getting out in the sun for at least a few minutes. 

Getting under the sun daily is among the significant good habits for students because it enriches brain functioning, promotes healthy body movements, and ensures quality sleep. 

37. Revise Your Homework After Completing it 

As you near the end of your homework, your mind begins to occupy you with thoughts of what you will do next after completing it. 

One of the best ways to be a great student is to review your assignment or homework in detail, looking for the potential mistakes and correcting those before ticking the ‘Complete’ box. 

This habit will lower the chances of costly mistakes in your homework. 

38. Spend Time with Your Family 

Many younger students think it’s cool to ignore family and be busy with their stuff and schedules. Well, it is never a good habit. 

Family is among the most precious assets in the world, and you must never take it for granted. Spend time with your family, talk to your elders, and have some lovely moments with your siblings if you have any. 

A good family man is always a good socializer. 

39. Play Outdoor 

With the great revolution in the digital space, students are stuck with the internet, phones, and video games outside studies. 

A sound development of the brain and body functions needs fresh air. Therefore developing the habit of playing outdoors with your mates could be a great way to stay fit. 

40. Save Money

list of good habits for students

Saving money is an essential life skill. Practicing this good habit for students from your school life will benefit you in the long run. 

You can get a piggy bank and start collecting pennies there. You’ll be overwhelmed to see how it grows over time. 

41. Restrict Screen Time 

With everything being digital, it’s nearly impossible to restrict yourself from using gadgets. 

But using them in excess could bring not-so-decent consequences. Therefore, develop a habit of using your mobile or playing video games only for a specific time of the day. 

Limiting your screen time is among the significant examples of good habits. 

42. Be Friendly

Many students are being rude or unhelpful to their peers. Growing up with this habit will never help you in the long run. 

Be kind and helpful to your friends, adopt a polite attitude and enjoy your student life. This way you’ll get friends and memories for life.  

43. Maintain Cleanliness 

One of the most significant good habits for students is maintaining cleanliness and a neat lifestyle. Your habits have a clear reflection on your lifestyle. 

Make sure you clean your study desk, keep your room clean, and keep the cupboard organized. 

44. Maintain Personal Hygiene

Good habits for students also include following healthy personal hygiene.

Brushing your teeth after you wake up and before going to sleep, taking regular showers, washing hands before and after eating, and using a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing come under these practices.  

45. Follow Good Manners

Adhering to good etiquette is among the essential tips to succeed in student life and afterwards. 

Saying sorry when you’re wrong, thank you when someone gives you something, being empathetic to someone who needs this, and not interfering while the elders talk is some of the best habits you must adopt as a student. 

46. Always Share 

Sharing is caring, and that’s what makes today’s selfless world a bit more beautiful. 

Always share your food, toys, and chocolates with your siblings at home or friends in school. This is among the best good habits for students that teach them the value of fellow feeling. 

47. Show Respect 

You must always be respectful to your elders and friends your friends. 

When a teacher enters the room, you must stand. If an elder struggles with getting a seat, lend them the chair. Be kind to your friends. Never disrespect them or their views, even if they don’t match yours. 

This will help you to grow up as a kind and helpful individual. 

48. Be Honest 

Everyone makes mistakes in life, and that’s natural. What’s not is trying to hide it or lying about it. 

If you made a mistake, owe up to it. Always be truthful and never adopt unfair means. 

Honesty is the best policy, and this habit will help you ace great heights in the future. 

49. Help Others in Need 

One of the best habits that you should acquire in your student life is the virtue of helping others. 

If you find someone in need or anybody seeks your help, try lending your hand to them rather than ignoring their call. 

They’ll remember your kindness forever. Your acts always have a way of coming back to you; never forget this line in your life. 

50. Be Patient

best habits for students

You must develop the habit of being patient. There will be stressful situations or demanding scenarios. 

You need to keep yourself calm and be patient with the process to end up on a positive side. Being impatient will only invite further adversaries. 

Wrapping Up 

Student life is the most rewarding and happening time in a human’s life journey. The habits you acquire here stay with you for your entire life. So, speak well, think better and practice best!

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