6 Study Tips For Class 10 CBSE Students To Prepare For Board Exam 2023-24

study tips for class 10 cbse students

The CBSE has released the revised syllabus for class 10’s academic session 2023-24. And while the syllabus has been reduced significantly, one question that keeps coming up is how to prepare for CBSE board exam class 10, especially if you’re self-studying. 

See, let’s be honest: the class 10 board exam is one of the most crucial phases in any student’s life. It sets the pace for your higher studies. So, naturally, there is pressure to perform the best. 

But don’t let the pressure make you go anxious. As you have come to the right place at the right time. 

There’s still AMPLE time for you to prepare strategically, and after reading this blog, you’ll know how to prepare for CBSE board exam class 10. 

This article has 6 study tips for class 10 CBSE students to prepare for the board exam 2023-24 with links to useful resources, mock tests, solved papers, sample papers, and a study plan.

Scroll further to read the 6 study tips for class 10 CBSE students:

1. Time Management Tips For Class 10 CBSE 

The most important preparation tip for students of CBSE class 10 board exam is to manage your time properly. In this section, we’ve divided a study time plan, yearly and monthly, that will help you schedule your studies properly. 

A. Macroscopic time management (year-long)

Let’s understand why macroscopic time management is important before you start preparing for your board 10 exam. 

The problem is: As students, you might think you have enough time, so you leave everything to the last moment. But the problem with such a mindset is that though you think you have enough time, you actually waste that time thinking about it. Instead of studying, many students just think about studying, and that’s why they get anxious. 

Don’t be like many people. Study smartly for your board 10 exam 2023-24. 

The solution to this is: Study evenly throughout the year instead of cramming in the eleventh hour before exams. 

Here’s a yearly macroscopic guide that will help you prepare for CBSE board exam class 10 study schedule: 

class 10 study schedule

Take a screenshot or download this pic. 

This can be your weekly study planner. Take a paper or write in Excel sheet in this format, print it and fill it in every day. 

For your betterment, revise this every 2 weeks so you can measure which subjects you need to focus more on and which subjects are your strengths. 

Be honest and measure/write each thing properly. Only if you can measure it can you improve at it. 

B. Microscopic time management (daily basis)

For your yearly macroscopic time management to be resultful, you need to take small actions. And that starts with microscopic time management. 

That means you have to do a few activities daily that will make your yearly study plan fruitful. Doing a few activities consistently over a long time compounds the result, and you’ll feel it when you’re giving your exam. 

You won’t have to cram anything, we promise you. Just do these things orderly and systematically, and you’ll benefit from it. 

Here’s a daily time management suggestion that you can do. Take a paper or write in Excel sheet this format, print it and fill it in every day. 

 Please tweak as per your routine. 

TimeStudy Routine for CBSE Class 10 to be Performed
5:30  AMWake up 
5-6:30 AMExercise, workout, and meditate. 
8:00 AMHave bathe and use the morning time to study subjects which you need more time for.
9-10:30 AM Have a healthy breakfast and relax for some time.
11:30-2PMGet a quick revision of what you’ve studied and start with the subject you want to focus on for the day 
2:00 AMRelax for a while and have your lunch.
3-5 PMStudy whichever subject you would like to study.
5-6 PM Relax and have snacks or play for some time. 
6:30-9:00PMRecall whatever you read in the day and write it. 
9 PMHave a light dinner 
10 PM Revise everything before going to bed. Meditate and then sleep. 

You can tweak the activities as per your routine but make sure you do it.

C. Extra resources 

Few other important study tips for class 10 CBSE students are to have a handy list of apps, time tracking tools, daily logs, and resources that you can use to manage time more effectively: 

List of helpful study apps and online resources: 

  • Go to – A digital assessment guide that will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can design your own tests and improve your preparation by taking more tests. 
  • Doubtnut – Have a doubt in Physics, Chemistry, Math, or Biology? Go to Doubtnut, and you’ll get your problems solved in minutes. 
  • Wonderslate –  They provide smart content and premium course materials. You can also access Oswal Publishers directly from here. Just download their app or go to this link and sign up

Time tracking tools you can install: 

  • Forest 
  • Toggl Track 
  • Google Keep 

Alternatively, you can also do the Pomodoro technique to manage your time more efficiently.  

2. Syllabus-Wise Planning Study Tips For Class 10 To Score 90+ In CBSE Board Exam 2023-24

If you don’t plan properly, you plan to fail. So, to score 90+ in your CBSE board exam 2023-24, you have to be very careful and structure your studies in such a way that makes it easy for you to score above and beyond.

Let’s understand some core concepts first: 

A. What is syllabus-wise planning?

Syllabus-wise planning means you make a study plan as per your subject’s syllabus. 

If you’re thinking, about how to prepare for class 10 board exam, especially for math, let’s consider this example. See, the CBSE maths syllabus is: 


Now, mark each of these chapters and assess which one you need to finish first. 

Doing so will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and complete your maths syllabus promptly. 

Similarly, for your other Class 10 CBSE subjects, make a study timetable that’s more syllabus-oriented as it will make you complete it faster. 

Few subject-wise syllabus-planning tips: 

  1. For English: Read and write every day. Read aloud and improve your dictation as it will help you remember properly 

2. Hindi: Focus more on improving the Hindi grammar as many students make mistakes there 

3. Maths: Solve Chapterwise Last Year Solved Papers as the more you practice, the better your concepts get. Learn the formulas by heart. 

4. Science: Devote your time solving to the previous year’s and last 10 years’ question papers and prepare through that. 

5. Social Science: Memorize and learn the important dates, maps, and diagrams properly. Relate it with pneumonic to retain it properly. 

Btw, you can access the full CBSE Class 10 board syllabus here

Prepare effectively at home with Oswal – Gurukul Chapterwise Last Years Solved Papers for CBSE Class 10 Board 2023 Examinations consisting of 4 subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science.

B. Why does it work?

For you to give your class 10 boards properly, you must follow the syllabus-wise planning method as it: 

  • Gives you confidence 
  • Better control over your time 
  • You know which chapter needs your most attention 
  • You study in a pressure-free environment 
  • Complete your syllabus timely 

C. How to prepare for CBSE board exam class 10 syllabus-wise planning?

It is fairly simple to do it. Here are a few suggestions to do it properly: 

A. Begin early. 

B. Know the complete syllabus. The CBSE has revised its class 10 board syllabus, so make sure you’re updated with it. Access it here

C. Study plan for class 10 exam that you will stick to. Don’t try to do everything at once. Start small and stick to it for the long term. 

D. Give color codes to every syllabus – To identify subjects in your plan, use color codes for each subject. Instead of writing the subject names, you can mark them with different colors. So make your study plan for CBSE Class 10 exams look colorful.

E. Break into long-term and short-term actionable goals. Use/print/write the yearly and daily template we’ve given in above. Do it properly, and you’ll see amazing results. Trust us. 

F. Don’t waste time studying things you already know. Many students make this mistake. But don’t be like many students. If you think you’ve understood the core concepts, switch to advanced topics and focus on that. 

G. Stay focused. Don’t get diverted and compare your preparation with your friends. You do you. 

H. Change if you cannot implement it properly. If you think at any point in time that you cannot do it with the same energy, tweak your routine and plans. What’s the point of doing your studies half-heartedly or with disappointment? 

Aim to have a positive, high-energy every time you study. You’ll automatically score good marks. 

3. Daily Rituals You Must Follow To Ace Your Class 10 Board Exam

Here’s a list of the 12 daily routines to help CBSE class 10 students prepare for board exam 2023-24:  

  1. Wake up early 

2. Workout – Do aerobics or gymming or yoga or any other physical activity, but make sure you do one to keep you physically fit and healthy. 

3. Meditate – This will keep your mental well-being healthy and you will concentrate more on your students 

4. Use mobile but in limitation. Don’t overdo anything. Maintain limitations for a year in a few of your activities and you’ll see the results it brings. See, your class 10 boards will come only once in your life, so why not give your best and make it memorable? 

5. Have a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

6. Study one subject that you’re weak at every day. This will help you strengthen your basics so that when advanced concepts come, you will not waste much time. So suppose, if you’re not good at math, dedicate 1 hour each day to solve as many maths questions. Once you get better, you can discontinue it. 

7. Make study goals and follow your timetable properly. It’s ok if you miss 1 or 2 days, but don’t make it a habit. Stick to your goals. It’s ok if you study 5 hours some day and only 3 hours. But the point is to study each day. Adjust the time gap the next day. 🙂  

8. Keep the room clean. An organized study table improves your concentration, minimizes distractions, and makes you feel more productive. 

9. Solve test papers every day. 

10. Go to bed early. One of the most important study tips for class 10 students. 

11. Revise and write to retain what you’ve studied. 

12. Talk to your friends or family every day. We all get demotivated at times. The point is to not let it affect us for a long time. So, talk to your closed ones, and that’ll make you feel better. 

4. How To Evaluate Your Class 10 CBSE Preparation?

Once you’ve followed your routine properly, it’s time to evaluate how you’re doing. 

Here’s how you can evaluate your preparation on a weekly and monthly basis:

  • Make a weekly goal of the subjects you need to finish and give a mock test paper every week. 
  • Alternatively, you can also make your test papers through 

Login/Register to & get started with an online CBSE class 10 practice test for self-assessment.

5. Practice Materials For Class 10 CBSE Students To Prepare For Board Exam 2023-24

For you to prepare for your CBSE board 10 exams effectively, we’ve curated a list of 

  • Textbook
  • Question Bank
  • 10 Years Solved Papers
  • Sample Papers
 Practice Materials For Class 10 CBSE Students To Prepare For Board Exam 2022-23

That will help you clear your doubts easily. 

Textbooks for CBSE board exam class 10 Sample papers for CBSE board exam class 10 Question Bank for CBSE board exam class 10 
Last 10 Years’ Question Papers for CBSE board exam class 10 
Home Science Textbook for Class 10 CBSE

CBSE Class 10 Physics textbook

Class 10 CBSE Chemistry book

10th CBSE Biology Textbook
36 Sample Question Papers for CBSE Class 10

CBSE Solved Papers For Class 10th 
10 CBSE Maths Question Bank 

CBSE class 10 Question Bank Science 

CBSE class 10 Social Science Question Bank  

CBSE Question Bank Class 10 Hindi A & Hindi B 

CBSE Question Bank for class 10 English 
Last 10 years question papers of CBSE class 10 
Hindi A
& Hindi B.

Why buy CBSE board 10 exam textbooks? 

You must buy CBSE board 10 exam textbooks, which are of the latest 2023-24 edition. 
Since it is a textbook for CBSE class 10, you can better clear their concepts through the various chapters in the book. Apart from that, there are questions to solve after each chapter and answer keys at the end. 

Why buy CBSE board 10 exam question bank? 

This bundle of CBSE Question Bank Class 10th books are as per the latest guidelines of the board and are NCERT-approved. 

Why buy CBSE board 10 exam last 10 years’ question papers? 

Practicing your 2023-24 CBSE board preparation with the last 10 years’ question papers of CBSE class 10 that come with detailed explanation solutions will help you get desired results. Here are question papers for Hindi A & Hindi B.

Why buy CBSE board 10 exam sample papers? 

Sample papers are the best way to prepare for an exam as they guide the format of the final question paper and how much time you should allot to each section. 

This Most Likely CBSE Question Bank Class 10 Bundles (Set Of 5) has subjects like: Maths, Science, English, Hindi-A & Social Science For Exam 2023. It will guide you to understand the division of marks as per the new CBSE curriculum 2023-24.

Do you still have any questions about how to prepare for CBSE board exam class 10? No worry, these final study tips for class 10 will solve everything! 🙂

6. Exam-Taking Strategy For CBSE 10 Board 

Here are a few general guidelines as a part of your exam-taking strategy. Start preparing your mock tests like this so that you don’t find it difficult when D-day comes. 

1. How to divide time? 

As your Class 12 board exam preparation strategy, allot specific time to each subject. Doing so reduces boredom as you cover the entire syllabus on time and in a structured way. 

2. Which questions to tackle first?

First, go through the entire question paper properly. Jot down which questions are easier to answer and which are tough. In exams, tackle the most difficult questions first as they take the most time and thought energy. Once done, quickly solve the easier ones. 

3. How to attempt the questions? 

Underline, highlight or mark the questions you think you have the answers to without thinking. Write a few keywords on the question paper so that you don’t forget the major points you need to cover when you start writing.

Ace Your Exam With These 6 Study Tips For Class 10 CBSE 

We hope you found these 6 study tips for class 10 CBSE students to prepare for the board exam 2023-24 helpful. Make sure you implement all these suggestions diligently to make this article successful. 

If you still have any questions regarding how to prepare for CBSE board class 10, contact us at [email protected] 

Find all the study books for class 10 CBSE here.

Oswal Gurukul is rooting for your success! 

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