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How to Prepare for Class 10 Board Exams 2024?

how to prepare for class 10 board exam

How to prepare for class 10 board exams? How to study for class 10? Preparation for the final test is one of the most frequent queries that Class 10 students have. Every student’s experience with the Class 10 board exam is difficult since it establishes the foundation for their future success. To accomplish the objectives, it is crucial to have a clearly defined CBSE Class 10 board exams preparation strategy.

Students often ask how to top in class 10. The most crucial preparation for the CBSE 10th board exam is for pupils to regularly practice and complete math and science assessments. There are many ways on how to prepare for class 10 board exams. Starting off with a successful exam plan reduces stress and increases productivity.

The CBSE Class 10 curriculum requires pupils to use a certain learning style for each topic. While Social Science is more theoretical in nature and necessitates extensive study and effective questioning strategies, Mathematics, as we all know, necessitates extensive practice and computation skills. Students must therefore comprehend the prerequisites for each topic and prepare properly.

What Should You Do To Prepare Better For CBSE Class 10 Exams 2024?

How to study for class 10? For exam achievement, preparation and study are essential. The right way of preparation and essential study materials are essentials and your solution on how to prepare for class 10 board exams.

However, until you have some expertise, it can be tough to know how to handle your preparation period. As a result, this website provides some suggestions for people who are still relatively new to tests based on experience and professional judgment.

Some of these suggestions emphasize the value of taking care of yourself and seem “common sense.” Others focus more on your study methods.

how to prepare for 10 board exams

How to top in class 10th? Both are crucial and will aid in your ability to study more effectively and perform better on the exam. One of the most difficult moments in student life is the answer on how to prepare for class 10 board exams. As you approach finals, there is a lot to learn, remember, and stay organized.

How to prepare for 10th board exams? Following are a few actions plans to help you top in class 10th.

1. Follow your Class Lessons

The greatest way to comprehend your material systematically is through class lessons. The topics in your syllabus are best introduced in class lessons. Be on time for class every day, and focus on the assignments. After you arrive home, review the subjects you covered in class. Ask your teacher about these subjects the following day if you have any questions. Following your class lessons is one of the answers on how to prepare for class 10 board exams.

The brilliance lies in not leaving the timeline up to shoddy planning and unpredictable resources. Teachers can focus their efforts on creating a successful curriculum.

This arrangement will allow the responsibilities of school hours to relax. The lesson plan directs the use of the teacher’s time, energy, and resources during the day.

2. Study Corner at Home

A place set aside for studying at home is called a study space. The advantage is that it provides a setting where you can read aloud as much as you like and not feel self-conscious about it. You can even listen to music while studying. Since most students prefer to study at home, it makes sense to have a location that can be customized to fit your learning preferences.

It is beneficial to have everything at your disposal while studying at home without ever leaving your seat. You can use a computer, a scanner, a printer, a book, and notes. You can relax at home while taking a break from studying by drinking and eating.

3. Solve Sample Papers

Solving sample papers is one of the foolproof solutions on how to prepare for class 10 board exams. Referencing an exam’s prior year question papers is the greatest approach to getting familiar with it. They assist you in comprehending the format of the test and the kinds of questions you must practice. 

The two most efficient approaches to performing well on competitive exams are studying and practising. And a part of that is resolving old papers.

Before taking the real test, almost all students attempt to answer the question papers from the previous year as a practice test. But did you realize that doing so might also provide you with useful information about the terrain?

CBSE Sample Papers Class 10

4. Make Brief Notes

Preparing notes can help you answer how to prepare for class 10 board exams. Beyond serving as a record of the information delivered during a lecture or class activity, taking notes has various advantages. Effective taking of notes:

  • Makes you vigilant. Taking notes keeps your body engaged and busy and prevents feelings of distraction or tiredness.
  • Stimulates the mind. Your mind remains actively engaged with what you hear when you pay close attention and decide what to put in your notes.
  • Arranges and place emphasis on information. You will select and highlight the main topics you hear as you take notes, determining the format of a class presentation. Additionally, you’ll be able to point out a presentation’s supporting details, which will make studying and comprehending outside of class simpler. It is also simpler to connect classroom learning to textbook readings when your notes are organized in this way.
  • Makes a compressed record for research. You have all you need for studying, learning, and reviewing after class, thanks to a set of clear, well-organized notes from every class session.

5. Don’t Leave for the End

This is called procrastination when we purposefully put off doing something even when we are aware of the repercussions. Everyone struggles with procrastination, whether it is to a larger or smaller degree. It has been discovered that students procrastinate more than other people.

Lower academic performance, unnecessarily high-stress levels before an exam, increased anxiety, and low mood can all be results of procrastination.

6. Stay Fit

A healthy mind follows from a healthy body. During the exam period, take good care of yourself by getting enough sleep, eating healthfully, and exercising frequently.

You can maintain calm, mentally unwind, and learn more effectively by exercising since it helps to oxygenate the brain and remove tension.

During the time leading up to exams and revision, a healthy work-life balance is imperative. Even though it may seem impossible, given how busy you are, make an effort to keep up a regular fitness routine. Aim to work out at least twice every week.

Exercise makes you feel good, relieves stress, and promotes restful sleep. However, avoid engaging in stimulating activities right before bed so that your brain has time to relax.

7. Go through the Syllabus

You might be a focused learner or a participant in the lesson. However, you will undoubtedly fall short of your objective of getting a high grade if you neglect to review the daily topics covered in class, whether it’s CBSE class 10th board exams, a competitive exam like the JEE or the NEET, etc. You must review in order to be prepared for your exam. Going through the syllabus and understanding it completely can help you prepare for class 10 board exam.

The majority of people begin their exam preparation in the final moments. As a result, they cannot review and miss the opportunity to review the material they have already learned. The importance of revision in a student’s life will be covered in this article.

8. Make a Time-Table

Teachers and students may find comfort in the natural rhythm and pattern that a well-made timetable generates. As a student, having a plan is crucial because it enables you to focus on and prioritize the tasks that are urgent or vital. Most students don’t have a well-organized study schedule, and those who do often don’t stick to it. Making a study timetable is one of the most common answers by teachers on how to prepare for class 10 board exams.

how to top in class 10

Pros of a Time Table:

– Prevents time and energy wasting

– Ensures fair time distribution 

– Aids in the development of positive habits

– Aids in accomplishing desired goals 

– Ensures Discipline

9. Strengths & Weaknesses

Exams are difficult for a number of reasons. First, tests are adaptive; you must respond to each question; you cannot skip a question or return to it later. The exam questions can come in various forms and styles that could be unfamiliar to you.

As a result, to effectively prepare for your test, you must have a study strategy. Knowing your skills and limitations can help you tailor your study strategy as you prepare for the exam. Knowing your areas of weakness will help you set aside enough time to work on them.

Tips for assessing strengths and weaknesses? 

  • Attempt sample test papers 
  • Analyze your results
  • Evaluate the most common questions 
  • Identify the weak areas and create an action plan to work on them 

10. Stay Positive and Confident

A positive outlook can transform challenging circumstances into opportunities. One can live each minute of life pleasantly and joyfully with its assistance.

Students go through various ideas, feelings, the surfacing of innate tendencies, and other things as they prepare for the test. This results from the competition and challenging objectives each student sets for themselves. Unquestionably positive competition and high standards for oneself are indications of a winning mentality. However, if this is not used constructively, it may lead to unneeded pressure and delusion during the examination period.

Tips to remain positive and confident during exams: 

  • Stay focused 
  • Maintain a fixed routine
  • Have relaxation time
  • Eat healthy food
  • Do not overburden yourself 
  • Do not compare with others

11. Practice Writing

The reality is we all sometimes have trouble finishing our exams.

Here are a few tips for writing faster during exams.

  • Relax your hands 
  • Use a smoother pen 
  • Sit properly
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Tips To Score Better In The CBSE Class 10 Exams 2024?

As the 2022 CBSE Class 10 board exams approach, typical questions are on every student’s mind. What are the methods and strategies to surpass 90%? How do we go about doing this? How to prepare for class 10 board exams? We have curated a few study tips for class 10 board exams 2024.

There are a lot of CBSE suggestions for class 10 available online. We share tips and strategies to help you efficiently and methodically prepare for the CBSE Class 10 board exams in 2024. How to prepare for 10th board exams if you have less time? These are a few class 10 exam tips that will help you prepare well for your class 10th board exams.

1. Start Getting Ready Right Away

How to study in class 10? It’s a cliche, but the earlier, the better. Every child learns at a different rate and has varying levels of comprehension, so it is difficult to say when each of you should start preparing. Being on top is how to score 100 percent in class 10 board exams 2024 results.

2. Improve Your Areas of Weakness

You would be aware of your flaws and errors after completing numerous practice questions and assessments. Working on your weaknesses is the sure shot way how to prepare for 10th board exam 2024.

3. Practice Completing Old Exam Questions And Sample Papers

Don’t forget to complete the questions from the previous five years if you want to succeed on your board exams. How to study in class 10? Effectively and efficiently?

4. Follow Your Course Outline

How to prepare for 10th board exam 2024? Because board exam questions are derived from NCERT textbooks, it is imperative to become reserved and focus solely on your NCERT textbooks when the board exams are coming around the brink.

These class 10 exam tips will help you prepare well in a smart way. 

CBSE suggestion for class 10 includes practising sample papers. Biology, chemistry, physics, maths, and a long exhaustive list of subjects. All the subjects’ knowledge is equally important. However, you need a companion that guides you. This companion helps you with endless exam questions that come up every year. They also help you understand the different ways for the same question that can pop up in ten different ways. 

Who is this companion? These are Class 10th CBSE Board Exam Books written and published by Oswal Publishers.

how to prepare for 10th board exam

Oswal publishers have been a constant helping hand to students since 1985. 

Their primary purpose is to help students understand the subject and pass with flying colours. For this agenda, Oswal publishers print different types of books, including textbooks, question banks, model specimen papers, and the past ten years’ worth of solved papers. Oswal publishers have books to prepare for class 10th exams across all subjects.

FAQs on How to Prepare for Class 10th Boards

Q1. How do I prepare for the Class 10 board examinations in 2024?

Ans: Create a study schedule and list the tasks that must be completed on which days and at what times. Then, adhere completely to the study schedule you have created.

Q2. How to Complete the Class 10th syllabus fast?

The CBSE Class 10 curriculum is extensive. Students can still complete the entire CBSE Class 10th syllabus if they review the preparation advice and understand how to prepare for the Class 10 board test.

Q3. How to take notes for CBSE 10th board exams 2023–2024?

Ans: To learn how to study smart and take notes, refer to the CBSE 10th preparation advice offered on this page.

Q4. What should be the study plan for 10th board exams 2023–2024?

Ans: The ideal approach is to adhere to each subject’s topic-wise weightage and marking scheme. Then, spend the majority of your time on important subjects.

Q5. How to get 100 percent in class 10 board exams?

Ans: There is no easy way to get 100 percent score in class 10 board exams. All that is required is to practice answering questions, solving practice questions and papers, and creating a study schedule.


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