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How To Study For Exams In One Day?

How to Study 1 Day Before Exam

Did you know that an average student’s productivity is hampered by 40% because of stress? 

Your productivity levels as a student can help you ace your exams. You can efficiently study for exams in one day if you have higher productivity levels a day before an exam.

When we say a student learns fast, it means a student has a higher concentration level. A lot of students ask how to study one day before the exam. The answer does not involve some formulae and or neuro changes. It involves memory techniques for studying along with removing distractions.

How to Study One Day Before Exam?

At some point as a student, you might end up in a situation where you have to study one day before the exam. It can be due to distractions or, being occupied by extracurricular activities. Are you nervous about how to study one night before exam or how to learn fast for exam? We have all been there. So, let’s understand how to study for exams in one day. 

1. Start your Day Early 

how to study one day before exam

Starting your day early is the answer to how to study one day before exam. In our early years, we all heard the proverb- Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. And even if we didn’t notice it in our early childhood textbooks, our mothers made sure we knew it. We have frequently been informed of the advantages of rising early.

Evidence and many studies suggest that waking up early makes you a relaxed and productive person. 

Ensure that you start your day early, stretch, hydrate, and stay away from digital devices for at least 90 minutes.

2. Do Not Panic, This is Not The End of the World

If you have a day left, you might have a question about how to pass the exam in one day. The first step is to relax and keep a calm mind. If you will have a panic mindset you won’t be able to retain any concepts. There are many time management tips for students on how to study smart for exams. Keeping a calm mind is how to study for an exam in 1 day.

3. Find Yourself a Quiet Spot to Study

how to prepare for exam in one day

How to complete whole syllabus in one day? Sit in a silent spot. You should remember that silence is golden for your exam results as well. It is the sure shot way how to learn fast for exams. It will help you to develop focus. Sitting in a silent place where there’s no disturbance is the solution to how to learn fast for exam in 1 day.

4. Gather all your materials in one place

How to study one night before exam? Stay organized. Your mind must stay organized as also the space around you. If the space around you is cluttered and you don’t have all the materials in one place, it will waste your time immensely. Keeping things organized and in one place is one of the time management tips for students. Staying organized is the way how to prepare for exam in one day.

5. Avoid Using Your Smartphone or Social Media

how to study before one day of exam

How to study for exams in one day? Steer clear of your smartphones and social media. It is crucial to switch off your internet one day before exam. Being engaged with social media apps even for a few minutes can drop your concentration levels. If you want to know how to study one day before exam the first thing that you will have to do is avoid your smartphones. If you have any online assignments or practice materials, ensure that you take their print out to avoid going online. 

6. Go Through Your Lecture Notes 

If you’re panicking about how to study one day before exam, go through your class notes. Going through the notes that you made in classrooms or at the coaching can help you recall the study sessions as well. They act as a bridge to help you recall what you studied on a particular date. Going through your lecture notes is one of the memory techniques for studying. As you go through it frequently, revision aids in concept retention. The brain processes new information that is learned and retains it in memory. When you read anything for the first time, it’s possible that you won’t remember it right away. It gets easier for the brain to actively access knowledge from memory as you continuously revise with efficient strategies.

7. Make A List Of All The Important Topics To Cover

how to study in one day before exam

If you want to know how to study for exams in one day, make a list of all the important topics. You can find the important topics based on your teacher’s inputs, weightage of topics, and pattern of previous year’s exams. You must surely step up your game and adopt effective study techniques when preparing for exams. Exams frequently have a broad syllabus, so it takes expertise to find significant topics that frequently are covered in exams.

8. Go Through the Chapter Summaries 

How to study one day before exam? Answer- summaries.

While most students devote a lot of time and energy to studying for exams, summaries are a sure-shot way how to study for exams in one day. But you can learn a lot by taking the time to go through the summaries. Reading summaries can help you determine what you know and what you still need to work on. The reading process can also help you better understand key ideas and concepts that will help you answer multiple questions in one go. 

9. Take Mock Tests 

how to study 1 day before exam

How to revise for exams and how to revise effectively? Attempt mock tests. Mock tests are the best answer on how to revise. Mock tests are the concrete answers on how to study for exams in one day and pass with flying colors. If you want to know how to study 1 day before exam, mock tests are your calling. Mock tests help you to get an idea of what to expect your question paper to look like, it will help you to analyze your performance and preparation levels, it will help you to try different strategies, how use time efficiently, and understand the topics that need improvements. Attempting and analyzing your mock test results is how to study a day before your exam.

10. Know When To Stop 

The stress of last minute revision can lead to burnout. Burnout is real. One of the most important points to how to study for exams in one day is to avoid burnout. The stress of how to pass exam in one day can be exhausting. 

Burnout and not knowing when to stop can lead to irritability, short memory span, and exhaustion. You must draw a line. Few tips to avoid burnout: 

If you want to know how to study for exams in one day, ensure that you leave no room for burnout. 

If you’re nervous about how to complete whole syllabus in one day, Oswal’s question banks can help you to finish and revise your syllabus.

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What Did We Learn So Far? 

So far, we have learned many tips on how to study a day before exam. While studying for exams in one day can sound quite overwhelming, you can ace good scores if you have grit and mental balance. Ensure the following points if you want to know how to study for exams in one day efficiently- 

  • Wake up early, meditate or exercise, have a healthy breakfast and get to studying 
  • Keep a calm mind and don’t panic. You still have the situation in control and you can make the best of it
  • Relish silence for studying. You can’t expect to study and retain while being in a noisy environment 
  • Stay organized, and have all the important materials with yourself in one place 
  • Avoid using your smartphones and mindless scrolling 
  • Revise your lecture notes for prompt revision of the concepts
  • Curate a list of important topics and revise them well
  • For quick understanding, opt for reading summaries over full-fledged chapters 
  • Attempt timed mock tests for real practice 
  • Follow mindfulness to avoid burnout

Follow these tips strictly if you want the answer to how to pass exam in 1 day.

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FAQs on How to Study One Day Before Exam

Q1. Can you study one day before an exam?

Yes, studying one day before an exam can be beneficial if you’ve been consistently reviewing and studying throughout the term. Focus on key concepts, practice problems, and use active study techniques.

Q2. How to stay concentrated before exams?

Maintaining concentration before exams involves creating a calm, well-organized study environment. Set clear study goals, intersperse your study sessions with short, rejuvenating breaks, and minimize distractions, particularly your phone.

Q3. What is the best time to study before exam?

While some individuals are more productive in the morning, others may find their peak concentration during nighttime hours. To maximize your study effectiveness, identify your personal peak concentration time and plan your study sessions accordingly.

Q4. Is it good to study late before exam?

Studying late into the night before an exam is not advisable. Sufficient sleep is essential for effective memory consolidation.

Q5. How to avoid sleep during exam preparation?

To avoid sleep during exam preparation, make sure you get a good night sleep. Take short and energizing breaks, stay hydrated, and consider light physical activity to stay awake and alert while studying.

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