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51 Interesting Things To Learn Online

51 Interesting Things To Learn Online 1

Planned to study and picked up a phone to put it on silent but started browsing instead? Hours later, the book remains untouched. Does that sound like you? Then you are at the right place. Indians spend nearly 6 hours online every day. 6 hours is a lot, and can it be spent wisely? Yes, there are many productive things to do online when bored. 

Here are 51 interesting things to learn online for free or at a fairly nominal fee.

1. Coding

Mark Zuckerberg started coding at ‌8, and Bill Gates at 13. Learning to code at an early age increases problem-solving skills and helps to think algorithmically. To learn to code, you can explore courses on Udemy or Coursera. Geekforgeeks and Tutorialspoint are good blogs to start with. 

Career tip: Coding knowledge will help you enter the software field in the future, which is one of the highest paying fields in India. 

2. Dancing

Always ready to put on dancing shoes? Become a pro by learning to dance online. You can hire a personal trainer or book a group coaching program through UrbanPro.

Below are three YouTube channels that share easy choreography for beginners. 

  • Deepak Tulsyan
  • Pawan Dance class
  • TeamNaach

Career tip: You can become a professional dancer in which you charge for performances. Alternatively, you can choreograph events. For a regular source of income, you can teach dance too. 

3. Photography

Can you go back to the past? Yes, you can. Photos give a chance to revisit the past. Photography is a fun and profitable hobby to have. You can find good content on Skillshare and YouTube related to photography. You can also start an Instagram page, build a community and grow together. 

Career tip: Wedding, maternity, newborn child, company event, business inauguration: Every second event needs a photographer, and if you develop the skill, there are enough projects out there. 

4. Cooking

Is there another hobby giving maximum reward in minimum expenses like cooking? I bet you said no. India is a beautifully diverse country, and even exploring all the popular Indian dishes itself will take years. YouTube also gives access to many international recipes. 

Here are three must-follow food bloggers in India. Check out their recipes to explore new dishes. 

  • The Terrace Kitchen
  • Nisha Madhulika
  • BharatzKitchen

Did we miss your favourite channel by chance? Do let us know about it below.

Career tip: You can get into the culinary industry as a restaurant chef, pastry chef, home baker, or manager. There is huge career potential in food as well. 

5. New Language

Language is also one of the interesting things to learn online. A study by Dr. Thomas Bak, a lecturer at Edinburgh’s School, shows knowing multiple languages boosts the brain. Are you interested in learning one? Duolingo offers classes for 35+ languages. 

Career tip: Learning a language also opens doors for translator, recruiter, corporate trainer, or writer jobs. 

6. Prepare For Competitive Exams

Errr… what? Are competitive exams interesting? Yes, they can be if you study from the right source. You can get a lot of authentic resources online and it is one of the most important yet interesting things to learn online. Apps like Bankersadda create fun daily challenges for students preparing for Banking exams. 

Below, 3 Youtube channels deliver engaging content for competitive exams.  

  • Unacademy 
  • BYJUs
  • Study IQ

7. Prepare For Board Exams Online

Wait! Preparing for board exams, that too over the internet? Well, the internet makes even board exams one of the most interesting things to learn online. Board exams are a crucial stepping stone in students’ lives. Oswal Publishers strives to make these learning experiences fun for you by sharing bite-size quizzes, news, memes and becoming your partner in the entire board’s preparation.

Join our Telegram Channel to prepare for boards in a fun way.

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8. Sustainability

Do you love nature and wish to learn more about its conservation? You can register for a course in Environment natural resources and sustainable development on Swayam. It is an online learning portal created by the Government of India, hosting free courses for learners across all age groups. This is one of the interesting things to learn online, which many people are unaware of.

9. Animation or Editing

For the creative ones who want to try their hands at animation, there is an excellent free animation course at Khan Academy. It deals with the nitty-gritty of steps involved in making animated movies.

Career tip: Editing and animation are huge industries now. As a result, animators are always in demand.

10. Food and Nutrition

The gut is the second brain. Learning about nutrition will help you lead a healthy life in the long run. There are courses available on edX and FutureLearn on nutrition. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar talks about the importance of clean food. You can also explore her channel to learn about nutrition.  Nutritionists even upskill themselves by educating themselves online. 

Career tip: If you get certified, you can work as a nutritionist full-time or part-time. 

51 Interesting Things To Learn Online 2

11. Robotics

We bet this is one of the interesting things to learn online you never knew. Robots have the power to automate dangerous or repetitive jobs. For example, hospitals used robots to give food and medicine to Covid-19 affected patients in the past. If you are curious about how robots are made and wish to create a robot of your own, you can join the 6-week robotics course on Future Learn. The modules cover everything from the history of robotics to commanding a robot on your own. 

Career tip: Robotics engineering is a high-end professional career in India with an average annual salary of 4.1 lakhs per annum. 

12. Pet Care

Pet care is another one of the most interesting things to learn online. If you slowly become good with pets, you can also become a pet sitter. There is a growing need for pet sitters as offices reopen, and it’s an exciting way to earn some pocket money. And everyone wants some extra bucks, right?

13. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a tool which helps you throughout your life—be it a college assignment or a proposal at the office. Excel can be your best friend in putting forward interesting data. The good news is you can learn it at home. Microsoft offers free Excel classes online on edX to learn fundamental and advanced Excel skills. Excel can change your professional life and is one of the most interesting things to learn online. There are many tiny aspects/tips/tricks you come across online that will make your work easier. 

14. Blogging

It is way easier than before to set up a blog online. Go to WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or Wix and simply set up your blog. You can talk about your interests like food, personal experiences, travel, fashion, etc. A niche will help you get more eyeballs. Statistics say a blogger earns anywhere between 100$ and 10000$ a month. So now is a good time to start your blog and explore one among the interesting things to learn online.

15. Minimalism

In the current Instagram generation, where everything has to be picture-perfect, minimalism keeps you away from fakeness. Minimalism is a lifestyle where you own fewer things only which add value to your life. So, you don’t end up buying 20 pens on a stationery haul but 2 to 3 pens, which you will use. You can get interesting content on minimalism on YouTube and also get courses on Udemy. 

16. Yoga

Yoga is not only one of the most interesting things to learn online but one of the most healthy habits too. Yoga takes care of both your physical and mental health. By learning yoga at a young age, you will sow seeds for a bright future. You can check out online yoga courses and even book private 1-on-1 sessions. Are you ready to enrol yourself in yoga sessions and be fit?

Career tip: You can become a yoga instructor in an institute or teach yoga independently. 

17. Mandala Art

Mandala art relaxes your mind and increases your concentration. Both factors have a direct impact on studies. Looking for interesting things to learn online? Why not pick mandala art? You can buy the mandala kit on Amazon. You can also get tutorials on YouTube, Udemy and Skillshare.

Career tip: You can easily set up an online store to sell your art or tie-up with a physical store.  

18. Interior Designing

Do you wish to make a career in Interior design in the future? You can take up a course now to learn the basics and check if you actually enjoy the work. Here are a few popular self-paced courses:

  • Diploma in Interior Design by Alison
  • How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro by Udemy
  • Interior Design Course by Shaw Academy

19. Youtubing

Becoming a YouTube influencer is a new legit profession. And even kids as young as three years old are ruling the internet. You can easily learn the basics of shooting good videos and editing them by browsing YouTube. If you have been in search of one of the most interesting things to learn online, YouTube is your best friend. 

20. Podcasting

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the podcast market boomed in India. It involves less effort than YouTube videos and has more meaningful content. You can find courses on podcasting in FutureLearn, Skillshare and Buffer. Do you know why it is one of the most interesting things to learn online? It is because this is an audio platform and camera shy people can even rock this game. 


21. Sewing

Sewing is another skill that increases your focus and teaches you patience. Are you patient with your studies? Learn to sew and become one. Also, how cool would be the freedom to design your own clothes? Here are a few popular courses:

  • Sewing Essentials by Udemy
  • Sewing 101–The Basics by Skillshare
  • Sewing Machine 101: Make Your First Dress by Domestika

Career tip: If you enjoy sewing beautiful dresses, opening your boutique would be great.

22. Film making

Can filmmaking also be one of the interesting things to learn online? Hell yes. Do you have a story in mind and dream of making a movie? Nowadays, even smartphones have such good cameras that you can make a movie on your phone. You can find courses on screenwriting, short filmmaking, and video production on FutureLearn and Alison.  

Career tip: There are many roles in filmmaking, like director, casting director, set designer, production engineer, and more. Interning or working as an assistant is a good way to start. 

23. App Designing

Does coding attract you? 

Do you wish to freelance for some extra income?

Do you have a problem in mind that you can solve with an app?

Learn app development on Coursera/Udacity, and you may be the next one recognised by CSIR Innovation award for school children.

Here are a few courses you can explore to learn app designing:

Career tip: With almost every business coming online, an app is a must, and so is the need for app designers. 

24. Website Designing

No-code platforms like Wix and WordPress are gaining visibility where you can easily drag/drop features to create a website. You don’t even need a course. Create an account on these platforms, explore for some time, and you will be good to go. Website designing is not rocket science, yet one of the most interesting things to learn online. All you need is the internet and some spare time for yourself. 

Career tip: A website is non-negotiable for almost every second business. So if you enjoy creating websites, opportunities are endless. 

25. Soap Making

Tired of the market products and wish to experiment with skincare? Try making your own soaps at home. You can easily find blogs on soap making. Making soaps yourself means you can control chemical composition. And who knows what if you start your own soap business in the future? 

26. Baking

Love cookies, pastries, brownies, cupcakes and cake? Baking them are really interesting things to learn online. Hit YouTube and find a good recipe. You could be a home baker, too. And surprise, surprise. A home baker can earn anywhere between 10000 INR and 25000 INR a month. 

27. Creative Writing

Bitten by a creative bug? Want to write stories, poems or a memoir? Learn to write online by the famous author, Ruskin Bond. His creative writing classes are affordable, and you hear from the horse’s mouth. Creative writing has a huge demand in the industry, and it is perfect for you if you are really into writing. 

Career tip: If you have a way with words, copywriting, journalism, and blogging can earn you great money while doing what you love.

28. Content Writing

Content writing is writing for marketing purposes like blogs, mailers, social media content, etc. In addition, it is one of the most popular areas for students to freelance. Are you interested in learning content writing and making some quick buck on the side? Check out this free content writing courses list curated by Pepper content. 


29. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is creating visual content for educational or marketing purposes. Are you a visual thinker? Use your artistic capability and learn graphic designing from the below courses/tutorials:

  • Graphic Design by Cal Arts on Coursera
  • Piximperfect on YouTube
  • Satori Graphics on YouTube
  • Graphic Design Elements for Non-Designers on Coursera

Career tip: You can start your journey as a graphic designer if you have a knack for drawing or you have learned drawing in the past. This profession does not require any technical skills. 

30. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an independent freelancer who provides remote administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients. So virtual assistants work from home. For example, if a client has a Facebook page in which he gets many comments and messages, he can hire a virtual assistant to reply to all of them. You can read more about virtual assistant work here

31. Data Entry

As the name suggests, data entry is entering or updating data on a computer. It can be easily done remotely. So you can be a freelance data entry operator alongside your studies. Checkout below courses to learn data entry:

  • Data entry course for beginners on Udemy
  • Learn data entry and work at home with best way on Udemy
  • Xero online accounting – the practical data entry course on Udemy

Basic computer knowledge is enough to become a data entry specialist. 

32. Drawing/Painting

In the middle of hectic exam preparation, you need some stress buster. Drawing or painting can be your partner for those stressful days. You can take free drawing classes on Klinecreative and acrylic painting courses on Udemy. There are a lot of art varieties that art teachers might not teach in schools and institutes. But you get to learn an infinite number of painting forms over the internet.

Career tip: Potential careers if you have a knack for drawing/painting are artist, art therapist, illustrator, comic artist, and teacher. 

33. Guitar

Wanting to play the guitar for a while? Studies show guitar is an excellent exercise for the brain. Take online lessons from GuitarLessons and Justin Guitar. Also, try using YouTube guitar lessons for free. All you would need is a guitar, a notebook, a pen, a good internet connection and some time for you to practice.  Isn’t it one of the most interesting things to learn online?

Career tip: Thinking of making a career in music? You can become a music composer, band guitarist or teacher. 

34. Calligraphy

Calligraphy increases memory retention — one skill that will definitely help you with your studies. And it is one of the most interesting things to learn online, with no additional expense. Try out learning from YouTube.

Also, you can learn it step by step with the below courses:

  • Modern Calligraphy on Skillshare
  • Calligraphy for Beginners on Skillshare
  • Calligraphy Essentials on Skillshare

35. Makeup

Do you dream of becoming a makeup artist in the future? You can get a taste of it by taking online makeup classes from Skillshare or Lakme Academy. Especially when you have Indian makeup influencers like Malvika Sitlani, Mrunal Panchal, and Shreya Jain as an inspiration. Did we miss out on your favourite makeup influencer? Do let us know in the comments. 

36. Singing

Singing releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins and is super relaxing. You can learn it online at Skillshare, Shankar Mahadevan Academy and Udemy. Are you aware that even Neha Kakkar has started giving singing classes online?

37. Gardening

Gardening teaches you responsibility. Plants are delicate and need regular care. Learn gardening online? Yes, you can.  A Way to Garden and Tenth Acre Farm are good blogs to start your gardening study. Not to forget, you can even explore YouTube to learn gardening.

Career tip: If you are fascinated by plants, a career in horticulture would be a great idea. 

38. Voiceover

If you have an incredible voice, you can become a voice artist for radio, television, films or other types of content. The pay is decent, where voiceover artists get paid 750 INR per hour on an average in India. Popular courses of voiceover are:

  • Voice Over Masterclass — Official DIY Guide to Voice Acting on Skillshare
  • Recording Vocals Like a Pro: Nail Recording Techniques and Acoustics on Skillshare
  • The Business of Voiceover: How to be a Working Voice Actor on Skillshare
  • Voice-Over Marketing: Get More Voice Over Jobs in Less Time! On Udemy

39. Social Media Marketing

Post pandemic, many companies are bringing their businesses online. These businesses need social media managers who can manage their Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms. You can create your own account on these platforms and learn how they work. Further, you can approach these companies for a part-time social media manager role.  

40. Digital Art

Digital art is art created digitally using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It’s a refreshing activity and doesn’t need a lot of preparation to get into. Get started by reading the ultimate guide to digital art. Learning digital art at no cost is one of the most interesting things to learn online for free. Isn’t it?

Career tip: While there are limited career options, you can explore designing images for games, magazines, or any organisation. 


41. Meditation

Meditation reduces negative feelings and increases focus, which positively impacts your studies. Do you find it hard to meditate? You can take guided meditation on Headspace and Calm apps. These apps are recommended after a number of tests and trials. Hope this helps.

42. Audio Transcription

With online content consumption increasing every day, there is a need for audio transcription services where one converts audio to text. Rev, Transcribe and Veed are a few tools which can help in this process. You can use a tool first and further manually proofread content. Alternatively, you can do the entire process manually by listening to the audio. You can also offer this service as a freelancer if you learn these basics. 

43. Video Captioning

YouTube is on the rise. With more and more YouTubers entering the space, freelancers who can add subtitles to their videos are in demand. Want to learn how to add subtitles? This detailed guide on adding subtitles is available on YouTube itself. So now, go learn it and earn that extra pocket money. 

44. Video Editing

Video editing is a well-paying skill as well as it lets out creative juices. YouTube tutorials are good to start with video editing. Just search for the editing tool you wish to learn. 

Here are some of the free video editing tools you can consider as a beginner:

  • Wondershare Filmora
  • VideoPad video editor
  • FilmoraGo

Career tip: If you enjoy video editing, you can join any company as an editor or work as a freelance editor. 

45. Crochet

Learning crochet is simple, and studies show it reduces stress. And you learn an inexpensive craft by which you can even make endless gifts at home. Thesprucecrafts has an elaborate crochet tutorial with detailed blogs and videos to begin with. 

Career tip: You can sell crochet products as a side hustle. 

46. Public Speaking

Public speaking is an art which will help you in any profession you choose — be it a job or business. The ability to communicate clearly has a positive impact on your work life. You can ace public speaking with elaborate courses by entrepreneur Ankur Warikoo

47. Personal Finance

Can money saving also be one of the interesting things to learn online? Yes! Learning about finance early in life gives you a strong base for money management like budgeting, saving, debt, etc. Labour Law Advisor, CA Rachana Phadke Ranade and warikoo are a few YouTube channels you can follow to learn the basics of personal finance. 

Career tip: There are immense career opportunities in the finance sector if you dig deeper and get the required education. Examples of the popular roles are Accountant, Financial Advisor, Risk Specialist, Budget Analyst, etc. 

48.  Roast Coffee Beans At Home

Are you a coffee fan? Now, make it more authentic and aromatic by roasting coffee beans at home. Go to the homeground blog to read a detailed blog on coffee bean roasting. Roasting coffee brings out an amazing aroma which gives you pleasure and is a treat to your senses. Even roasting coffee is an art. Would you try it?

49. Acting

Acting expands your mind, teaches you empathy, and makes you think on your feet. Drama school Mumbai started an initiative, You can learn storytelling, body language, voice modulation and much more from veterans on this platform. Dreaming of creating a career out of acting? Start upskilling yourself online today!

50. Shoe Designing

Always attracted to trendy footwear? Do you know becoming a footwear designer is a legit profession? Checkout below courses to explore the idea:

  • Sneakers design in illustrator on Udemy
  • Footwear design basics on Udemy
  • Learn footwear design from scratch on Udemy

51. Handicraft

Handicraft connects you back to your roots and teaches you culture. You can find a ton of videos about handicrafts on YouTube, SpruceCrafts and Skillshare. 

Career tip: With an increasing demand for handicraft gifts, learning handicrafts has also become a business opportunity. 

We are at the end of the list of interesting things to learn online. Now, it’s your turn to make most of those 6 hours fruitful. More than browsing social media, use this time on upskilling. 

Happy exploring!

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