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What To Eat Before An Exam

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Happy tummy= Happy mind. It’s an exam day, and your stuffed mind got to be happy too. And as much as those aloo parathas make you giggle, they aren’t the best choice. Taking care of diet before an exam is another level of preparation you may not wish to get into. I hear you. Let’s make it simpler. Keep reading to get a list of what to (and not to) eat before an exam.

7 Ford Perfect For Exam Morning

1.  Banana

You pulled off an allnighter. There is no time to cook breakfast or grab one on the way. Bananas are here to save you. It is rich in nutrients, keeps you full, light on the stomach, and is good for the brain. Any reason to say no to it? Oh, you don’t like its taste? Then keep reading to get more options.

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2. Orange

The juicy citrus fruit gives an instant freshness. In addition, it’s rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. But why should you care? Wait, quickly getting there. A study shows orange increases alertness and concentration. Exactly what you need on exam day. Ready to pick an orange? 

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3. Dark chocolate and cocoa products

You don’t even need research to support this. It’s super clear chocolate gives you an instant dose of happiness. Still, I found this research that shows the positive effects of chocolate on stress. Yes, it’s a struggle to stay calm, especially if it’s a board exam. But dark chocolate can do the magic. Are you taking a bite already?

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4. Eggs

This superfood is simple to cook and keeps you full for ample time. In the long run, eggs also increase memory. Of course, one day can’t do the trick, but you have many exams to give. 

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5. Any source of complex carbs

After months of preparation, it’s the day, and you need the energy to deal with it. Oatmeal, cereal, muesli and chapati gives you the right amount of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs are high in nutrients and digest slowly. The slow energy released by it is ideal for dealing with a long exam day.

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6. Nuts

Nuts are a go-to snack and the best thing you can carry during travel to exams. 4-5 pieces, and you feel full already. There is good news too. A study found that eating nuts also improves brain functions with time. 

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7. Green vegetables

Light on the stomach and easy to digest. Green vegetables can never be the wrong choice. In addition, it also improves brainpower. What other reason do you need to eat a spinach curry with chapati on exam morning?

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Pro tip: Drink enough water and carry a water bottle.

What not to eat before an exam

Much more than knowing what to eat, it’s important to know what not to. Things can go wrong(like seriously) here.

1. Greasy, fried foods

Save aloo paratha, puri, kachori, samosa for another day. Eat it the next day to celebrate the completion of exams. These foods are tough to digest and can make you feel sleepy. The worst, it can make you uneasy too. You got to deal with the exam paper, not the stomach trouble. 

2. Sugary juices and sodas

The ready to drink juices and sodas give you an instant sugar rush way more than you need. In addition, it can make you feel jittery. The worst part is these drinks are dehydrating and will make you feel thirsty again and again.

3. Don’t try any new foods

Do not mess up with the system. Want to try a peanut butter sandwich for a long time? Save for another date. Your body is already going to deal with a test. It’s doesn’t need another surprise(even if it’s a good one)

Pro tip: Do not eat less. Exams are not the right time to diet. 

Now, you have a complete menu on what to eat before an exam. This was a fun list to put together. I’m feeling hungry already. I got to go. Oh, sorry, wait—all the best for exams. Do well!

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