NCERT Science Book for Class 9 2024-25

NCERT books are well known among students across India for their simplicity in explaining concepts. Many schools, councils, and boards, including CBSE, recommend it. They publish books covering the entire curriculum of all the subjects in classes 1–12.

Science is a subject that requires clarity in conceptual knowledge. A strong foundation in basic science makes students want to opt for a career in medicine, engineering, botany, forensics, etc. NCERT science book class 9 does just that! It provides students with the right material and guidance to help develop a keen interest in this subject.

So if you are a science enthusiast looking for free PDFs for the NCERT books for class 9 science, you'll find them below!

NCERT Science Book Class 9 – PDF Free Download

NCERT class 9 science book is designed according to the latest CBSE syllabus, offering an overview of key concepts like force, molecules, tissues, matter, etc. The book ensures you understand the subject deeply, helping you ace your science exams. It includes up-to-date material prepared by subject experts, ensuring effective preparation for the forthcoming exams.

One of the greatest advantages of the NCERT science class 9 textbook pdf is that it can be downloaded for free, making it easily accessible. Available in both English and Hindi, this resource ensures that every student can benefit from high-quality education material, irrespective of their demographics.

Download your NCERT class 9 science book pdf now and start preparing for your exams today!

How to Download NCERT Science Books for Class 9?

CBSE ensures that all its books are easily accessible online. You can easily access the PDFs of NCERT textbooks by following the steps given below:

  1. Visit the NCERT website at
  2. Click on the 'Publications' tab in the header.
  3. Choose 'PDF (I-XII) Books' from the dropdown menu.
  4. Select 'Class 9' from the list of classes.
  5. Click on the subject you need, such as 'Science.'
  6. Choose the language you prefer, like English or Hindi.
  7. Click on the download link for the book, and save the PDF to your device.

To save you some time and effort, find the 9th class science book pdf links attached above. Similarly, all class 9 NCERT book PDFs and their solved answers are on the Oswal Publishers website, making it convenient to access all materials in one place.

Download NCERT Books for Class 9 Science - Chapter-wise PDF

Physics, chemistry and biology are not separate subjects in CBSE class 9. Concepts and chapters are mixed into a single NCERT science book. These chapters cover the basics of all three fields, explaining each topic in detail.

Down below, you can find chapter-wise links for all the chapters present in CBSE class 9 science.

Download NCERT Book for Class 9 Science Chapter-wise PDF in Hindi

Importance of NCERT Science Textbooks for Class 9

By now, you should have a good understanding of what the NCERT science textbook is. However, you might be curious about how it differs from other books present in the market. Why is it important to use them? Here are the reasons why these textbooks are crucial for exam preparation:

  1. Standardised content: NCERT textbooks provide standardised content that is uniformly used across all CBSE schools, ensuring consistency in education.
  2. Inclusive examples: The textbooks include numerous real-life examples and practical applications of concepts, which is extremely important for subjects like science, which requires a clear understanding and practical knowledge.
  3. Preparation for competitive exams: NCERT books lay a strong foundation for various competitive exams related to the science stream like JEE, NEET, and other entrance tests, making them essential for long-term academic success.
  4. Affordable and accessible: NCERT textbooks are affordable and widely accessible, available in both physical and digital formats, making quality education accessible to all students.
  5. Official endorsement: Recommended by the CBSE, NCERT textbooks are considered the most reliable source for academic content in class 9. This means that there is a high chance that you can get questions for your final as well as board exam question paper from this book.

Why Use NCERT Book of Class 9 Science?

  1. Aligns with CBSE curriculum: The NCERT science class 9 books are perfectly aligned with the CBSE curriculum, ensuring that all topics are covered under the syllabus.
  2. Clear and concise explanations: The book provides clear and concise explanations of scientific concepts, making it easier for students to understand and retain complex information.
  3. Illustrations and diagrams: The inclusion of detailed illustrations, diagrams, and experiments enhances visual learning and aids in better comprehension of scientific principles.
  4. Exercises and practice questions: Each chapter includes a variety of exercises and practice questions that reinforce learning and help students test their understanding of the material.
  5. Credibility and accuracy: NCERT book for class 9 science is curated by experts, ensuring accurate and credible information, which makes it a reliable resource for students. 

FAQs on NCERT Science book for class 9

Ans: Absolutely! NCERT books for class 9 science is a one-stop solution for exam preparation. They offer detailed explanations, examples, and practice questions aligned with the exam syllabus, making it easier for students to understand complex scientific concepts and score better in their exams.

Ans: To effectively utilise NCERT books for Class 9 science:

  • Familiarise yourself with the class 9 science syllabus outlined in the NCERT book.
  • One by one, read each chapter thoroughly, focusing on understanding the concepts and explanations provided.
  • Make concise notes while reading to summarise key points and formulas.
  • Practice solving the exercises and questions provided at the end of each chapter to test your understanding. Check your answers and pinpoint your mistakes.
  • Pay attention to diagrams and illustrations, as they often clarify complex concepts.
  • Regularly review chapters and revise your notes to ensure retention of learned concepts.
  • Supplement your study with NCERT solutions, reference books, and online resources for better understanding and practice.

Ans: The class 9 science NCERT book typically consists of 15 chapters covering topics such as matter, force, living organisms, laws of motion, etc. The curriculum is a perfect blend of physics, chemistry and biology in one book.

Ans: Determining the “most important” chapter in class 9 science can vary depending on individual perspectives. However, from an exam point of view some chapters have more weightage than others. Among them are: Matter in Our Surroundings, Motion, Force, Laws of Motion, and Gravitation.

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