CBSE 36 Sample Paper Class 10: Why Should You Practice it for Exam 2023?

cbse 36 sample paper class 10

Are you a CBSE student ready to take the upcoming final exam in 2023? Then, CBSE 36 Sample Paper Class 10 is the perfect pick for you. How is it helpful for your preparation and boosting your revision? Does it have chapter summaries? Does it come with solved solutions to problems? We will answer all these questions in this blog.

About CBSE 36 Sample Paper Class 10

contents of cbse sample papers class 10

CBSE 36 sample paper class 10 is your ideal resource to prepare for class 10 board exam and revise for the showdown. The board released the new sample sets in September 2022 and the renowned Oswal Publishers has published them in book format to help students. 

It’s a publishing house based out of Agra, helping board students with premium quality resources like books, solved papers, and sample question set to upgrade their preparation for the final exam. Contributed by a panel of authors, the book covers the extensive CBSE class 10 syllabus. It is an ideal match for candidates to enhance their preparation and costs INR 799, only. 

What are the Features of CBSE 36 Sample Question Papers Class 10?

practice with cbse sample question paper for class 10

  Here’s a glance at the major inclusions in the book: 


Sample paper class 10 is exclusive to prepare students with expected exam questions, solved solutions, and explanations that are a key part of the preparation strategy. The book contains abundant sample sets for the respective subjects. 

  • 4 sample papers each for English Language and Literature, Hindi B, and Hindi A
  • 6 sample papers for Mathematics, Social Science, and Science 
  • Each of the subjects also has one unsolved sample set for practice. 

CBSE 36 Sample Class 10: What are the Benefits of this Book?

cbse 36 sample question papers class 10

CBSE 36 sample paper class 10 is the go-to material for all aspiring candidates. If you’re still in confusion whether to go for this book, here are the benefits:

  • As per the syllabus: The book perfectly aligns with the prescribed board syllabus for students. The sets contain in-detail questions from the respective sections. It helps you cover the syllabus well and leave no part untouched. 
  • Comes with solutions: 36 Sample Question Paper is a Combined Book having Solved Solutions to all 6 Subjects, namely Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, Hindi A, and Hindi B. The book gives explanatory solutions to the sample questions for ease of understanding. It’s a great way to clear doubts and improve your practice sessions. 
  • Unsolved sets for practice: This book is based on the Blueprint Sample Papers released by CBSE Board on Sept 2022. It includes 6 Unsolved Sample Papers for effective practice. You can solve them and get them corrected by your teachers or browse the answers of 36 Sample Paper Class 10 from Oswal’s Download Solutions

List of Complementary Books 

Let’s have a quick look at the complementary books other than the CBSE sample paper class 10. 

  • CBSE Chapter Wise Last Year Solved Papers Class 10: The book includes solved solutions to previous 10-year questions. CBSE sample paper 2021-22 class 10 with solutions is a major resource for students taking the upcoming exam. It comes for INR 699 only. 

The other three sets include:

Besides Them, CBSE Last 10 Years Solved Papers class 10 is the best Revision tool.

CBSE 36 Sample Paper Class 10: What Do We Think of It?

CBSE 36 Sample Paper Class 10 is your exclusive solution to all the doubts from different chapters. It comes with a fine blend of questions, covering the important parts and leaving descriptive solutions for a better understanding of the students. Practising this book is like a mini mock exam. It takes you through the probable questions within a definite period. 

Are you keen on bragging straight A’s in your upcoming CBSE finals? If yes, this sample paper set book is a must-buy! 

Then what are you waiting for? Check out the buy link here and grab your copy today!

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