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How to Learn Fast for Exam: 10 Ways to Get You on Track

how to learn fast for exam

Many students have the common worry of how to learn fast, when they’re in a new class or studying new chapters. What one should always remember is, studying for long hours isn’t the only gateway to learning faster. Rather, it should be smart study choices that keep one going. 

Are you wondering the ways that could help you grab a concept sooner? Then, this is the correct place you’re in. Here, we will tell you how to learn fast for exam with ten effective ways that will help you memorize your lessons better. 

Sounds great? Keep reading to know how to study fast for exams. 

10 Ways to Learn Fast for Exams and Get on Track 

How can I study without forgetting? If this is something that bothers you always, the upcoming section has something great of your interest. We will cover some great methods that can accelerate your learning process and strengthen your memory too. 

Getting impatient to know those? Let’s find out some of the exciting exam preparation tips and tricks in the section below! 

1. Adopt Different Methods to Learn a Topic 

A significant step in how to learn fast for exam strategy is pursuing different methods to learn a particular topic. Go through the textbooks and class notes for sure but don’t restrict yourself to these only. In this tech-driven era, various online resources provide top-notch data with quality information. 

You can go for them too, to seek new insights about the topics and broaden your perspective. Combining the materials, you can prepare your notes and it’ll help you learn fast and memorize better. This practice can work wonders in the exam and guide you to score good marks in exams

Do you opt for multiple sources to gather information about a topic? 

2. Create a Study Space

how to learn quickly for exams

You’ll find this one in almost every study tip you read. And there you know its importance as one of the major exam tips. Learning faster and memorising the concepts will need you to have a focused study schedule that starts with an amazing study space. 

Now, what do we mean by amazing here? A space with:

  • No distractions like games, television, or anything related 
  • Contains all your required study items in place 
  • Airy and with proper light 

An organised study area will help you concentrate better on your studies and get the lessons processed inside your brain much faster. Following this practice, you will have lesser chances to forget what you read in the later days. 

Do you have a dedicated study space to help you focus more on your exams and memorize faster? 

3. Creating Productivity System 

Do you know the chief component present in the toppers study time table? Its productivity. For creating a solid foundation, many students rely on top productivity means that can upgrade their study schedules and elevate their performance. 

By productivity we mean:

  • Neat study space with every required material present, handy 
  • Effective note-taking when the teacher delivers the lecture in class 
  • Using flow charts or diagrams wherever necessary to have a better demonstration of the concepts 

Adapting these practices will help you stay productive with your lessons and aid in a faster learning process. 

4. Avoid Multitasking 

how to learn for exams

If you want to know how to learn fast for exam, you can’t miss out on this point. Multitasking is the last thing you should be doing while taking your lessons. There are many myths about multitasking. Some opine, being a multitasker can guide one to bigger heights. While it can be true to some extent, the same doesn’t work in the case of studies. 

When you’re pursuing your lessons, your sole focus should be on the study resources and your books. The more sincerely you study, the better it gets inside your brain and the information is rightly stored. But, when you multitask, the attention deviates to something else disrupting your preparation schedule. 

5. Simply the Information to Memorize it Better 

With too much information to compile inside your brain, it might be difficult to remember your lessons for a prolonged time. One of the best memory techniques for studying is relying on acronyms and mnemonic devices wherever it’s possible. 

Following this habit will help you to simplify the information and compress it inside your brain step-wise. You can form a mind map, summary, or flowchart, to remember the lessons and it’ll help to store the readings inside your brain for a long. 

6. Going for Handwritten Notes over Laptops 

how to learn fast

How to prepare for exams conveniently has the most comprehensive answer ever. Relying more on handwritten notes than simply typed texts. 

Lecture delivery has three simple yet effective steps: 

  • Delivery from the teacher 
  • Students’ Intake of Information 
  • Students Processing the Information 

When you take running hand-written notes while the teacher teaches in class, you process the information in your brain and understand the topic more conveniently. Whereas, some students go for random typing of the notes on the laptop. It restricts the information processing part on their end. 

If you want to dedicatedly study for exams and memorize them for a long time, focus on taking running notes that guide in better learning. 

7. Explain Your Concepts to Someone Else 

Another mandatory suggestion that you’ll find in almost every how to learn fast for exam guide is teaching your lessons to someone else. It has amazing benefits like:

  • Teaching the lessons to someone else needs you to repeat the points that can further guide you to discover something new 
  • Explaining the concepts to someone else is also a major form of revision which is an integral part of any preparation strategy 
  • It helps you have a better understanding of the underlying intricacies, learns it fast, and remember it for a longer span. 

How often do you use this method of explaining the lessons to someone else? 

8. Examine Yourself Frequently 

how to study fast

Many students question their professors or teachers on how to learn easily for exams without stressing. One of the best answers to this could be, frequently examining yourself. It’s better termed a ‘Self-test’. Other than reading your notes and notebooks, often quiz yourself on how much you have learned, the main concepts, theories, etc. 

It need not necessarily mean you have to wait for an entire chapter to get over to start testing yourself. Rather, you can set section-wise goals and quiz yourself accordingly. 

Suppose, you’re reading state-wise regional Geography and you’re done with Bengal’s part. Consider asking yourself questions from this area to test your overall understanding. It is a core habit in how to learn fast for exam strategy and will help you do well in the finals. 

9. Read Out the Information Aloud 

One of the major exam tips for students to learn fast and score great is by reading out the main information loudly. Many instances show students who read their lessons out loud remember them better than the ones reading them silently. 

When you read it loudly, it smoothly enters your ears and the brain captures the information right on point. But, in the case of silent studying, you can only see the information, and chances are high going ahead you end up forgetting it. 

In how to learn fast for exam techniques, this advice is a must remember. Try reading out the main point aloud while marking or underlining the sub-sections coming underneath it. 

10. Go for Short Study Breaks 

how to learn things faster for exams

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

As the eternal line says, focusing solely on work or studies with no other engagement will only lead to a decrease in productivity. It won’t help in concentration but keep distracting you from the main lesson. 

To keep yourself energized and store the information rightly inside your head, this is among the most effective study tips for students. Allot short breaks in between your study hours and devote the time to something of your interest like gardening, singing, or a little drawing. 

You’ll find yourself getting back to your study table with a lot more enthusiasm and having more confidence to study the next sections.  

Do you take breaks in between your study schedules? 

Wrapping Up 

How to learn fast for exam strategy comes with very simple but effective steps. You need not go for exhaustive methodologies to study faster and come out with flying colors in the exam. 

Here’s a quick recall of what we saw in the article: 

  • Have a neat study space with every material present. 
  • Adapt multiple resources to learn a particular concept. 
  • Explain your lessons to someone else as a great tool to learn faster. 
  • Avoid multitasking during your study sessions to boost productivity. 
  • Focus on taking running notes to process the information better, 
  • Read out the main information loudly to help your brain process it. 
  • Test yourself often to have a general idea of your current standing on a particular chapter or topic. 
  • Use acronyms and mnemonic devices wherever possible to memorize the concepts better. 
  • Allot brief breaks during your study sessions to avoid distraction or feel run out of energy. 

Did the exam preparation tips help you to get the answers you’re looking for? Which of the above practices do you adopt regularly to learn the concepts faster? 

FAQs on How to Learn Fast for Exam

Q1. How can I memorize faster for exams?

Ans. Many students ask how to study fast and remember well for exams. The best way to make it work is by using diagrams, and flowcharts to have a better demonstration. The use of mnemonic devices wherever possible could be a significant way too, to memorize things better. 

Q2. How can I study for an exam in one day?

Ans: You can’t study for a whole exam in one day and expect to clear it with high standards. To make it work, start your lessons much ahead of the finals and have sufficient time for revising the concepts. 

Q3. How can I learn 10X faster?

Ans: Many students struggle to know how to study smart and faster to remember the topics better. You can rely on tech-based learning through the different online platforms that make studying easier. Taking running notes, and focused study sessions aid in the process as well. 

Q4. How can I study without forgetting?

Ans: Some of the best techniques you can go for to memorize the concepts better are using acronyms, mnemonic devices, reading out loud, and explaining concepts to someone else, to store the information properly inside your head. 

Q5. What is the best time for study?

Ans: One of the best exam tips for students is to study at the most productive hour of the day. If you’re a morning person, early morning study can be a great pick. If you’re someone who can stay up late and have a focused study, night hours before going to bed can be a great time for preparation. 

Q6. How can I top the exam?

Ans: Besides working hard and studying dedicatedly, you need to be able to manage time. Top time management tips for students will guide you on how you can balance between every subject and chapter and prepare well before the exams. 

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