How to Score Good Marks in 12th Boards Commerce?

how to score good marks in 12th boards commerce

Are you feeling stressed with the upcoming commerce board exam already? Well, a little tension is alright but you shouldn’t stress yourself out before the final exam sets in. We understand, as a commerce student you need to do a lot, get your calculations right, study various business concepts intricately, and so much more! But you know what? Students who work hard and are smart are likely to clear their 12th boards with flying colours. Yes, this has been a true instance over the years. 

So, if you’re looking for some exclusive tips that help you boost your preparation strategy, this is the place. Here, we will tell you how to score good marks in 12th boards commerce. 

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Best Tips to Score Good Marks in 12th Boards

tips to score good marks in 12th boards commerce

In the section below we will discuss how to prepare for 12th commerce board exams and secure a good place in the finals without stressing yourself out. 

Embracing Gadget-based Learning and Study Smart 

One of the best revolutions in the education sector is the implementation of tech-based learning that ensures quality study time and speeds up the process. Besides working hard, you need to work smart too, to let the effect fall on your academics. Here’s with gadget-based preparation will help you cover the commerce CBSE syllabus 2024-25 

Encourages independent learning

You can seek help from online libraries to complete assignments or solve questions. Technological gadgets open the doors to access materials in one go and clear your doubts. 

Material distribution is easier

With technical gadgets like learning platforms, online classrooms, etc, teachers can distribute the study materials in varied formats that are easy access to for the students. This will help you prepare for your lessons on time and not be in a rush before the final hours of the exam. 

Upgrades collaboration

Tech-based learning enables you to collaborate with your friends in projects or group studies eases the preparation schedule., your ultimate digital guide to assessments, will add supreme benefit to your preparation strategy. Here you can:

  • Customize your tests based on your preparation 
  • Focus on your strengths and weaknesses 
  • Get test retake options to improve on the weaker sections 

One of the best study tips for class 12 commerce is to implement a tech-based preparation strategy to smoothen the process. 

Time is of the Essence 

how to prepare for 12th board exams commerce

If you’re looking for prompt answers on how to study in 12 commerce, here’s what you need to know. Time management is important and how you allocate it among different subjects is more important. 

Allocate the early hours to the subject of your liking and eventually shift to the difficult ones. Suppose, you’re great at business studies. Start the day with it. Once you go through the chapters or revise your favorite concepts, you’ll feel more energetic to continue the lesson. 

Assume, Costing and Taxation seem hard to you. When you start your day with Business Studies and instill a good feeling, you’ll feel more confident to move to the other subject of Costing. Try initiating this practice and it’s expected to yield fruitful results in your board exam preparation. 

Work on Your Weak Subjects 

How to score good marks in 12th boards commerce? One of the other most important ways to land excellent scores is by improving your weaker subjects. You might be getting good marks in the subjects of your choice but you keep ignoring what seems hard to you. 

The worst thing you can do is ignore your weaker sections and not mend them before the time. Who knows you might master the difficulty so well that you score the highest on that part. 

Here’s how you can discard your weakness in a particular subject or a chapter: 

  • Try understanding what exactly appears to be difficult to you and why it is so. Try getting to the root of the problem and clearing your basic conception about the subject or the topic. 
  • Rather than keeping the problems, you face to yourself, consult your teacher in the beginning. You can seek help from YouTube Tutorials too by qualified mentors to clear a problem you might be facing. 
  • Other than focusing on the theory part, apply practical learning too. Try solving questions, and test papers to test your current understanding of the subject. 

Strategize Your Efforts 

You must be very practical with your preparations for the final exams. Commerce subjects in class 12 CBSE are based on the chapter-wise weightage. 

Like, if a particular chapter only comes for 1 mark objective or 2 marks short answer in the exam, you should focus on preparing short answers from the chapter. Similarly, if a chapter comes for 4/5 marks in explanatory answers, you should focus on the descriptive part there. 

Let’s have a subject-wise discussion below. 


One of the core commerce subjects in class 11 and 12 is Accountancy. The top tips to study this subject are:

  • Practice Journal Entry and it should be at your fingertips. 
  • Put special focus on sections like Cash flow statements, Partnership firms, and company because it contributes about 60% of the total weightage.
  • Besides reading the formulas, do practical applications like the method of ratio analysis. 
  • Back the solutions with notes, wherever applicable, and don’t restrict your reading to textbooks only. 

Business Studies 

One of the scoring commerce papers is business studies. Here are some tips to study the subject.

  • Prepare short notes and allot sufficient time for revision before the exam
  • Practice mnemonics to ease up the reading process
  • Point your answers for a better presentation and keep them precise


Economics is another exciting, subject, and here’s how you can prepare for the lessons –

  • Prepare written notes for every chapter to keep your conceptions clear
  • Practice diagrams from macro and microeconomics, and label them properly
  • Rely on the tabular format to present differences.


Students asking how to score good marks in 12th boards commerce often get an answer to score well in the scoring subjects. Maths is often the most hated as well as the most liked subject among students. Here are some tips to improve your commerce mathematics –

  • Practice the problems in your exercise book and revise well before the exam.
  • In the case of using a shortcut method, you’re confident about it and don’t finish it up in a hurry.


English is the compulsory elective in the commerce stream and you need to clear with good marks to get a good grade overall. Some tips to improve your scores in English are:

  • Read the prose and poetries well and try to understand the underlying meaning to answer the literary questions. 
  • Work on exercises and follow grammar books to enhance your composition skills. 

Follow Question Banks and Sample Papers 

books for class 12 commerce

If you’re willing to know how to get good marks in 12th commerce, this is the point you can’t miss out on. You should practice abundant sample papers and solve previous year’s questions as well. 

No matter how well you have prepared, not solving sample papers might keep you in the dark about the question patterns. Solving it will help you to:

  • Analyze the previous year and sample question papers 
  • Helps you take a look at the question pattern, and types of questions asked in the exam, and the chapter maximum focused on setting the questions 
  • Gives you a typical idea about the marks distribution in each chapter and how they are allocated across the sections. 

Keen to know which books can guide you on how to score good marks in 12th boards commerce? Here’s the exclusive list from Oswal Publishers that can be of great help in this regard. 

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Wrapping Up 

We hope the blog helped answer how to score good marks in 12th boards commerce. If you’re working hard and embracing the right methods to prepare your lesson, things will fall into place and you’ll clear your final board exam with flying colours. 

Did you check out the exclusive books section for commerce students? Go grab your copy today and boost your preparation! 

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1. How can I score good marks in CBSE Class 12th Board Exam 2025?

The key to achieving good marks in any subject in board exam is practice. Let’s put in down in steps to make it easy:

1. Acquaint yourself with the syllabus
2. Make sure you understand the basics clearly
3. Use books that can provide you with chapter-wise and category-wise preparation.
4. Regularly practice with question banks
5. Solve PYQs to understand the question pattern for board exams
6. Clear all your doubts.

2. What books should I refer to while preparing for the commerce exam?

NCERT is your bible for board exams 2025. Once you complete one chapter, you can refer to Question banks, which will help you navigate through the different types of questions that are asked in the board exams, helping you with competency-based questions.

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